Joe Jonas Tweet Talks Victoria Justice

Joe Jonas Tweet Talks Victoria Justice

Sporting a rolled up pink bandana, Joe Jonas digs into his jacket pocket as he returns to his car in Silver Lake, Calif., on Monday afternoon (February 8).

Besides writing music and passing on a role on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters because of a scheduling conflict, the 20-year-old musician and Nick starlet Victoria Justice have been tweet-talking each other a lot as of late.

Passing notes about the Grammys and midnight bike clubs are adorable, but JJJ loves the convo about Avatars and Dragon Fighters. Vic ‘s advice for Joe: “You use a sword? I fight them with my bare hands.But that’s after years of training, you’ll get there one day.”

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  • Kim

    Cute, but he’s 4 years older

  • yvette

    Heck no, she better step back. And like girl said, he’s 4 yrs older. And seriously joe, what in the world are you wearing. Why do you find it necessary to let yourself go and become a bum. I don’t understand. I’m just gonna have to move to nickj-ville soon if you don’t straighten up.

  • oobi

    Here we go again with the crazy JBFans who cannot grasp the
    concept of “friendship”.

  • anonymus

    excuse me, my mom and dad are 8 years apart AND LOOK AT HAYDEN PANETTIERE …4 years is nothing but VICTORIA JUSTICE BETTER BACK OFF……..and anyone else…

  • leannnne

    every celebrity-girl fangirls over him, so i wouldn’t worry about it. he likes girls that make him get more attention to them, like she teases him, calls him “stupid”, etc.

  • Bethany

    Im sorry, I love Joe and Nick, but where is Kevin? Jonas fans need more Kevin.

  • harvey

    NEVER thought I would say this but Joe you look really gay and getting more so every day!!

  • erika


  • veltta

    i love joe so much…he is sooooo cute

  • veltta

    oh sorry i also wanted to say that in spite of joe being cute….i dont where his sense of dressing is going…he is begening to look like a nerd…

  • ashytisdalefan

    Joe is my favorite jonas brother but.. not his best look.

  • IloveJoe

    I love Joe<33 What he’s wearing is gorgeous on him!Cuz cmon everything about him is gorgeous.I love you Joe!<33

  • jennie

    Oh my goodness he’s going to give me a heart attack one of these days; he just gets more and more gorgeous everyday! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bandana :) :) :) How come everyone on here doesn’t like what he’s wearing? :S He’s rockin’ those trainers and glasses like everyday now :)


  • leeloo

    he looks awesome! love his new style! GO TEAM JOE!

  • Nessuk

    he’s beauty love him more and more ALL TIME LONG

  • Jonas4Canada

    He doesn’t look gay people, he’s being silly if you haven’t noticed his twitter, with his random bike and all lol!

  • jonaslove

    How can a guy look this hot while wearing a pink bandana??
    I simply love him <3

  • Noemiii

    He’s so cute <3

  • http://none judy

    joe baby
    i love u

  • All for Jemi

    Are you actually trying to look that ridiculous? Are you alright? You used to care so much about your appearance. I hope you get out of this looking nasty stage soon.

  • Love for Joe

    Joe rocks. He does silly things occasionally…like this bandana…but isn’t that why we started loving him to begin with. Sweetheart to the max. :) I wish people would just let him be himself and stop being so judgy. He’s a 20 year old guy for goodness sake.

  • Nicole

    Omg joe! Why do u look like that! Please please please please please! Lose the glasses and the bandana! Gosh! I used to LOVE you! But now…. icky! You have GOT to go back to the way you were! This is just… not good! Please be normal joe again! And no ugly joe…

  • Liz_b

    How is Joe the “cool” Jonas brother?? Nick is so much more talented and so much hotter than Joe…

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Joe’s ur looking soooo dam hot!
    but u’ve changed a lot man! just take those glasses off, u look way better with out them <3 but i love ur pink bandana new look? aha xD
    he’s soo cute


    Wow. Hes hot. I love the glasses. They are so in fashion now. Let the guy grow up man. Keep rocking JOE.
    Btw i dont like Victoria. Im team JEMI XD lol

  • http://none ale

    lovee himmmm! love his glasses and bandana make him look sexy! haters go anywhere but here!

  • haley

    him and victoria justice will be a cute couple if they’re dating

  • Hanan

    OMGG, he looks AMAZING :| you lot are blind if you cant see hes stunning! BUT YES SHE BEST STEP BACK CAUSE HES MINE :p

  • jessica

    how does he look gay? i dont see your guys point.
    but anyways i think he looks hot.

  • alex

    Okay, I’m having serious Karate Kid flashbacks (and not in a good way!) Anyone else?

  • gabi

    ok the haters just go away please!
    Joe is looking gorgeous as always!
    and the bandana he is just chillin’ with it! just go look his twitter

  • katy

    people need to chill about victoria shes one of the most amazing stars of 2010 i met her she is sooooooooooooooo nice,and down to earth idk why people are already judging her like seriously wtf? people are so judge mental about everything,let stars do whatever they want and talk to.

  • Charlie

    Joe looks amazing. I’m lovin his look. Also two people tweeting each other doesn’t mean they are dating. I love how the press have to twist everything. Men and Women can just be friends….

  • Amy

    How did this closet homo get girls like Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle? It’s beyond me…

  • nicki

    i’d like to see them together :) 4 years isnt a big age difference at all!

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    Oh my flipping pancakes….. The commenters and JJJ need to chillax here. Victoria is only 16. I am sure they are just friends.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Amy: Amy just some words of avice here. SHUT UP!!!!!!

  • nourieen

    joe u are so hot love u

  • nourieen


    hi Joe i love u so much i hope u come to melbourne

  • nourieen

    just some word to advice her shutt up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!