Anna Kendrick: Lucky Not to be Defined by Twilight

Anna Kendrick: Lucky Not to be Defined by Twilight

There is less than one month til we find out if Anna Kendrick will take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

In a new interview with Reuters, the 24-year-old actress was happy to concentrate and talk about other things, like her upcoming role in the still untitled Mandate cancer movie.

Anna said, “I’m just happy to get back to work. I’ve been so focused on Up in the Air and awards season that I haven’t read any scripts in a long time. I haven’t had an audition or taken a meeting in ages. I’m not a really good auditioner, so it took a lot of the load off me [not having to audition for this part].”

Anna also had to comment about Jessica Stanley possibly returning to Forks, Washington in the last Twi-film, Breaking Dawn. She shared, “I honestly feel like Jessica is one of those characters that if she wasn’t in the movie, nobody would miss her. At the same time, I feel a certain affection for the films so if they ask me, I would love to. I don’t have my fingers crossed either way. I’ve been really lucky to not be defined completely by that series.”


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  • Kim

    She must have to win, I like her
    Anna + Chace Crawford = HOT?

  • LG

    This actually the first time I want somebody from Twilight to win an award. Go Anna!!

  • Naomi

    I love her! I hope she wins :)

  • madison

    amazing actress.. good for her for taking her acting to a new level…but remaining humble by it

  • LC

    i wouldn’t know her if she wasn’t in twilight…she should be more grateful!!

  • Courtney

    Love her!

  • elle


    I don’t think she meant it like that. I think she meant that Jesscia is one of the type of characters that gets easily overlooked in movies and books. It’s so true though. Jessica doesn’t really bring anything to the movies. I’m so glad she’s doing better roles. Shes the best actor in the whole franchise.

  • Josie

    I don’t really care for her at all. she doesn’t have enough skills in acting and she’s not glad for Twilight that has given her a chance to break out and be in the business she’s in.

  • audrina

    I hope she wins !
    but if Jessica wouldn’t be in the twilight saga , i dont think the movie will be different but .. she put something more.. i dont know what .. but she add something more
    All the ”humans” put something more

  • demetrius


    Wow, really? Best actor? Over Rob & Kristen. Maybe she thinks that but she’s got a bit to go before you can say that. Remember Rob & Kristen can act and do other characters. Anna does her one character well but it is her only one.

  • mony

    No offence demetrius, I am not a fan of twilight, but Rob and Kristen are anything but good actors.

    Anna got her Up in Air role based on her performance in Rocket science, the role was especially written for her, check out her other movies before you decide she only does on character well.

  • jbr


    one character ? really ? shut up . The girl is nominated for an OSCAR for best supporting actress and you say that robert and kristen are better than her ? maybe they should be the ones nominated then . And btw , she plays Jessica perfectly and better than any actress would . And as for her character from up in the air , well her nominations say everything .

  • Celia

    I hope she doesn’t do another twilight movie. She’s so much better than that.
    And like she said, she’s lucky that she won’t be defined by that series unlike the main 2 actors…whatever their names are.

  • rock_chick_chic


    lmao god anyone is better than rob and kristen, kristen who looks like she is made of cardboard and rob look is as wooden as a tree. anna can act, sing and dance where as rob, kristen and everyone else in twlight cant do any of those 3.

  • LoveLeeR

    (about the twilight thing) mean…but true !
    i’m really haooy for u girl . good luck !!!