CW Picks Up Vampire Diaries; Melrose Place Future Uncertain

CW Picks Up Vampire Diaries; Melrose Place Future Uncertain

Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl are just two of the series that the CW is giving another season on the network.

According to SpoilerTV, the two shows will join 90210, Supernatural, America’s Next Top Model and Smallville in next fall’s lineup.

What about the others?

Like last season, One Tree Hill may have budget cuts resulting in cutting cast members and producers. But if it doesn’t get renewed, SoapNet always has the option of picking it up.

Melrose Place 2.0? Maybe, but not sure yet.

WHAT IS YOUR favorite CW show?
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  • tom

    I have watched smallville since it started but I am always amazed that it keeps coming back, since it gets horrible ratings. Vampire Diaries is a very good show. Gossip girl needs to pick it up a bit.

  • Marie

    Keep OTH and get rid ofSmallville its jsut not good anymore!!!!

  • Sarah

    Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl are the best shows ever :)
    Cant wait for more episodes.

  • Mary

    Gossip Girl & 90210 THE BEST

  • ashley rose

    The only one I watch is Supernatural, and I love it. But I’m surprised they renewed it. For some reason this feels like the last season, the biggest evil, the biggest fight. I’ll be glad if it does do another season, but if they decide to end it, I think the viewers will be content.


    I love GG and 90210,but I only have one choice

  • heather

    yessss 90210 :)
    I hope OTH doesn’t lose anymore cast members, I really love who they have right now.

  • Kim

    Gossip Girl returns! I saw the new promo on youtube

  • j.ryan

    really, really… the CW cuts OTH’s budget and takes away 2 of our main characters, so we adjust and the show is better than ever and now they’re threatening to not pick them up. this is ridiculous.

  • tseng

    yeah! luv vampire diaries, bloodsuckers GO!

  • tinsky

    what about life unexpected?

  • Jeff

    Smallville is by far the best The CW has to offer but it is not promoted properly. If it was, it would KILL the others with regard to the ratings.

  • annasaurus

    Even though I don’t like OTH, it still gets legit ratings. Melrose Place/Gossip Girl really don’t get any ratings at all. It’s embarassing.

  • em

    90210 is my favorite!!! Then Smallville because I just love Clois

  • karen

    I love Gossip girl and Vampire diaries, Chuck Bass rules, but “90210″? that show is way too stupid and pointless.

  • Sid

    The CW didn’t cancel Melrose yet!!!!

    It’s defintely in danger but I promise this will be one of the best tv shows on tv if it gets a chance to prove itself with an additional season.

    CW….please don’t cancel Melrose Place.

  • supermanlover

    gossip girl bores me now its gotten crap since series 1 i’m suprised its not ended.

    one tree hill has low ratings due to leave of leyton

    smallville is amazing how can you not like you above people its freakin awesome tom welling total legend the storylines are better you may not like it because its turning into its comic book legend

  • itzel

    gossip girl, vampire diaries, 90210 and one tree hill

  • Aylin

    Supernatural and Vampire Diaries are the only ones I watch. If the CW bosses are smart they will renew both cause these are the shows with the highest ratings the network has.

  • Sam

    @j.ryan: AGREED!
    One Tree Hill is doing amazing right now and ratings show it! They are BETTER than Gossip Girl and Life Unexpected. Excluding this poll One Tree Hill is in the lead compared to other showes!
    I would be very upset if any of leads go bye bye – it would do nothing for the show, I can understand if their is less friends (like Fergie and the other guy) but if the Scotts and Davises going bye-bye my eyes will going teary!

  • lola

    You think OTH has amazing ratings? It had 2.2 million this week and 2.1 million viewers the week before that. wouldn’t call that amazing

  • lorna

    oth used to be a huge fan of it but it needs to end. i hope melrose gets picked up i like the show, 90210 looks like crap. love vd and spn.

  • lorna

    oth is terrible this year. i hate haley and everyone kisses her butt its gross.

  • mrswinchester248920

    SUPERNATURAL!!!!! The best show on the CW is Supernatural and Smallville is second, other then that not even worth watching (though the Vampire Diaries may not be horrible but I’ve never watched it).
    Despite the fact I’m a die-hard Supernatural fan I’m not sure about season 6… Kripke only planned for five and all five have been amazing so if they could come up with a new great idea for season 6 I’m all there!

  • Kevin notholt


  • Kevin notholt


  • suchacrap

    Supernatural, Gossip Girl, 90210, and Vampire Diaries!!

  • pippa

    i would be really disappointed if one tree hill gets cancelled! it is one of the best shows on the cw. it gets higher ratings than any other show on the cw! shame! and the cw should promote it a bit more!


    i love one tree hill thoughh.
    & supernaturall.
    those two shows are the bestt outt off all the other ones.
    :D !

  • Jay

    Im happy GG is getting another season, its getting really good. I dont like 90210 and i would rather see it get canned before Melrose. I wonder if the ratings for Melrose will increase after finaly firing Ashlee Simpson, Idk but the show is not too bad i think more people need to give it a try, but anywho Im happy that Supernatural is going to be back as well! And Vampire Diaries is clearly the networks best show since Veronica Mars ofcourse!!

  • Jay

    This Melrose episode was really good and the last episode in december was good too… watch this promo of it its really good..

  • mel

    I’ve got two favorites:
    Supernatural: clever writing, gore, horror, monsters, family drama, comedy, Classic Rock, the Impala, meta, etc. and
    the Vampire dairies which I love for its cheesiness, love stories, tiny bit of horror, vampires and for being just a lot of fun to watch.
    I really hope that if Supernatural gets a sixth season that it will stay on Thursday with the Vampire diaries. I love that Salvatore – Winchester combination.
    Also Life unexpected has been pretty entertaining so far!

  • Luis

    Please don’t cancel melrose place, its a really good show epecially with the return of heaather locklear, this show has potential and growth it has also a great cast includin kate cassidy and jessica lucas, the characters are compelling and the storylines are intriging to watch, This Show did way better than 90210 by bringing back most of the original like amanda,sydney michale, and jane , unlike 90210, they brought back kelly and brenda only to be shadows on the show, they had no meaniing or stroyline on the new version. It was pointless bringing dem back, Cw please give melrose place a chance cuz it sure is better than 90210 !


    i am so glad that they will keep vampire diaries
    vampire diaires rocks
    that best show evvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr

    love u V.D

    i am glad that smallville is on but i dont watch it alot but is alsome
    love you erica AKA; LOIS AND CLARK

    90210, and gossip girl are amazing to

    love you

    DAMON #1