Selena Gomez Won't Apologize for New Single

Selena Gomez Won't Apologize for New Single

Now everyone say awwwww.

Selena Gomez cradles a sleeping baby as she meets and greets her fans at Emerald Square Mall in Massachusetts on Saturday afternoon (February 13).

Some even got hurt — Eek!

The 17-year-old actress/singer has had a busy week so far! Selena stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, rocked out the Gramercy in NYC and still had the energy to stop by some more radio stations to chat about her album and upcoming single, “I Won’t Apologize.”

She posted on Facebook, “Had a really fun day today, met a lot of fans. Thanks Kiss 108, 92Pro, and John Garabedian Open House Party. Thank you to all who came out, it mean’t the world to me to see you all there. You can see more photo’s on launching in less than 10 days!!!!! Dream Out Loud hitting the stores July 15th, I can’t wait!!!”

From JJJ reader Casey who was at her Gramercy Show: “During Selena Gomez‘s cover of ‘Stay’, she changed the words around to the song and said, ‘We fight, we break up. We kiss, we made up.’ She also, in the next line of the song, put air quotes when the word ‘Stay’ appeared, most likely referencing Nick Jonas‘ song. They all happen around 40 and 50 seconds.”

Selena can be seen wearing RosegoldWalt” boots and a Son of JohnFlasher” tee.

Check below for more vids below!

Selena Gomez – “Hot & Cold”

Selena Gomez – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Selena Gomez – Z100 Interview, 02/12
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Photos: Selena Gomez Facebook
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  • kYRA

    She’s so cute :)

  • http://twitter zanessa4eva

    awwww tht is so cute cnt wait for her new single

  • lizette

    it’s a cover of ‘hot & cold’, not ‘stay’.

    love the picture of sel and with the baby. it’s precious.

  • selene

    Awww i love her xD

  • London Lemming

    Selena Gomez is an exceptionally talented individual whos charity work i admire greatly,but the cover version she did of Hot & Cold is a big NO-NO. It sounds like someone getting up on karaoke and doing it.

  • Emily

    anyone else watch the video of Hot n Cold thinking “how come shes holding a mic yet you can’t hear her over the crowd?” :S

  • cheska

    omg she is pretty <3 sel

  • whodat

    AAWWWWWWWW that’s the cutest thing ever!

  • 4eee

    fake and cant sing

  • angeliz

    I dont rally know y .. but she looks soo fake to me … she just seems that she s trying to get famous just as the jb did…. i mean shes nice and everything but icant believe her cuzz she really fake !!!!!

    No wonder y her friendship with demi is over ….. when demi said the “everone changes” I think she means the way the selena was and the way that selena is now !! Selena wants to get famous soo bad that she doenst care for anyone but herself …… cuzz Now wat ppl want to see in the showbizz is perfect ppl .. ppl with class and manners and welllput together by their ppl !!! No wonder y maley doent care wat ppl think about her cuzz if u hv to change sooo much for ppl you never gonna be happy and be yourself if all you doo is to make ppl happy but yourself !!! Selena wants to fool everyone just as everyone is trying to do with thin new modality in the showbizz !!!

    Sorry if some of u dont like it !! but this is a free website !!!! ohhh and I not saying shes not a good artist cuzzz she is !! But is the way she acts in front of the ppl !!!!!

  • lala

    @angeliz: totally agree! she cant sing and i think she tries to hard! just cuz everyone sings on disney doesnt mean she has to. i cant even stand her character on wizards… seriously her character is lazy and rude… not a good role model

  • Deen

    I love I wont apologize. It is the best song of the album! And she is awesome and everybody thinks she is sweet. That is admirable. Because everyone has their opinions about her voice, but they all agree about she is the sweetest.
    Love her♥


    Then we ask about their relationship status and they go “ohh we want to keep it private” its like well you didn’t when you were singing that song, so just tell us!

  • bebe

    Please stop singing Selena for the sake of your career

  • angeliz

    @Deen: I totally agree with ya but y does she has to be sooo fake with the ppl ????
    I dont even think that she believes it !

    Shes nice and everything but she should stop trying to be somthing shes not….. cuzz is sad to see her that deseperate for fame !!!

  • Blaksey

    this sounds like kidz bop hahahahha

  • Liz.

    I’m not complaining you can’t really hear her over the crowd. lmao. Though I was kind of hoping she’d say bitch, bahaha.

  • Jo


    Most artists express their emotions in their songs/performances; however, that doesn’t mean the source of the material is revealed. It might seem like a thin veil of who it could be about.. but unless they admit to it.. nobody knows.

    Also, in that same ‘Hot & Cold” performance at the 3:14 mark.. the lyrics are changed back to the original ‘make up’. so what does that mean? probably nothing.. perhaps we are overthinking everything.

    As for ‘I Won’t Apologize’, she has said that it ISN’T about Nick Jonas, but a boy in Texas. This song originally was titled “I’m Sorry”. See her interview (mark 5:35)

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. clearly won’t sway anyone that absolutely believes otherwise. Peace & happy vday everyone

  • missdestinyhope

    I hope Kathy Perry doesn’t see how badly this chick ruined her song.

  • http://selena demi

    i agree with lala

  • demilovatoisthebest

    thats exactly wat i was thinking

  • lily


  • alexandra

    @missdestinyhope: Haha. Learn to spell KATY Perry’s name first :)

  • Nessa:)

    Thats completly stupid that doesn’t mean shes talking about Nick gosh all this gossip bout Nick,Selena,and Miley are really gettin annoying

  • kris

    Wow some of you really know a lot about her life and the REAL reason why she’s not friends with Demi anymore…
    Yes, I’m sure you guys are perfectly right and yes, she is probably super fake and only wants to be in this industry for the fame and not because oh .. i don’t know, she actually loves acting..
    I’m sure she actually hates her fans and wishes she were JUST like the jonas brothers and wishes she was just as famous as them…

    I didn’t know such strangers of Selena could make such accurate judgment.. Guess I know now huh.

  • gold baybay

    Okay, she seems like an amazing person. But for some reason, and I can’t put my finger on it, she irks me. Like, I feel sort of…weirded out by her lack of mistakes. She just seems so perfect…maybe too perfect? Same with Taylor Swift. Miley Cyrus seems normal to me. She’s a teenager wanting to grow up really fast, like most other teenagers. She wants adult fans as opposed to children. Taylor and Selena on the other hand seem perfectly fine being surrounded by little children. Granted, I’m probably over-thinking this whole thing. Oh, and I in NO way like Miley Cyrus or condone her behavior.

  • qayla

    I love “I won’t apologize”! Good pick for the next single!!

  • teo

    Please, Selena is a NORMAL teenage girl that made MISTAKES.

    One thing is that you NEVER noticed but it does NOT mean that she is a “perfect” girl.

    I think Sel wants to be a BETTER person and give POSITIVE messages for her fans and I RESPECT that.

    At the end, she is ENJOING her life and having FUN with the people that REALLY matters. :)

  • hussam

    I love “I won’t apologize” Good choice!!!!!!! Sel looks so sexy”"” I LOVE YOU

  • Femiluv


    I know right lol

  • Wana

    she can’t sing, seriously :O
    i can actually tolerate miley cyrus, because even if she goes flat always, she can actually sing, even though she’s just mediocre at best when it comes to live singing. but selena, just no. god, please no.

  • Crazygirly7

    I really don’t like her voice. Her songs are nice and she does seem sweet, but her voice throws me off.

    Why does it even say that it is a cover of “Stay”, when it’s “Hot and Cold”?Why are people always making drama?

    And… just because she changed it once to “made up” doesn’t mean she meant it like that. Maybe it was a mistake because she says “make up” later on…or maybe she intended it like that. The point is: We don’t know!!!!!!

  • dina

    will you guys shut up about nick alread?! not everything has to me about nick! nick and slena are good friends!

  • aldi

    so sweet with the baby….. i love her….

  • aldi

    haters are so pathetic… seriously just shut up i dont came to a real artis post to say stupi things….

  • aldi

    as always so gorgeous, so perfect so amazing!!!!

  • chuchi


    well you know about the demi thing, how come your so sure that demi wasn’t the one that changed? i mean i think both of them are talented but you’re not know for sure, maybe selena is doing it because she wants to help people, maybe not. but you don’t know for sure. :) i mean i personally agree with you. but we just don’t know for sure. <3

    by the way, i laughed when she was at Jimmy Fallon, she’s so amazing :)

    && one more, okay so her character is rude, that’s why she’s a good actress and that’s why her character is a role model. because she’s not perfect goody-goody but she learns from her mistakes and eventually fixes them! :)

  • say

    she can’t sing eventhougt you can tell she lip singing multiple times the song went on and she didn’t even open her mouth….

  • Cheesecakefortaylor


    yaah of course :/ omg just shut up if you don’t knwo anything
    Selena had a very soft and smoothie voice and I love it just because of she doesn’t sound like a gay duck it doesn’t mean she can’t sing!
    She has sold out shows n is going on world tour so just shut up you stupid lil hannah/s-lutty cyrus fans!

  • CHristine

    lmaoo you can tell she’s a really good actor if you look at her facial expressions and gestures when she’s singing…she’s really expressing the lyrics through her movements rather than her tone..singers and artists usually express lyrics through tone and expression..

    anyways, just thought I point that out..I love watching her facial expressions when she sings :D
    just goes to show how amazing of an actor Selena is…she may not be that good of a singer, but she is definitely improving

  • yadhi

    Love It! great amazing song”

  • sophie

    I love her!!
    she is so cute.

  • andrew

    I love this song! hey guys the album its amazing i just cant stop staring at her she’s adorable@ndrew

  • angeliz

    @kris: i know is kind os strange that ppl makke such of fast judgement of her…. BUt if u see the way she used to be before .. And the way she is now .. u clearly can see the difference in her attitude !! Is sad cuzz … ppl shoulnt change who they are just to become famous !!

  • angeliz

    @chuchi: Actually I agree with ya tooo But if u see some of Demis interviews nd the way she ans when ppl ask her bout Selena !! u maybe can cocliue some of my points …. But i agree with ya … maybe I shoulnd talk so sure about it cuuz z as u said they r the only one that know exactly wat happen with their friendship !!!

    ohhhhh and by the way I also tghink that shes is a good actress !!

  • Another anonymous

    Demi and Selena both changed, Demi seems to be a bit more darker, and Selena has become a Teeny Goody Goody Miss perfect. She’s so fake it’s not even funny. And it’s funny how you could barely hear her voice, and for what you can hear, it sounds A LOT like Katy Perry. Can you say Ashlee Simpson?

  • Carrie

    She is so pretty.

  • itsmeagain

    I just hate it when you Selena fans brag on Demi about how much she has CHAGED. She has not CHANGED at all. Just because she’s moved on from Selena now, does not mean she’s no longer the same girl in the “LA LA LAND” video. I just love it that you guys feel that it is okay for Selena to make new friends and leave Demi in the dust, but if Demi does it SHE’S SUDDEN:Y THE BAD GUY. U Sel fans are phatetic and half of the reason why this girl has so many haters

  • kerry

    @lala: ok first of all, she said in an interview that she is nothing like Alex in wizard of waverly place. How old are you? Its call ACTING. Do you know how many characters out there are rude and annoying? Besides I like Alex she’s different from the other characters on disney. Besides, selena said that she tried singing for fun and acting is her passion. And you shouldn’t judge someone based on the character they play or how the media protrays them. How would you like it if someone calls you a whore because they see you hangign around boys? Remember that and you would go a long way in life.

  • kerry

    @lala: ok first of all, she said in an interview that she is nothing like Alex in wizard of waverly place. How old are you? Its call ACTING. Do you know how many characters out there are rude and annoying? Besides I like Alex she’s different from the other characters on disney.selena said that she tried singing for fun and acting is her passion. And you shouldn’t judge someone based on the character they play or how the media protrays them. How would you like it if someone calls you a whore because they see you hanging around boys? Remember that and you would go a long way in life.

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