Robert Pattinson: Emilie de Ravin is Quite Charismatic

Robert Pattinson: Emilie de Ravin is Quite Charismatic

Robert Pattinson smiles sweetly down as Emilie de Ravin in this new still from their upcoming romantic drama, Remember Me.

The 23-year-old star dished on his on-screen love interest to ET, passing along many compliments to the 28-year-old Aussie actress.

Rob shared, “I was shooting the end New Moon in Italy and we were going through casting for [Remember Me]. The director said, ‘I think I found this girl I think you’ll find quite interesting,’ and sent me this e-mail with her audition tape. My Internet connection was so slow that I could only get the beginning, which was her messing up for about 35 seconds. She was really funny, you know, messing up and kind of quite charismatic — but I didn’t know that she was messing up at the time, I thought she was actually doing the scene and kind of just improvising with it and just making it up.”

Remember Me hits theaters on Friday, March 12.

“Remember Me” TV Spot
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  • ruth


  • chris

    This looks amazing especially the sex scenes.

  • rachel

    i wish people would see him outside of this ‘twilight’ stuff and apart from his ‘edward’ character. because he really is a good actor.

    this movie looks great, and i can’t wait to see it.

  • carol

    I wish he would stop doing romantic movies so that people could take him more seriously as an actor. Like Leo Di Caprio.

  • yaay

    I love these pics! Cant wait for the movie!
    Its soo obv tha emilie is waaay more into rob then he is her
    Its in their faces
    I noticed he doesnt rele touch her as much as kristen (and it sud b ova wayu round cos ed is vamp)
    And he doesnt look her directly in the eyes as much as kris
    Bu i like emilie and rob is an amazin actor people who have seen his past movie know it

  • Cazz

    This is his chance to show everyone he is not just a lovable vampire !

    He’s going to be great ……. x

  • elle

    I really can’t wait for this movie! Rob and Emilie look great together!

  • namita309

    rob and emilie look really good

  • tena

    I really can’t wait for this, love Rob and i think this moovie will make him an even bigger star :)

  • Jess

    Looks good…but Emilie does NOT look college age at all…I also hope the ending doesn’t piss too many people off.

  • maka m


  • http://yahoo jackie

    gr8 looking couple can’t wait. Both excellent actors

  • holly

    Really looking forward to this film. I hope he film gets enough pr

  • haley


    get over your twiligh obsessed, tweenie. rob’s just doing what the director told him to do.

  • Ann


    Keep saying that to yourself and you may believe it.

    Rob and Emilie have outstanding chemistryl. He chose her out of all the girls that auditioned.

    And Emilie resembles his ex-girlfriend Nina.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    I really cant wait to see the movie.
    I know this is going to sound very childish, and I dont have the right to say this, but I still find it weird and awkward to see Rob kissing with other women, Emilie for example, than Kristen, and likewise.
    I know I have to get used to that, but still…
    And people, I think he already proofed himself. Look to Art in ‘How To Be’.
    By the way, for me he doesnt need to proof himself.
    People shouldnt blow it up this much. I think.

  • fearless

    i love this couple

  • lucas

    @rachel: agreed. in particular the people that won’t listen to the words out of his mouth and the actual pics that they see and figure out that he’s not Edward, Kristen is NOT Bella and they are nothing more than very good friends.

  • lucas

    @yaay: guess you never saw the pics of them away from the camera. cause ROBERT acted the same with EMILIE as he does with KRISTEN. so please don’t judge him based what a director told him to do as Edward or as Tyler. ROBERT is ROBERT not his characters.

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