Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud with Doves

Selena Gomez Dreams Out Loud with Doves

Selena Gomez shows off a sneak peek of her new fashion line, Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez, in these new pics just posted on her Facebook.

The 17-year-old actress wrote along with them, “July is going to be a big month this year, July 15th is the launch of my new clothing line Dream Out Loud I have some pictures below, July 22nd I turn 18, and July 23rd Ramona and Beezus is released in theaters.”

Sel continued, “Also will launch in less than two weeks I don’t have an exact date yet but, you can see more of Dream Out Loud at my website when it launches. Thank you all so much for supporting me and giving me the ability to do everything I have always dreamed of doing. You are all the best.”

WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED FORDream Out Loud, Sel’s 18th birthday or Ramona and Beezus?

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  • brianna

    dream out loud because her boots are so cute<3

  • lulu

    not really a fan of hers, but i hope her clothing line releases in the UK, coz i love her style! x x x

  • shelly

    No thanks! I dont want to look like a 40 yr old woman! I’lll stick with Miley & Max!

  • Naoual

    I only like the boots the clothes are soo ieuwww

  • selaly

    I’m super excited for everything about Selena,
    I hope her clothing line releases in Australia too, BIG FAN OF HER STYLE.
    She is just so AWESOME.

  • annie

    Mileys clothing line with BCGB’s Max Azria looks more fashionable!

  • Ananya

    @annie miley’s clothing only fit thin girls. her cuts and styles were sure fashionable but only thin girls could flaunt then..if someone creates a line, it should be for a wide range of consumers…not only will they get more money…but also the healthy girls wont feel inferior..i noe a lot of girls like that who felt bad because they couldnt flaunt miley’s line………..i think selena’s line appeals to a wider range of girls…even the healthy ones can wear that blouse….

  • Faye

    My goodness! I love it! I love everything I know about selena.and I wish to buy one, even though I know it’ll not reach Philippines. I’m happy for her though.Its fun to collect.

  • Clair

    Wow.. Luv those boots!! :) luv her too!! Go Selena Gomez!!

  • aldi

    yayyy super excited about everything….

  • aldi

    goshhh i cant wait for her clothes, her style is fashionable and unique….

  • Anonymous

    Obviously her 18th birthday because you know what that means!

  • tonia

    SELENA IS THE BEST! i dont really like the boots. they look rough and masculine. but her style is amazing! shes experimenting, that all. i cant wait! ive always loved her style! shes amazing!

  • lol

    I’m sick of all the comparisons with Miley. Miley is not the only person on this earth that can release a GOOD clothing line. I love the boots in Selena’s line & we have yet to see the whole line, but I am sure Selena’s clothing line will sell just as well as Miley’s. All the Miley worshipers cannot stand it that Selena is doing so well in her Emmy award winning show, her album, which is almost gold (not bad for her first one), her touring is going well, and now a clothing line. Who gives a **** which one sells a little more than the other, this is America & everyone has opportunity to do well. We like variety, that is why we have so many choices in all things; like clothes, perfume, movies, & music to name a few, so get off the Miley soapbox & take it elsewhere. I believe that the Miley fanatic fans are the ones that make people dislike Miley – they do her more harm than good.

  • aldi

    @lol your so right…. but why can you expect for little teenies whos think that ugly and fat cyrus is god….

  • Sarah

    I’m in LOVE with those boots, I.WANT.THEM!

  • heidi

    Both! cant wait for the movie”

  • haiffa

    Omg so hard i guess the movie! but i also love her style”

  • lalal

    cant wait! i love the boots. where is it gonna be sold?

  • Smacky35

    Argh I bet I will only be able to buy it on ebay like I have to do my miley and max. And I wont be able to get the boots. Hopefully they will be nice and release it on New Zealand but I highly doubt it.

  • Alondra

    I can’t wait for the clothing line!!
    She is my fashion icon I luv all the outfits she wears
    from jeans and a tshirt to an award show she is always looking great
    I’m also excited for the movie it looks like a cute movie

  • kali Please just watch this!! I’ll get sent to hollywood.

  • anakaren

    That’s tough. I do love her style but i love the movie 2″
    ???????? sel clothing line Movie????????????

  • Adam

    @Anonymous: She’ll be legal and no longer a minor? Guys could hit on her without feeling like advancing on an underage girl? Let me know if I’m getting warm.

  • Alicia

    hey the sole of the shoes says “dreaming out LOUN’..what a dumb mistake =P

  • bravo51

    boring boring bland.

    the tag line is …”Why be extraordinary, When you can be ordinary.”
    “Why be bold, When you can be bland”

  • Misa

    @bravo51: I KNOW. im sooo disappontant. I Always loves her style, and this kinda Suck Big Time : /

  • qayla

    I cannot wait for her clothing line, and the launch of her werbsite!! It will be fantastic because now there will be so much more news of her. I hope she will sell “Selena Gomez & The Scene” merchandise on or somewhere, you know stuff like pics, keychains,memorabilia, etc. I’ve seen some people rocking the shirts in some fan pics, they look cute (black with hot pink lettering = i <3 ).

    cannot wait!!

  • JACKy

    i want those boots


    Is it just me or do the back of her flats say “DREAM OUT LOUN?”

  • ieyurhwrg

    Well That’s YOUR opinion.

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