Demi Lovato Makes Funny Faces

Demi Lovato Makes Funny Faces

Demi Lovato playfully sticks her tongue out at paparazzi as she shops with a friend in West Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (February 16).

The duo stopped off at Anthropologie and Nordstrom stores.

Earlier in the week, the 17-year-old actress/singer tweeted about her little sister Madison de la Garza making her debut on her first ever talk show, “Everyone go turn on The View this morning and watch my baby sister Madison on her first talk show!!!! SO PROUD!!!! :D”

Most recently, Demi was seen with BFF Joe Jonas on the shores of Malibu, filming their upcoming music video for “Make A Wave.”

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato

Madison de la Garza – “The View” – 02/15

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Credit: Stefan; Photos: Owen Beiny / WENN, INFdaily
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  • qtwattann

    Cute! =)

  • alicia

    ahhhh demi your so awesome!!!!! maddy is so cute!

  • roszaaa (:

    demi.. i love u!! but seriously.. ur too pale, dear.. put more make up pls..

  • Idk

    Demi..I Miss UR Brown hair!!

  • Mike

    Is it just me or does she look really skinny in these pictures?

  • Beverly

    i think she wears too much black, its nice but too much sometimes.

  • kris

    i thought she was happy?! with all that black she looks depressed. when i am happy i dont dress like i am going to a funeral. Girl, you need some colour in your life… she looks gorgeous in red and in blue. She looked so beautiful monday in that pictures at the beach and when she was in england in january. I really think the way we dress and the colours we choose show what we are feeling…
    Well at least the dress is gorgeous.

  • daang

    Take some beauty tipps from you ex-BBF’S Selena and Taylor. You really need some!

    (I didn’t said Miley because she is ugly too and looks like a fat pig)

  • penny

    @kris: i was just about to say she dresses like she goes to a funeral everyday!!

  • http://justjaredjr dee

    just because you wear black doesnt mean you not happy….thats who she wants to be…shes happy like that…i wear black all the time and im not goth or unhappy or any ridiculus thing all of you are saying…get ova it….shes beautiful!!

  • p.diddy

    Her sister is very fat I’m sorry but that’s the f’ckin truth and Demi should also loose some weight she should go with that miley to gym both of them r fat

  • dollymolly

    Demi is so pretty! She can dress however she wants, just because she wears black doesnt mean she depressed. I love her style of clothing its edgy

  • Ashley Tisdale fan

    She wears BLACK all the time =/ it scares me.. shes very pretty but really needs to wear Iight clothes :D
    and get some Sunlight

  • kris

    I did not say she was not pretty, in fact I think she is gorgeous. I just tried to say she wears too much black. I remember she said in a blog at the beginning of last year that she was very happy and that was when she began to wear lighter colors and frankly I felt she was genuinely happy at that time. look at the photos of her in March, April and May last year. she seemed happy, beautiful, girly and stylish. I think that was the best demi. she is too young and she will change her style in the next couple years…

  • Danni

    LOL! Go Demi…maybe she is depressed or in a dark mood. Who knows.

  • clara

    LINDA! :D

  • mech

    it’s too much black demi… its fine sometimes but now u wear it every single day… its not cool, its sad. please wear colours again!
    I looooooooved Madison De La Garza on the show! she’s beautiful! and she went there with her Valentain! LOVELY

  • pouty

    she’s very emo for a disney starlet… creepy!

  • Joy

    maybe she likes@kris:

    maybe she likes the color black?
    i like the color black?
    maybe she thinks it looks better on her then anyother color?
    maybe she all her clothes are in the wash

    you know you don’t see her EVERYDAY so maybe just when the paps are out shes wearing black?

  • me.

    she used to be my rolemodel 2 years ago.
    but now i’m liking her less and less every day.

  • mvc

    demi if I had your face, body and money I would not spend my time looking like… this.
    I think she has some issues…nobody can say is happy, confindent looking like this… its sad because she has potential to be one of the most gorgeous teen girls in hollywood.

  • nathalia Braga

    I think she wears too much black, she looks depressed

  • anna

    i miss the posts where the comments were all about how happy and gorgeous she was… maybe someday we will have our demi back.

  • girly

    i like demi a lot but i agree with others…DEMI YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRL BUT WEAR SOMETHING MORE HAPPY……ahhhhhhh and be natural as your age……..sometimes you dressed like an older girl…anyway i like you a lot and dont be afraid…you rock………..
    ahh i was bullying too so you are a reason more to admire you a lot….unfortunately i go to school everyday but now i know that i am the best so.BE HAPPY AND STAY YOUR SELF.

  • brenda

    her sister is very fat… poor girl

  • Andrea

    AHAHA,, love her,, she´s gorgeous
    can´t wait for the video


  • Sofia Freydel

    She´s so beautiful, i love the dress
    looking stunning as usual

  • jessica

    stfu about her skin you stupid selena fans. she looks great and the color black looks perfect on her. so just gtfo. its her life and shes not gonna please you idiots.


    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Demi lovato soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shes the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest forever and ever…and shes sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful too shes my idol,my role model and my hero too…shes just AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…i loooooooooooooooooove her music and her voice too…shes my favorite pop star…i LOVE everything about her…shes my dreammmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

  • gold baybay

    Wow. You come up with that insult all by yourself? Whatever. People can say whatever they please. I believe it’s called free speech. Search it up if you don’t know what it means. Isn’t she like part Italian? Italian’s usually have beautiful skin. What happened to her?

  • cassy

    wearing all black is so not attractive or appealing at all.. and why is her little sister even on a talk show? cause shes related to her? :S

  • lights


  • jessica

    ok first of all this is her natural skin color. so who gives a fuck what you guys say.

  • Another anonymous

    @gold babay

    Italians naturally have pale skin, so stfu and stop trolling, you obviously are not a fan of Demi, and only want to start sh*t here. I feel sorry for people like you…

  • missdestinyhope

    Ha ha!
    I love how the Selena kids can’t stand that there’s actual girls WHO ARE NATRUALLY PRETTY like Demi. And Demi is such a goddess ,
    I love how Demi outshines Selena at everything. Miles and Dems are the most prettiest girls on DISNEY CHANNEL. Selena is a plastic barbie doll who TRIES TOO HARD TO BE PERFECT.

  • bella

    i LOVE demi lovato ,como me encantas ,siempre hermosa ,bella ,radiante ,me encanta como se viste ,demi she is amazing y esa mueca la adoro ,eres una chica comun y corriente ,pero eres mi artsita preferida ,te adoro de todo corazón ,me encantas ,que raro parece que no hay muchos comentarios en español ,no imorat igual te dire demi las fotos son geniales ,te admiro muchoo y si paparazzi como se quedaron demi es una genia ,I love ademas remember december ,saludos demi desde latinoamerica ,siempre tambien agradesco a just jared que siempre me mantiene al tanto de tu carrera y de lo que haces ,teen star eres mi favorita y la numero 1 forever ,si que el dia termina super divertido ,y que bello video de tu hermanita madison ,que belleza ,super ,gracias por todo y sigan poniendo a una talentosa artista ,demi regresa a latinoamerica que te queremos escuchar cantar nuevamente ,I love catch me forever

  • Lexxy

    @p.diddy: loose some weight? she doesn’t even look fat a**hole!

  • Cindy

    Madison is adorable and so well spoken for such a young age! I’m not going to try to lie and say she isn’t overweight though because she is. And for those of you who are calling Demi fat I think you guys are insane. Demi looks like every other girl out there. I think it makes her way more easier to relate to than Selena who is like size 0.

  • Shanel Couture

    I Love Demi but im sorry the black hair black cloths all the time is scary .. She reminds me of a young Dita Von Tese.. And shes frightning lol

  • Nora


    Miley fat??? you must be blind.

  • Sketch

    Those complaining about the size of her sister need to stfu. Shes a little girl, she hasnt fully matured yet; she still carries baby fat. Stop posting horrible comments, this could be labeled as cyber-bullying. So cut it out. Anyway Selena fans need to also stfu. Demi is georgeous. She likes wearing black, its a cool sophisticated colour that complements her skin tone really well. Not liking someone because of their dressing style is sad. She is genuinly nice and has a great voice. Let her act like a normal 17 year old girl. She is not a doll, shes a human. So chill out. Shes not depressed but she wont ALWAYS be sunny. Jheez.

  • MileyBrazil


  • Sierra

    demi looks fine they way she is.
    She likes black so what