Robert Pattinson Covers Details March 2010

Robert Pattinson Covers Details March 2010

Robert Pattinson strikes a seductive gaze our way as he covers the March 2010 issue of Details.

The 23-year-old British actor opened up about his real dream job — political speech writing.

Robert shared, “You’d have two or three minutes to affect someone. Make them hear you…I quite enjoyed doing the press for Twilight because there was a similarity. But you’d better have something to say. I felt a responsibility to be fascinating.”

Be sure to pick up the 10th Anniversary mag for more Robert pics and quotes — on stands Tuesday, February 23.

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Photos: Norman Jean Roy/Details
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  • Zanessa94

    oh my god sooooo hot <3
    first :)

  • anonym

    well i don’t like him, anymore. but the cover looks great.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    wow i like rob but he is so damn ugly sorry !!

  • melany

    He’s so hot. OMFG! The cover is AMAZING! I love him ;)

  • georgia


  • chris

    Hottest photoshoot ever!!!

  • jenny

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww get ur head out of there YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy

    Read the rest of the interview, he trys to be witty and funny but comes across as arrogant and egotistical.

  • Deborah

    Sexy man, sexy pictures and witty interview. I knew Rob was well read but man some of the facts he and Jenny get into really boggles the mind. Jenny seems to have really brought out his wicked sense of humor. Pity that some seem determined to twist his comments into something negative. But at the end of the day, that says more about the type of person they are…

  • http://none judy

    verrrry ugly like zac

    miss u joe

  • Nala

    I like Rob, such a random, funny, thoughtful, interesting dude. Moreover, I find him extremely charming. I can’t help but wonder how old people visiting JJ are. Because the way some folks out there think is quite scary.

    @amy: That’s not how I’ve perceived this interview at all, so don’t make your opinion an assertion, sweetie, thank you.

  • JOEY

    I can’t stand his agent Stephanie Ritz and manager Nick Fenzel for getting these kind of racy photo shoots/ movies for him. I wish RP will fire them both one day! He is not taken seriously as an actor because of them. They just want him to be a stud so they can continue to babysit him in movie promos and events, especially Stephanie who secretly has the hots for him!

  • elona

    love u robbbb

  • elona

    love u rob

  • dakota


  • heartshape

    Seductive gaze??…he looks soo odd in that position…

  • Sarah22

    The interview really turned me off of him:( He almost sounded John Mayer like

  • lulu

    @Nala: can people not have opinions any more?

  • Lorrie

    When did he do this interview with DETAILS? I would like a real date and not around such and such a date. His language in this interview, if these are direct quotes, is really ratty and something I can’t imagine him saying. I guess I’ve been naive and have definitely lost alot of interest in Rpatz.


    John Mayer is a great musician that should be cherished. Hes a one of a kind. Hes music, playing style and voice are truly tremendous. And more importantly he doesnt give a crap about the medias fabricated BS.
    Anyway. Rob is a really top bloke. Hes having a laugh, though he might come across as weird because of his sense of humor that requires intelligence, hes not.Those that don’t get him will call him ugly, talentless and other names. But look it at this way. Hes earning more than your lazy sad ass would make in a lifetime so STFU. I’m not a Twilight fan. I hate those stupid movies. But i know a talented actor when i see one.
    So lay off him.

  • Nala

    @lulu: Of course yes.Thanks God. I was actually referring to the ‘ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooo fucking uglaaaaaay ewwww” type of comments. It’s more of the bashing type than an actual opinion. Sorry if you mistook what I said.

  • berlesa

    It’s really great how Just Jared censured some parts of the interview.
    Another comment he made will really set off his fans, so get ready to buy the magazine when it comes out.

  • lala

    Don’t worry, it’s not just you. A lot of young girls have built a fantasy image of Rob Pattinson in their head. When they find he actually has a personality that was formed before “Edward Cullen”, they feel disappointed. Or in extreme cases of disillusionment, betrayed somehow. You’re not alone. Don’t you feel better?

  • ShariG

    No doubt this magazine will sell more copies than any other in Details history. I actually thought the interview when taken all together was very good. It was nice insight into how his mind works. He jumps from thought to thought. He worries excessively about his work and whether he is worthy of fame. He is a humble, intelligent, nice guy. Who knows what actually went into this interview. All we will see is what the writer decides to print. There was really nothing in the article that wasn’t perfectly understandable. He is under siege by women of all ages, not just preteens and teens. That could be a bit of a turn off. There is no way in the world I believe he is gay, but if he were it would not take away from his talent or the endearing quality he has of saying exactly what comes into his mind without filtering it for public consumption.

  • fearless

    his interview was disgusting and the photos look like p.orn.. ew

  • Gisel

    i Hope that Rob do not listen to the CRAZY ladies that think he is one type of guy because an Interview. This CRAZY “fans” judge Rob like they know him, PLEASE !

    He is a man, and HE CAN DO WHERE EVER HE LIKES ! ok ??

    your REAL FANS love you Rob, we are waiting Remember Me ; )

  • otaci

    Maybe he just swells up from the allergy….

  • amy

    @Nala: Well thats a shame isn’t it? I was indeed just stating my opinion and I stick by it. Your obviously a fan of Robert but unfortunately I perceive him, and in paticular this interview, differently to you.

  • Ashley

    I like Rob but posing with naked women won’t enlarge his fan base.
    I also have a slight problem with the fact that he said Zac should be shot instead of him. I know he was joking but it kind of isn’t funny to joke about assasintion.

  • eli

    hooooooooooot!!!!! he looks soo hoot!! love him!

  • jessica

    so disgusting to look at…
    i think i just thew up a little.

  • sillyppls

    Sexy ass photos. Do ur thing rob. lol.

  • elle

    He is one of God’s most beautiful creatures! Love him so much!
    The interview was awesome btw.. I love his humor..

    ps; haters always will be haters who cares!

  • jess

    hmm.. so many jealous are here..
    to say he’s ugly;
    if you don’t like Rob just move on don’t waste your time by leaving a CHILDISH “ewww” comment…

    GREAT interview and photoshoot.. Yes he’s so good looking but i like his personality too.. It’s so sad some people doesn’t get his sarcastic sense of humor!

  • JK

    Details’ interview was an interesting read because it’s not typical cookie cutter Hollywood type. Bless this guy for speaking his mind and not filtering every word for fear of misunderstanding or misinterpretation. He is certainly says some darnedest things at times but over all his mind is in a good place. I am sure when he gets older and more experienced, he will learn to filter himself. So girls enjoy while it lasts.
    I didn’t like the pictures too much and not because of the naked models. Models looked great but photographer could have done a better job with Rob. We know he can look much better. Vanity Fair shoot comes to mind. Those pics were all kinds of win.

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