Selena Gomez: I'm So Not Skilled Like Shakira

Selena Gomez: I'm So Not Skilled Like Shakira

Selena Gomez sits down with MTV to chat about what’s coming up on Wizards of Waverly Place.

The 17-year-old actress shared, “Wizards of Waverly Place is getting much more mature in terms of our comedy, [but] we are still keeping the youthfulness of our characters. I just feel like we’re all kind of growing, so the characters are evolving.”

Selena spilled some deets about the Shakira episode, saying, “We have the Shakira episode coming up. And I think we have another hour-long special as well. The Shakira episode was so much fun. I’m not sure I can reveal too much. I just know that she had a very big part in it and I was just starstruck the entire time. I also felt like I needed to work out after I was next to her because she’s gorgeous…I wasn’t even about to attempt her dance moves. There’s no way I would be that skilled.”

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  • good-one

    i feel so dumb at math, compared to albert einstein

  • chickenrules

    @good-one: haha random much?

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    She so gorgeous.
    I love her hair

  • Agatka

    She is perfect!!!

  • aldi

    gosh how adorable this gorgeous girl can be?

  • selbetterthanmiley

    Sel is one of the most amazing talented beautyful people on earth!
    She deserves everything what she has cauz she worked very hard for it
    I just wanna let you know that there will always be some stupid people who will hate you but also people who loves you and will ever stand by you so juts live your life we love you Selena!

  • Heather

    Oh believe me Selena you are :)
    YOu can do everything you want you are just perfect
    A skinny amazing body like a Model
    An amazing voice and you r an amazing actress so I guess you can dance too you must just try it :)

  • damn

    her hair is just awesome and her face is flawless…

    I hope she will bring some dance in her performance like Miley and have some dancers it will be awesome
    anyways I love Selena she’s gorgeous!!!

  • Tyra

    I’m 17 and I hate Disney and all these Disney kids but I really like Selena she seems so real and is down to earth not like other b.tchy Disney chicks whi think they r angelina or beyonce

    And for you kind information Selena can sing I was on a concert with my little sister and she was good

  • Taylena

    She’s soooooooooo pretty!!!
    New York City is crazy for you Selena forget Miley forget Demi and all you are the one you are ah-ah-amaaazing

  • bebe


    einstein was also bad in maths at school he had a D ;)

    haha now all jokes by side Selena always looks gorgeous and she’s very talented she’s gonna have a huge career :)
    She is the only Disney actress who actually can call herself an actress . Miley and Demi are terrible actresses and at singing well all of them can sing :)

  • nelena

    She should dance in her shows I’m sure she can I mean she is Selena she’s perfect :D

  • missdestinyhope

    She looks gorgeous I’m jealous -.-
    haha she’s prettier than Miley and skinnier but both of them have talent and I think they shouldn’t fight I love them both and I hate Demi!
    And her hair aaaaaa gorgeous!!

  • p.diddy

    But you r hotter ;)

  • kajol


  • cheesecakefortaylor

    The Wizards of Waverly Place is the only Disney show which is actually funny and it’s now the most watched Disney show not Hannah Montana!!!
    Selena is America’s Sweetheart a very very talented young girl!!!

  • babybiebz

    It’s hard to not love Sel…
    She is so talented and beautyful and cares so much for her fans no wonder that so many people love her hope she will come to London she has many fans here :)

  • Tyler


  • Darius

    Selena’s got a point, Shakira’s hips do not lie…. :)


    I just love her hair!!!
    And I love her face her voice and just everything about her she’s perfect!!

  • mynameiskhan

    Selena is an actress ; singer and looks like and model yes every boy’s dreamgirl…

  • good-one

    @chickenrules: Random? um, yeah, sorry, was watching this.

  • missdestinyhope(REAL)

    @missdestinyhope: um, I know ur not me cause:
    Aw, ur trying so hard to be like me its almost hysterical! But yet, I am very flattered that you look up to me. I had no idea I had worshipers as WELL.

  • missdestinyhope(REAL)

    @missdestinyhope: << JUST SO U KNOW this is a FAKE missdestinyhope as most of you guys already know, I HATE HOMEZ and I am TEAM DEAMI AND MILEY

    and no, I could never be jealous of this BASTABBING,


  • jessica

    idk why but selena is growing on me each day. i mean there is no reason to hate her at all. i was just stupid back then hating her for no reason. but i think am loving her again.

  • swiftfan

    Love selena!!

  • Chastity

    Umm hello? Selena, you are STUNNING. And she really shouldn’t say she felt like she needed to work out… because she’s already skinny! That makes some of us not so skinny people feel like crap! But yeah, I lovee Selena

  • say

    Miley is gorgeous and talented selena can’t even sing. People please clean your ears because they are really dirty if you think selena can

    we know you are not skilled as shakira, you cant dance.

  • smileyface19

    lol she is so funny and cute !!!!!!!!!

  • dina

    i can’t wait till this eposide !

  • qayla

    Glad to hear that the humour of the show will progress as the actors grow up, not that it needed it. WOWP is the only show on Disney that captures a very wide range of audience because it isn’t too “kiddy” with its humour.

  • Shakira

    Of course you’re not my dear, but you r such a sweetheart loved to work with you. You are so talented and beautyful.

    Much Love,

    Shakira <3

    haha that was a joke but Shakira would say this :)

  • aldi

    @say oh honey clearly your are the only one who definitely need to clena your ears cause if you think that ugly vyrus can sing with that horrible and annoying man voice youre so wrong dear hahahahahaha

  • andrew

    Sel is so damn amazing! so cute”"”"”

  • selenagomezcity

    selena & shakira together yes this episode will rule.

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