Taylor Swift: Don't Feed The Possums

Taylor Swift: Don't Feed The Possums

Taylor Swift lights up the crowd in a red hot sparkly dress as she performs at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday night (February 10).

The 20-year-old musician tweeted after her performance, “Tonight the band and I played a show, then hopped in the van and headed to the park for some midnight wild possum feeding.”

While Taylor might’ve had good intentions, the DSE, Department of Sustainability and Environment, isn’t really loving that she fed the wildlife creatures. A spokesperson told the Herald Sun, “We know people who feed wild animals often have the best intentions and that it is attractive to tourists who want to interact with Australian wildlife. However, DSE advises people not to feed wild animals … it can disrupt their natural behaviour and it can cause some animals to lose their natural fear of people, making them vulnerable to attack.”

The article also states that T did a little retail therapy as well — stopping off at Fenton & Fenton lifestyle store where she bought two ancient chinese birdcages and a lavish Indian silk cushion.

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  • omg


  • dana

    This concert was heaps fun i went to the 2nd concert on Thursday 11th!!! it was great how she got the audience involved to, loved her and the concert.

  • chloe

    woww. they need to chill. they do know that there are possums in the US, right? i doubt that they were seriously going to feed them, i, personally, took it as a joke. because taylor is a funny girl and usually the things she posts are jokes. people need to just lay off her, it seems like every little thing she does lately is getting scrutinized and criticized and it’s so irritating.

  • jess

    Taylor Swift IS irritating.

  • AUra

    Chloe, I’m not sure what the possums in the US have to do with the fact that Taylor went to feed the ones in Australia. It’s true, you shouldn’t feed them – They’re wild animals, who should not become dependent upon humans feeding them.

  • qayla

    this girl is so freakin’ talented!!!

  • fffrreaakky

    I went to that show, and she drove straight passed us and waved whilst tweeting that comment:) great show!!

  • juani

    Yesterday I saw valentines day and I really enjoyed it. Its a good movie.
    I love taylor swift but her acting is terrible; please please stick to singing,your wonderful at that.
    Btw, can’t wait for you to come to argentina :)

  • me

    I went to her 2nd Melbourne show on Thursday 11th
    It was the BEST!! So much fun :D
    Love her so much!

  • afhim

    I went to the newcastle show although the people i was standing next to kept saying she looked fake and sounded up herself kinda ruined it for me. I love her

  • Riley

    There are millions of BABIES being aborted every year and these people are worried about a few possums!! Come on~media is just trying to find something “wrong” with her. Even if she did go to the park to see/feed possums, they more than likely had a “tour” guide..One of the band members held a koala..better call the cops!

  • riley

    Also, I think she was just picking at the fact that you can go and see possums in the park and was not intending on actually feeding them..possums in the park is not really something you get to see much of in the US…lighten up!

  • sean92

    i luv taylor swift shes awsome lol

  • croz

    good thing its opossum not possum

  • amy


    I agree with everything you said.

  • wow


    You are more irritating!

  • :)

    that show was amazing :D :D love you taylor

  • olivia

    @chloe: @riley: They weren’t getting up her or anything, they were just saying it’s best not to feed them for anyone wanting to copy her. I think you need to calm down.

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