Sterling Knight Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

Sterling Knight Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

StarStruck is just days away and JJJ is talking with star Sterling Knight all about it VERY, VERY SOON!

But we need your help — send us questions!

You can ask Sterling anything from StarStruck and working with cutie Danielle Campbell to what’s next on Sonny with a Chance and what will happen between Chad and Sonny (Demi Lovato). Anything, within reason, is game!

Sound off in the comments below or tweet us your questions with hash tag #JJJSterlingQuestion!

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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • christina

    Hey Sterling!
    I think you are so adorable. :) What is your favorite part about acting, and have you ever been to New York or New Jersey? Keep up the good work! I hope to meet you one day.

  • Andrea

    HI! What can we expect from Sonny? Romance, maybe? Love you bye!

  • tabia

    How did u met vanessa hudgens? and how long have u know her?

  • liquidblueeyes

    What’s your middle name! I’ve been wondering! :)

  • kelly

    from long beach california!!! hehe
    do you watch wrestling and who’s your favorite!?

  • Amb

    What were your thoughts on starring in your first Disney movie?

  • jenay

    Well, I kind’a wanted to know whats your fav color, and fav car. Mine is the Nissan 350z

  • Rayne_A

    Hey sterling! I was wondering how you get into the character of Chad Dylan Cooper?

  • julie

    Do you prefer singing or acting?
    How long have you been playing guitar?
    What are your plans for your birthday?
    Will you come visit me in Montreal? :)

  • Naomi

    Does he read all of his replies on Twitter? And what does he think of his fans? ♥

  • Tameka

    I am a huuuge Sonny With A Chance fan!!! What’s gonna happen with Sonny and Chad in SWAC season 2? <3 <3

  • bella

    Do you watch Lost?

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    Is wondering what will happen to the relantionship status of sonny and chad in the second season of sonny? and what was ur favorite part about filiming starstruck?

  • MAria

    What type of films do you like more? And if you have the oportunity of choose a character for a film, what do you want to be?

    Sorry for my English.

  • kelly

    3 words to describe Vanessa Hudgens?

  • Cali

    Sterling, who is your favorite actor? how about your favorite actress?

  • Sarah

    What’s next for you after Starstruck?.. Any new Movies? A CD? :D

  • ashley knight

    sterling who you ever consider dating a fan(me! jk)?and how can us ladies catch your eye?

    -ashley(your future wife! lol)

  • Shiloh

    Will you ever perform your music on SWAC? Or ever? Or will you ever make an album?

  • Minh

    Sterling, What song do you like performing the most in Starstruck?

  • Mary_gsantos

    You’ll have kiss between Sonny and Chad in the second season?

  • 78violetFan

    What was your favorite Disney Channel tv show growing up?

  • Sterlingknights#1fan

    When did you first know you wanted to be an actor?How was it like to be in your very own music video?Were you nervous?

  • Kyra

    Hello Sterling!
    You inspire yourself in someone to act or sing?
    Love you. xx

  • nat t

    Are you currently studying anything in school?

  • isaac

    What’s your favorite national sporting event to watch on tv?

  • Mackenzie

    Ia the studio where you film Sonny With a Chance the same studio as all the other disney shows are shot at?

  • isaac

    What is your favorite national sporting event to watch on tv?

  • Jared jr reader

    What was your audition like?

  • briann

    will you ever come to australia and if yes when???

  • Samira rahman

    Would you ever date a fan? What do you look for in a girl?

  • Azmber

    Hi What was your favorite scene in Starstruck

  • Amber

    Sorry i put a z in my name

  • Amber

    Hi what was you favorite scene in starstruck?

  • jenny

    Sterling whats your favorite number & color? And what do you think about Taylor Swift?

  • Marina

    Are we ever going to see Chad’s dressing room/inside of his bathroom?
    And do you like muffins? If yes, I’d bake some for you, but the only problem is…I’m on the other side of the country. I could UPS them to you, but you might not want to eat them by the time they arrive.

  • v

    Have you ever thought about dating Demi? :D

  • jenn

    1) Can you give any good details regarding season 2 of SWAC?
    2) What is your current music obsession (if you have one)?
    3) What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
    4) Who are your inspirations?

  • adri

    how is your character in either SWAC and Starstuck similiar to you in real life?

  • kat

    Hey Sterling! How alike are you with your character chad from SWAC?

    Who would your dream co-star be?

    What made you want to act?

    If you could be in a remake of any movie, what would it be?

    What do you want to happen between Sonny and Chad in SWAC? :)

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    just kidding i love starling knite!

    Question: whats your favorite love song? and why?

  • ArgentinaLOVESdemi

    -Who’s the funniest on the set of SWAC?
    -Do you get to sing on this second season of the show?
    -Do you play any other instrument instead of the guitar?
    -How’s to work with Demi?
    -What’s your favorite place in the world?

  • memi..

    Want to work with vanessa? :)

  • zacs

    is there a kiss, with you and demi..?
    in sonny with a change. new season

  • Kevin

    Aside from Sonny and Chad’s storyline on Sonny With A Chance, what else do we have to look forward to this season?

    Will the cast of So Random and MacKenzie Falls start getting along more or will there still be tention between the two shows?

    Are any new characters going to be introduced or will cast members from MacKenzie falls be utilized more, like Portlyn and MacKenzie’s older brother.

  • Christina

    I would really really like to know if he has a fan mail address where he’ll actually receive what I send. I have a birthday present I need to get to him! Oh and when does SWAC start? I’m thinking beginning of march? Thanksssss, this website is the best ;)

  • caroline

    Besides the hours, what is something specific to a set such as StarStruck that a lot of actors have to adjust themselves to that you wouldn’t find in a “normal” career?

  • falala

    Hi Sterling! I’m a big big fan. When will the second season of Sonny with a Chance air? Thanks! And I hope that you’ll have your own album soon your voice is really really great :)

  • Maria

    What do you look for in a girlfriend?
    Why acting?

  • ItsMeeee

    Does Danielle Campbell Twitter? There’s loads of people claiming to be her on Twitter

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