Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario Chat Percy Jackson

Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario Chat Percy Jackson

Just one more day until you can see Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, and Brandon T. Jackson on the big screen as Percy, Annabeth and Grover in the much-anticipated Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

The new trio recently chatted with CinemaBlend and sounded off on reading the book before the script and how it really was working with Uma Thurman and Pierce Brosnan. Check it:

Alexandra on working in front of a green screen for most of the time: “It’s a little like being a kid again. You get to use your imagination. You can imagine the monster as big and scary as you want it to be. It’s a lot of fun. It’s really amazing to see what you imagined brought to screen.”

Logan on working big name actors like Pierce, Uma and Kevin McKidd: “I’ve always put it this way; acting for me is like a kid walking into a playground and, you know, these great actors like Pierce and Uma and these people that are so seasoned and so talented, they have a huge playground. And going into a scene there’s so much to explore with them because they have many places to go. So it’s just a lot of fun to see your heroes and work with them.”

Brandon on reading the book and then developing his character of Grover: “I have two little sisters who are obsessed with ‘Percy Jackson’ and I told them that I’m just auditioning for Grover and they went totally crazy and that’s when I read the book. I’m going through the book and going through the book and just trying to hurry up and learn it and I feel in love with it. Then I read the script; I feel in love with the script too. So it was like the way I developed the character. And Chris [Columbus] did a great job with helping me develop Grover because in the book he’s real timid and he’s real kind of nervous and I wanted to play him a little cooler. A little bit more swag, as we say.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief opens in theaters TOMORROW, Friday, February 12.

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  • Valentina

    he´s so cute!! he looks like a really sweet person.. i hope he is!

  • bre

    my teacher read the story in class.and my class is having a fied trip to see the movie yeah

  • http://twitter.com/hi_itsmelissa Melissa


  • Darius

    Handsome cast they have there. The girl’s eyes are quite intense; they almost make me nervous.

  • erica ;]

    is it coming out tomorrow?? here in australia it was out yesterday (thursday today is friday) just went to see it with my friends and i screamed because of uma thurman who plays medusa!! she comes up at the most unexpected times and her snake hair is freaky deaky! you’ll love it it’s soooo good! =]

  • vh only

    Huh! You shouldn’t miss the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief. Before, I wanna watch it because Logan Lerman is very very hot and cute but while watching it, everything’s PERFECT!!! (the effects, casts, story, everything!) And it is a very fun Valentines Day though we’re all SINGLE!!!

    (of course, except my dad.)

  • khalid

    if she was not older than me i will ask her to marry her .

  • hash

    This movie is now showing here in PHILIPPINES..
    love it!! it was awesome..alexandra have beautiful eyes…

  • Astone

    Logan Lerman is soooooooooo cute! He’s a great actor too. The movie is beast! Isaw it opening day with my BFF and she totally agrees with me!

  • http://bus bus

    i like u i love u

    miss u so much

  • Samantha

    I luved the movie and i fell in love with it. i watched it twice and i want to watch it again!!!! Anyway logan is suck a good actor and so is brandon and alexandra. Logan is sooooo cute!

  • http://www.twitter.com/kingkong93 Samantha

    I watched the movie twice and i fell in love with it. I want 2 watch it again. I luv the series. Logan, Alexandra and Brandon are suck good actors!!!!! cant wait 4 the sea of monsters 2 come out. Logan is sooo cute!

  • Maddie

    One of the disney magazines (I’m guessing thats what it was) heard a rumor that Alexandra and Logan are dating. But when Logan was question about it, he said they’re just really good friends. I bet they reached this assumption 1.Because they are in a lot of pictures together 2. They’re always together 3. CUTEST COUPLE EVER

  • Sarka

    Ja ich uwielbiam a FILM EXTRA I SUPER !!! Polecam

  • Blair

    re : Maddie

    May be the rumor is right…
    Becoz I found that Logan always looking at Alexandra during the interview…

    I’ve seen many on the Youtube

  • Blair

    re : Maddie

    May be the rumor is right… Becoz I found that Logan always looking at Alexandra during the interview…
    I’ve seen many on the Youtube

  • Mary Louise Palogan

    I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCCH LOGAN <3. UR SOO SUPPER CUUTE. OHH MYY GOSHH. yes his movie Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief was AMMMAAAZZING!! it was too good i loved it :D

  • http://exslporingchild.com mayajohnston

    Hi logan. im writting a book about sarah and percy jackson. dont miss is. your kinda cute. some times i laugh when you say Percy jackson. or some thing. …..your…. funny.

  • ver089

    logan lerman,brandon t jackson,and alexandra darddario you guys should all be proud of yourselves on making the movie even if it didnt beat harrypotter in my heart i think it did.I HATE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!anyway i hope you guys make all the books into movies. you guys ARE better then harry potter. i fell in love with rick riordans percy jackson sereis and i am going to fall in love with the movies(i just know it!) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3love logan lerman<3

  • tiffany

    logan :(

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