Ashley Tisdale Appears on The Cleveland Show

Ashley Tisdale Appears on The Cleveland Show

Check out the first images of Ashley Tisdale on The Cleveland Show!

Thanks to MissTisdale and, we now know that the 24-year-old actress will be lending her voice talents to Lacey Stapleton in the upcoming episode “The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool.”

In the episode, Cleveland teaches Junior responsibility by challenging him to get a job, and to his own delight, Cleveland Jr. lands a job working at The Stool. However, when Cleveland Jr. starts commenting on the number of beers his father consumes and sets limits on the guys’ time at the bar, a feud erupts between father and son. Meanwhile, Roberta competes with Lacey, the rich girl in school, and gets more than she bargained for.

Ashleyashley-tisdale-cleveland-show follows in the footsteps of her former HSM costars Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman, who have also lended their voices to chacacters on the animated series.

“The Curious Case of Jr. Working at The Stool” premieres Sunday, February 21 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Posted to: Ashley Tisdale

    lool..that would be so funny :D …she looks just like sharpay :D
    LUV U ASH!

  • isla

    … “lended?” really?

  • http://twitter zanessa4eva

    i cnt wait to watch it, it will be so funny, and ashley also become an aunt her sister has gone into labour

  • clara

    haha que linda

  • kara

    ashleys sister jennifer is in labor right now!

  • kara

    @haley: it’s not supposed to actually be her, dumbass

  • ZJ207

    I can’t wait to watch this!!!! :D <3
    She’s already known for her amazing voicing for Candace, so this would be amazing too!! :D

  • ZJ207

    and I wish the best for Jennifer who is delivering her first child irght now, with soon-to-be aunt Ash by her side :)
    Congrats to both!!!!!!!!

  • ZJ207

    @haley: wow. u rly are a dumb ass. not only because u think this should be her (while JJJ posted that she’ll be doing the voice of the caracter Lacey Stapleton) but because you think she has a big nose, a flat chest and whatever u said!

  • Hi.

    shes so much better than vanessa
    its not fair that vanessa is getting all the good rolls and Ash gets …. THIS.

  • ZJ207

    @Hi.: umm, WHAT?!
    THIS is concidered as a good role. Vanessa never got to do her voice for an animated series because it takes special talent… Not everyone can do that and have what it takes to do it.
    This will be up on national TV. uhh, when was the last time Vanessa took part in a series on FOX? NEVER. And what are the “good” roles vanessa gets? a freak who is in love with a monster is a good role? or a freak who gets to do a band?
    I mean, come on. you haven’t even seen what Ashley’s new roles are!

  • ZJ207

    OMG!!!! Ash just tweeted:
    “Mikayla Dawn is here!!!!!!! And is the cutest thing I have ever seen!”

    <3 awwwwwwww

  • http://none Elle

    Im so excited hahaha i love this show but i thought she was going to be on a new episode of Family Guy? O well. Im so excited we all know Ashley is an amazing comedic actress :)

  • Hi.


    Wow a guest appearance on fox, very exciting….
    Umm I am not her fan (my sis is) but I like those rolls. I heard about Ash new rolls (they are not 100% confirmed but still) and they are lame. she is 24 years old she cant do them.

  • kara

    @Hi.: roles*** ashley is not doing bread???

  • alysha

    Honestly, why does everyone always have to start the “Ashley is so much better than Vanessa” or “Vanessa is better than Ashley” debate? They are both great actresses who should be praised for their work rather than being used to spark disagreements between people. Is it really neccessary to start these arguements?

    I think that this role for Ashley is great. She really does have a knack for voice acting and is a great comedic actress, so this part is great to showcase her talents. :)

    On a different topic, I would like to congratulate Ashley’s sister, Jennifer, and her Husband, Shane, on the safe arrival of their baby daughter. :) Mikayla is going to spoilt by her Aunty Ashley! :)

  • Marine

    I don’t know this show because in France we don’t kwon it yet but apparently it’s a great one. I’ll see it when it’ll be on TV!
    I’ve just seen Ashley’s tweet that’s so cool… Mikayla Dawn? Aw that’s really petty… Congratulation Aunty Ashley but especially CONGRATULATION TO MOMMY JEN :)

  • http://Justjaredjr Tired of this

    ZJ207- i know youre not a vanessa fan but to say that she hasn’t got great roles is stupid when she received a lot of praise from top critics and just received an award for that role you ‘nicely’ described
    just because Ashley hasn’t got movie roles there’s no need to bring people down for that, idiot!!

  • Lalalala

    @ZJ207: Wow, you really make Ashley look bad. The ‘freak’ that fell in love with a monster or got to be in a band actually got her some amazing reviews from top movie critics when it wasn’t even her movie! She was #32 reason to love movies. And a Zack Snyder film is not good enough? She nailed her part according to him.

  • Jess

    Hate much??
    Vanessa was in Robot Chicken…
    Vanessa Hudgens: Lara Lor-Van / Butterbear / Erin Esurance (voice)

  • Beatriz


  • http://Justjaredjr VanessaHlover

    Why do ashley fans feel like to praise her they have to bring vanessa’s name it is real stupid how they always bring vanessa and then argue how it is about ashley not lame are some these idiots.

  • Just Jill

    @ZJ207: Vanessa has done a voice role for RObot Chicken.

  • Carla

    Why do u think Tisdale is better than Hudgens? In what way, cmon!

  • taylor

    @VanessaHlover: Please don’t judge an entire fan base based on one person. ZJ207 is the only person hating on Vanessa here.

  • lucia

    ashley is an aunt

  • hill

    I love Ashley. And btw Vanessa does have good roles and she worked hard for them. Both of them are different and their own individuals and great actresses.

  • gold baybay


    Haha, you probably left because you realized how stupid your comment was. Vanessa Hudgens’ role in Bandslam earned her some great reviews from critics which i my opinion is better than dominating the box office. She’s currently working on TWO movies, Beastly and Suckerpunch. Ashley Tisdale is talented as well. Just because you like Ashley it doesn’t mean you have to bring down Vanessa who is working her way through Hollywood, just saying. Also, Vanessa was on Robot Chicken, I agree though. It doesn’t take a special talent to be a voice actor, good thing both Vanessa and Ashley have it.

  • Marine

    And again the Ashley’s fans VS Vanessa’s fans. Aren’t you guys tired of this seriously? THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS and ANNOYING.
    I agree with taylor, that is not because one fan of Ashley doesn”t like V that EVERY fan of Ashley hate her. But ZJ207, why did you bring V here? The thread is not about her so talk about the concerned person (who is ASHLEY here). There is no need to compare them…

    Once again congrats to Jen and welcome to the Tisdale’s new family member :-). February 13th became an important day for all of them!

  • LG

    @ZJ207: I’m guessing you’re one of those people that make assumptions without even knowing every single detail. If you’re going to say Vanessa hasn’t done something then check your resources because she might have done it. By the way her role as ‘freaks’ has garnered her some praise. She was able to get critics to focus on her when she was barely in the movie. Also her second ‘freak’ Lindy has already gotten her an award when the movie isn’t out.

    Congratulations Jennifer on the new baby.

  • kami

    wow, a lot of mean little girls on this thread. wonder how old they are.

  • http://DH! Aaron

    Ashley is so BEAUTIFUUL! i love heerr! and she is an amazing actress!

    Vanessa is good too, but i dont like how she acts :S


  • Jada

    I take it you’ve never heard of Robot Chicken. Vanessa voiced on that show last year. Zac did too, but on two different episodes.

  • ofdofo

    ha ha

  • ofdofo

    welcome mikayla dawn

  • ofdofo

    so priciless

  • zac

    so fun

  • zac

    Wow, you really make Ashley look bad. The ‘freak’ that fell in love with a monster or got to be in a band actually got her some amazing reviews from top movie critics when it wasn’t even her movie! She was #32 reason to love movies. And a Zack Snyder film is not good enough? She nailed her part according to him.

  • ZJ207

    @gold baybay: I didn’t leave! lmao

    I’m sorry — Some people on here must know i am NOT a vanessa hater!!
    But when someone bring up the famous Vanessa/Ashley discussion in a very tempting way, I can’t help myself. It wasn’t even me who brought this up.
    Plus, i’m sorry i didn’t get all the details before posting my comment.
    But i still think Ashley’s roles are special and great!!!!

  • ZJ207

    P.S: it sucks having all the hate on Valentine’s Eve! hahaha

  • kami

    people need to stop comparing vanessa and ashley. they are two different people with different career goals. they’re both doing what they want to do.

  • Alfredo

    yay Ashley!!!!!!!

  • Mac

    Eh, I like Ashley but LOVE Vanessa. They’re great friends and support each other’s career and I’m sure both of them would appreciate if we fans would all get along. :-)

  • Joochi

    @Mac: I agree with you, we should all get along, both of these young women have their own talents they bring forth for us to enjoy, we should get along.
    On a sour note, it’s funny that whenever Vanessa’s name comes up the comments go up, Please don’t get angry it’s just my observation but a truthfull one at that. I always said that Ashley will do great lending her voice or working behind the scenes that’s where her gifts are and the work is just as hard as in front of the cameras so both young women are gifted with their talents that they offer.

  • gossip-girlssx

    @ZJ207: Wtf is your problem?! You obviously have NO OTHER better comebacks then to bring up Vanessas name, lame much? Vanessa’s doing Sucker Punch which will be AMAZING + Beastly which is a BESTSELLER book like hmm, twilight? and what about ashley? Aliens in the attic? Wow, some crap comebacks you have. And im not dissing ashley but seriously? Stop bringing up Vanessa on Ashley posts. God.

  • http://none Elle

    Really vanessa vs. ashley…. you people obviously have nothing better to do then start shit on here. Is it really that hard to just comment something like, “Yay im so excited ashley is awesome” Or “This is going to be great i love ash” like really, you people are so immature get over your selfs.

  • sunni

    ok ashley and vanessa is both fine so stop that god
    you dont see ashy and vee talking this crap so
    dont get started (:
    anyway omg cute bby name and cait wait to watch the cleve show

  • ZJ207

    @gossip-girlssx: Ok, seriousely? I already apologized, like, what else do u want me to do??
    I didn’t bring up Vanessa. I was replying to the person that did!
    You’re not dissing Ashley? “and what about ashley? Aliens in the attic? Wow, some crap comebacks you have” saying that is dissing Ashley.
    Look i’m done here, just read all the comments next time. I already appologized and closed on the topic. You just started the fight.

  • seca

    OMG!!!! Ash just tweeted:
    “Mikayla Dawn is here!!!!!!! And is the cutest thing I have ever seen!”

    <3 awwwwwwww

  • seca

    ı think tizzy

>>>>>>> staging1