Win a Complete Set of Milky Way Dolls!

Win a Complete Set of Milky Way Dolls!

Check out the Milky Way & the Galaxy Girls — a new line of tween dolls from the makers behind the ever-popular Skelanimals!

JJJ is loving these dolls so much that we’re giving ONE lucky reader a chance to win ALL FIVE of them! Awesome, right? The Galaxy Girls are only sold at FAO Schwartz so this my be your only chance to get them.

WHAT DO YOU WIN: One complete set of the 5 dolls (Milky Way, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto) plus the book they are based on. Each character has specific activities/hobbies, personality traits, even fave color, etc. linked to her home in the stars. Each soft cuddly doll is almost 2 feet high and come with real ribbon, etc. for hair and interchangeable clothes for fashion mix & match.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and ONE winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. This contest ends Monday, February 22 @ 4:59PM EST. USA and Canada Only. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck!

UPDATE: Winner has been notified. Thanks for entering!

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  • Ashley

    cool. i like pluto

  • CYnthia

    whoa they all look super cool!!

  • demi

    Omg they look soo cute! i want one!

  • Sarah P.

    I hope I win!!

  • Angela

    The dolls are so cute!

  • Bev Chapman

    They all look great! Pluto is my fave!!!

  • Kaitylee

    I hope I win! Pluto and Mars are my favorites.

  • nessi

    Super cute! loving pluto and venus! skelanimals rock and i really can’t wait till these come out

  • Daniel J.

    What an opportunity. I would see if anyone around me would want one of the five if it turns out I’m chosen. I’m nice like that, I guess.

  • Vince

    They are all so awesome!

  • Virginia

    These dolls are so cool and cute! I love them!

  • tara

    Jupiter is my fave but it would be awesome to have the others too!

  • john

    Lauren Faust (the creator of Milky Way) is a very talented artist, and having been aware of Milky Way for years, I would love to have these dolls based on her works. These are very cute. :)

  • Katie

    I have a Mars doll! I want alllll of them!

  • Kota Love

    I would love to win! I am a HUGE fan of Lauren Faust! <3

  • amber

    ooo pretty plz
    with a cherry on top♥

  • Dugan

    My daughters would love these dolls! And my wife will love that the dolls promote individuality and personality. Best of both worlds. Glad I came across this.

  • marie

    I’ve been following their blog for a few months now — these characters are sooooooo cute!!!

    I’m so entering. I want them so bad!!!!

  • marie

    Oh! The blog is at

    Go in the archives thr’s drawings and sewing and stuff

  • Brittany

    how could u guyz like those? they look weird and arent tehey like just dolls or something

  • tora

    Ms. Faust’s dolls are so cute! I’d love to win a set! <3

  • Marielle

    ooh!! pluto is uberly awesome!!

  • theSEM

    I love these girls! Sadly I’m just another broke student…

  • Kat

    They’re so cute! My fiance and I love these girls <3

  • Jane

    FFFFFFFFFF I love these chicks! =D

  • mo

    love these <3

  • Sam s.

    I love the galaxy girls, they’re all so cute and have such adorable designs~ <3 I’d really love to have a chance at winning the dolls!

  • raquelita

    Jupiter is my favorite and also shares my sign! :)

  • SleepyKiks

    Lauren Faust is one of my favourite artists. Winning these dolls would make my day.

  • Sabrina

    They’re so stylish and sweet! A set of the girlaxy girls would never go to waste <3

  • Molly

    I hope i win! So cute! :3

  • Angie

    Awesome! Good luck to everyone entering!!!

  • kevin


  • Whitney

    Sounds awesome! Always love a good contest. Pluto and Mars rock my socks

  • Brittany

    Cool, I want one so bad! They’re just adorable!

  • TweenDoriru

    Love Jupiter and Venus. I can’t believe this contest is for a whole set!

  • Rachael C.

    These dolls are precious!

  • anna

    they don’t look weird, they’re stylized and they look great.

  • Gaila

    I love Jupiter and her animals, the quirkiness of Mars, and the attitude of Pluto! I am looking forward to the rest of the Girls, especially Sun and Moon.

  • Michelle

    ‘Allo, ‘allo! Here’s a-hopin that a winner is me. :3

  • Rebecca

    Adorable. :D

  • megan

    Uwah~ I find them so adorable ♥

  • http://RETRO7.DEVIANTART.COM ichie datsun

    Sweet , they all look sooo cute! ^^ I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one! I WANT ONE! =D

  • Jessica

    I’ve been a fan of these gals since they were announced a good while ago, I love the idea of actual dolls. I’d LOVE for it to become a cartoon some time too. Kudos to Lauren for such a neat idea :D

  • Emily mackey

    Whoo! im excited!

  • Andrea

    I love the Galaxy Girls!

  • Tabbi

    They are all so cute! :D

  • Leah f.

    :D haha, they are all so cute.

  • Meghan

    So cool! They all are awesome <3 :D

  • Sigrid

    If you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter who you are. :)
    So the contest is commenting? Weird, but ohwell, I hope I win.
    I love these dolls. ;)
    OH wait…USA and Cananda only? I’m europe…how sad.D:

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