Meet Jasmine V

Meet Jasmine V

We’ve all seen Jasmine V in Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” music video, but who exactly is she? JJJ has got the answers!

The 16-year-old California native actually just scored a recording contract with Sony Music and is definitely going places. With a solid fanbase in the Phillipines and a growing one in the USA, you’re going to want to follow Jasmine.

Jasmine was seven years old she won a singing contest at a Hawaiian Tropics contest in San Jose and discovered at 11 when a guy heard her singing while she was walking down the street. He was so impressed that he took her to meet his friend who was interning at Damon Dash Music Group and had her sing for him, which in turn introduced her to her now manager, Gabriella Mosci.

Jasmine has previosuly guest starred on That’s So Raven, and My Wife and Kids. She was also cast as a series regular in the unaired Disney pilot House Broken (Arwin!), with Selena Gomez and Samantha Droke.

She’s also recently been on the covers of Six78 and LATeen magazines.

Follow her on Twitter @jasminevillegras!

Jasmine V – “Serious” Behind-the-Scenes
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  • jessica

    yay! jasmine villegas is very pretty.
    i’m jealous she got to be justin’s love interest in his video, though. lol.

  • angeliz

    She sings amazing !!!! I cant wIT TO SEE THE REST of her musik !!!
    Way to goo Jasmine.!!!

  • http://gmail sonia

    love the video she sings great
    and makes a good couple with JUSTIN BEIBER!!
    lol also luv the ending!!

  • jo

    she’s a great singer!

  • http://idonthave elly

    she is soo pertty and she ‘s very good with JUSTIN Bieber
    they make a sweet copule
    but JUSTIN is much better dean jasmin

  • good-one

    Of course it is absurdly hard work. The secret is to make it look easy.

  • Brittany

    oh yeah, another “talanted” girl who was found walking down the street..whatever

  • Girlfriend

    Yeaaa she used to perform for high schools with power 106 radio station. She visited when i was still in h.s. (she must’ve been like 11 or 12) and she had SOOo much talent 7 cute curly hair!!! she’s popular in the philippines kuz she sings for the manny pacquaio fights and she’s good friends with him. she had a pilot for disney channel that didn’t get picked up but that would’ve def. put her on the map. things happen for a reason & i wish her the best in all her future success kuz it sure is coming :)

  • Trey

    She’s so pretty and seems nice!

  • Nelle

    Wow she’s getting really popular. I’ve been watching her on youtube for awhile but she wasn’t really known. But she is a great singer. happy 4 her =)

  • kaitlynnn

    She went over my house one day for lunch, no lie. Hahaa, good for her for being successful :)

  • viviana

    wow i thought she was ugly wen i saw her in the justin bieber baby bts but ya she is pretty but im jelous…(sigh) i wanna b famous :(

  • Rashley24


  • dajah

    Jv is a butyful singer is and girl but she not real see my cuz called her a week ago and. She didt anwser. My cuz is half mexican an she’s 16. When she found out about jv she was happy. That finally. Her type is a singer yet a girl. And now she wanna be a singer she moved all the way from south la to va to sing. She wonted to meet jv be friends and every thing but that booge. Rood fake so called singer didt call her back or left her a messege I feel she got her heads. So far in the clouds she even care so I’m not haten I love her music but atlest help. Like and jv if you read this its true. You talk about follow your dream well u broke hers thanks a lot I ganna call and if u anwser we can talke like sivilized people if you don’t I ganna keep posten one more thing you wouldent be you with out your fans so think about that

    Jv is a butyful singer and girl

    Jasmine v is a butyful singer and girl but a week ago my cuz called her but she didt anwser my cuz is 16 year old girl jv imspired her to be a singer when she found out jv was half mexecan she was happy cuz finally. A mexican girl singer cuz my cuz is half mexican porterecan
    Black an. Her dad is mexican u know the rest

  • razan

    i love you so mush

  • razan

    i love you so mush

  • http://myspace natalie

    Jasmine is pretty but she act like sheall that and I really hope she reads this so she can right back cuz I aint scared of anthin or anybody

  • http://myspace natalie

    Jasmine is pretty but she act like sheall that and I really hope she reads this so she can right back cuz I aint scared of anthin or anybody nd I’ve seen prettier

  • brook

    jas i love u so nuch and i like u r sinning becaues i will there when u was in san atona and i hope u had fun thanks

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