Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Making Waves on The Beach

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Making Waves on The Beach

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sit close to each other to keep each other warm as they shoot the music video for “Make A Wave” on the beach in Los Angeles on Monday evening (February 15).

The BFF tweeted back and forth this afternoon with Joe sharing a pic and saying, “Demi hates this picture. But I like it.”

Demi jokingly tweeted back, “oh, hey THANKS jerk!” She also tweeted some words of advice for all the girls looking for love out there: “He’s not you’re prince charming if he doesn’t make sure you know that you’re his princess.” So true!

“Make A Wave” will be featured in Disneynature’s OCEANS, out this Earth Day.

10+ pics inside…

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joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 01
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 02
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 03
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 04
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 05
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 06
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 07
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 08
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 09
joe jonas demi lovato wave beach 10

Credit: Radcliffe/Scott; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Anna

    they are so adorable together (;

  • Alexa_r

    They R the cutest couple of the world!!!! Jemi 4 ever

  • Dianaa

    AWW.. ADORABLE! lol

  • Taylor

    I feel like they should just get married and get it over with.

    … haha kidding. but they would look good together.

  • victoria

    the 1st and last picture are the cutest…they are too cute :)

  • fdgndfk

    JEMI is cute :)
    Love them together,
    They should be
    the next Zanessa!

  • yeaaa

    JOe kinda looks like NICKin
    the first picture.! I love nick tho.
    He’s my fave. but Joe is lookin’
    hotter by dayyy ].

  • nikki

    the photo with them sitting on the hood of the car is part of the video

  • erika

    why aren’t they together? they should be!

  • beajoycute

    cute pics..& super great!! -x♥x♥

  • pippa

    how cuteeee :’) awhh i rli want jemi <3

  • Justzgirl


    Even though they are just friends *so they say* and i believe them, they are great bff’s!
    They are both very talented and amazing people

    They are my inspirations

    I love them!!!!
    They rock!

    i cant wait for camp rock 2 :)

  • me.

    omg. i thought these were actual candid pics. AAAAHHH!

  • hallie


  • Ella

    Please get together now!!!

  • ishi94

    They are the best in the whole world and they both are my idols.

    i would love it if they would go out but if they dont want to and just want to stay bff i will still love that because its better than them not being anything at all!


  • nicole

    those photos with them sitting on the hood of the car is part of the video, take a close look at the whole photo you can see people in front of them, one with a camera, i think its part of the video

  • jessica

    aww they look so cute.

  • Idk

    YAY!! Jemi..They Should DATE!!!!!!!!!!1
    I Love them So Much…So CUTE 2gether!

  • Noemiii

    they are soooo cute together <3
    love them .
    & Joe is hotter day by day <3

  • lilou

    cutest people ever . Favourite non existent couple <3

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Clearly they are dating. Demi is constantly tweeting happy things, including relationship advice and no single lady would be tweetin advice like that. Say good bye to joes purity ring (I don’t believe for a second he hasn’t already lost his V though…)

  • lex

    She can be happy without dating him you know . Joe is not the only guy in her life but I do agree they look happy when they re together . Love their friendship <3

  • Alyssa

    Aww So cute.. they have so much Chemistry going on :)

  • josephine m

    I know they are bff but they are so adorable together and I wouldn’t mind if they date ,I can see them married or something in the future lol.

    Too cute for words!

  • josephine m

    i think they should date offically when Demi turns 18 in a few months they are so cute together and seem so at peace and geninely enjoy eachothers company ,their bffs and I can so see them married in the future.So if they ever date I would be behind it I love both of them.

    Too cute for words lol.

  • http://deleted romina

    adorable!!!! they’re cute together!

  • Sofifreydel

    I´m so excited for the music video
    can´t wait,, love them !!

  • Andrea

    I have the song stuck in my head, love “make a wave”, can´t wait for the music video !!! i love Jemi friendship they´re ADORABLE

  • encore!!!

    Yeah, right, a princess:

    coping with constant intrigue,

    all while appearing entirely serene.

    What sane girl couldn’t possibly want that?

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    omgg, i love jemi so much<333333

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra


  • http://mprin328@AOL.COM All for jemi

    Love seeing them together!!


    @josephine m:
    Aww, that was super cute, I totally agree with you, I love the Jemistry<3

  • rania

    I love Jemi, I love Niley too

  • harvey

    Married what are you thinking – she’s not even 18 yet and he does not plan to marry to at least 10 years and mad that clear when they interviewed him about Kevin’s marriage. Anyway why would Demi want to date him and then become another one of Joe’s growing number of ex’s. Think Joe will stay single and be the aging George Clooney batchelor type with a loooooooong string of pretty girls.

  • Divine Goddess

    I think they are dating on the DL….or maybe not but they would make a cute couple. ur boyfriend should be ur best friend demi ;)

  • Divine Goddess

    @harvey: lmao he’s a young guy so i wouldn’t expect him to stay tied down for too long. obviously he’s no zac efron. joe doesn’t have that many exes anyway for a 20 year old

  • jhg

    i can see them together in the future, married in ten years… but now is time to date other people, enjoy life. demi is too young…
    And i have a feeling joe likes demi more. actually i think joe has strong feelings for demi since they met and she recently start to realize what she feels for him

  • helen

    demi is so beautiful i love u and they are so cute THE BEST COUPLE!!! i can’t wait to watch their video.

  • demi#1fan1017/channy

    They are really cute together but it can never be because he’s 20 and she’s 17!But I so can’t wait to see the music video for “Make A Wave”!And Demi’s inspiriable tweets are so so true ;) ! I Love You Demi!Muah!

    ~Love your biggest fan, Ariannah! ;)

  • http://celebuzz mary joy

    wow they look so cute i agree that this couple will next to the step of zanessa……………………..

  • Avy Cress

    JEMI FTW! Aww. they are the absolute cutest together! They bring out the best in each other and whether their just friends or they are dating, they’re AWESOME together! =DD <3

  • ashi


  • Someone

    OMG! THey r sooo cute together! Can’t wait til the music video comes out! I also can’t wait for Camp Rock 2! Jemi is going to kiss!

  • Indhina

    Aweee, this is a jemi year!!!!!!!!

  • poor63

    they are so cute…….

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