Zac Efron: Houston, We Have Touchdown

Zac Efron: Houston, We Have Touchdown

Zac Efron adjusts his glasses on his nose as he runs towards his car in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (February 11).

The 22-year-old actor was sporting a skull tee with the words “Houston…We Have Touchdown” on it. Zac was spotted all over the place on Robertson Avenue.

Zac is just one of the many actors whose names have been swirling around the upcoming Spider-Man 4 installment.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — Would Zac be the perfect Spider Man or not?

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Photos: LRR/Fame Pictures
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  • isabella

    I love him!! good to see him around!

  • Kellsey

    Yes he should be Spider Man! That would be amazing, haha.

  • Jordan

    I just wanta see him in the Spidey Suit :)

    Damned boy is looking hotttttttttt

  • Naomi

    As amazing as he would look in a spideysuit, it’s probably best he stays away from such big franchises haha.

  • osama

    omg i luv him and ashleYY!!

  • zacs

    OMg i love him so much!!!
    he is really the most sexy person at live!

  • mzindochick

    haha. love he’s shirt. (:

  • abby

    HAha Jared I love how you post these like so soon after there posted on ZF lmfao.

    Anyways he is too damn sexy for his own good.

  • w00tw00t

    Logan Lerman for Spider-Man all the way.

  • lalala

    he would be cool for spiderman but i know hes not gonna do it its to late.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    If he’s spiderman, I might actually watch the also heard that if Zac gets the part, the producers are talking about Vanessa being his love interest..
    That would be totally awesome to have another Zanessa movie..we need new kissing

    love him..he is so hot!!

  • lUCIE

    Well, given that the Spiderman producers have already said they’re looking for an unknown to cut costs, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks: he wouldn’t get the part.

  • emily

    id TOTALLY watch that movie :) i dont care if anyone says it’s “stupid” cause it’s not. i think it would be really great, and with vanessa hudgens, it would be that much greater. PLEASE BE SMART MOVIE PRODUCERS, THERE ARE SO MANY ZANESSA FANS WAITING!!! :)

  • sammy

    i love zac and all but he cant be spiderman
    hes too hot for the part and peter parker is a dork while zacs a jock kinda guy :)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh damn. Is it me or did he get buff ? ..I haven’t seen him in so long.. I actually miss his voice. Lol, I’m so lame. Hm, I think I can see Zachary playing Spider Man. He is kinda dorky in a cool way. :D

  • craz

    Zac looks great!! I’d like to see Zac as Spiderman but i think It’s too soon to see someone besides Tobey as Spidey. Maybe it needs a new new face but among the candidates I choose Zac.

  • Karen

    I want allt he best for Zac but I wouldn’t want to see him do Spiderman. The series they want to do now is when Spiderman was a YOUNG TEENAGER. Zac is a young man of 22 and is trying to go with a more adult persona now so it would be rather risky for him to go back to play a kid of say 16. When Tobey first started out doing the role he was just starting out in college so he was only like 19. They want this Spiderman series to follow Peter Parker when he was in High School. Zac’s already done that in HSM and 17 Again. Let him grow up.

    Plus, this talk of getting Vanessa SHOULD show people that all that kind of talk is for publicity only and is out there just to get people’s attention so the studio can make the announcement as to WHO actually is going to be Spiderman and have people know THAT guy’s name and be informed as to what is going on. I seriously doubt it will be Zac or that the bigwigs doing the movie had any intention of getting him to do the role in the first place.

  • Mars

    what kind of sunglass’s are those? Pretty sick

  • Nicki

    Hmm Yummy.
    He’s a hottie.
    I’m on the fence with this one. I don’t want him to go back to high school films, let him go into more adult films. Going backwards will only hurt his career a bit more. On the other hand, I would be intrested to see him in the Spidey suite.

  • VhuddyRisH

    SO perfect for spidey then nessa is his love-interest!!

  • yets

    i love to see him @ spiderman 4.

  • http://youtube-filasians ZanessaLuvr95


  • Rodela

    Zac i amazing . He’s got everything. I love him a lot. He’ll be great as spiderman.

  • ZAC fan

    WoooW he is so damn HOT….!!!
    i love the shirt ….!!!
    and his arms woow soo sexy…:D

  • http://justjaredjr fiona

    Hope he gets spider man 4!!! And i don’t think that Vanessa in it would pull them back to HSM its soooo different :)

  • go sox

    Zac looks good here… the facial hair, and that he’s wearing pants that don’t make him look like an emo teenager! I like that he is edgy too, with his funky tees!

    I don’t think Zac will do Spiderman. It’s just not the right casting for him now, playing a teenager, even though he could pull it off with his boyish looks. But I really think he wants to move in a different direction from playing teens. Character wise, I think he’d have the right mix of nerdy and vulnerable, with strong character. But I just don’t see him doing that role right now.

  • Katty

    I don’t think Spider-Man is the right role for Zac. The fact that Tobey is gone, angers a lot of fans, and the thought of going back to high school and rewriting a lot of it, only angers them more. If it bombs, I don’t want to see Zac go down, nor V. I love V, I do, but I cannot see her as Mary-Jane. Mary-Jane is supposed to be the girl next door, and V is more exotic than that.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @Katty: agreed + zac is super attractive and peter should be nurdy and unattractive in high school ! it’s not that zac is not talented he is super talented but not righ for peter parker but he can do spiderman but not peter ! sorry zaccy !

  • pop86

    Looking hot as always.

    I don’t think Zac would do Spiderman 4. He has other films that he has committed to so for the next 3yrs he will be too busy.

  • Lydia

    YESSSS Zac Efron is PERFECT IN SPIDERMAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla

    I dont think hes goin to be the next spiderman… I FREAKIN LOVE HIM, but cmon! I cant imagine Zac as Spiderman… and let me tell you somthing: Im pretty sure that if he gets the role the movie’s not gonna b so sucessfull…
    And… idk… Id like to see him as a MAN! cos if he dosnt grow up, hollywood wont take him seriously.

    And Vanessas my IDOL, but shes not a redhead. So…

  • preskoo

    of course he’s going to be the perfect spider-man!!!!

  • preskoo


    yeah me 2

  • gaby

    @Katty: @Katty:
    i agree completely.
    i mean I would LOVE to see zac as spiderman but i know there will be haters seeing as tobey is gone.
    like batman. if they get a new joker, there are going to be haters because no one can possibly do a better job than heath ledger.
    tobey is spiderman. seeing that role taken away from him angers fans. i dont want zac to get in the middle of that.


    @ Karen you are so right, Zac and Vanessa want to do more grown up roles, they have graduated from high school, let them grow up please and besides Zac has two movies to do and promote Charlie ST Choud. He will have a very busy year this year. I hope Zac and Vanessa will go on a neice vacation, soon, it has been a while.

  • honey

    Hottie :)

  • ZANE


  • lilli

    don’t think he will be in spiderman,cause they said vanessa AND zac should be,so this is all just some kind of publicity stuff.hey,there are only 35 comments on this…

  • ashytisdalefan

    ahh! hes so hot!!!

  • Jordan

    He didn’t seem very interested in Spiderman when “E” interviewed him. I think it’s just a rumor the studio put out to stir up interest in it

  • dadf

    Woah, his shirt is like, freaky, and so’s the creature living under his lower lip. but overall, he looks great. so, if CSC is coming out in Oct, does that mean zac will maybe have time to film his new movie this year?

  • Jaz

    Yes he should be Spider Man! That would be amazing.
    Efron have all ! , smile , eyes , he is the best actor , he was the next
    spaderman !


  • London Lemming

    You can get Zacs shirt from All saints…

  • pop86

    @London Lemming:


  • inji

    whoaza. LOOK AT THOSE ARMS :O
    spiderman for zac? nahh, i dont think he should do it.

  • bailey

    where can we get that shirt?

  • susan1

    i dont think Zac will be the next Spiderman just only for publicity stuff
    well Zac said wants to do grown up movies to show his talent as an actor. I can’t not see that he is doing this type of movie right now.

  • guadalupe

    i think the actor Hayden Christensen will be good for that movie no zac

  • susan1

    by the way he looks so hot i love his t-shirt.

  • lyn

    I think zac would make a cute spidarman and vanessa would so good at being mary jane. I thought he said he would like to do the role but i may be mistaken only time will tell.