Taylor Swift - Fearless Music Video!

Taylor Swift - Fearless Music Video!

Check out Taylor Swift‘s newest music video for “Fearless!”

The 20-year-old musician just wrapped up her latest Fearless tour date in Tokyo, Japan and tweeted, “Japan is amazing. Japan is amazing. Japan is amazing. Wow. Just wow. Tokyo, I’ll never forget that show. We’ll be back soon!! The band and I can’t stop smiling.”

In the “Fearless” video, you’ll get to see the tour from Taylor‘s eyes and just how amazing her fans are. Check it out below!

Taylor Swift – “Fearless”
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  • victor

    own, she’s so amazing, so wonderful, so all. I love her, for me, she’s the best female singer. I wanted to play guitar because of her, *-*

  • Sarah

    I’m happy for her she’s awesome :)

  • Bea

    Love it, love her!

  • your mother


  • http://twitter.com/fleuramar sara bella

    i love this video like all the other ones
    she is really an amazing singer
    i hope next time she comes to morocco because ill give everything to see her live

  • tswiftfan

    LOVE it! Love TSwift <3

  • Jana

    Love It.



  • Nessa:)

    I LOVE HER but i hate when she bangs her head its like its gonna fly off her head….

  • swiftfan

    loooooooved the video…so honest…hopefully Taylor will keep being that honest girl she was at first and not the one that just wants to be popular.


    Hi Tayloy ‘ I lIKE ur SONG, I will advice u, YOU R a great one of musician in the world ,SO contiune sONG. Yours Love friend Mulubirhan ,New Zealnd/

  • elle

    oh wow . this video made me love her even more. i am so convinced she can put on quite a show. i would love to see her the next time she comes to toronto !

  • V

    I was hoping for a music video with a plot lke all her other ones, since I love this song… but this is not bad, too. I do wish that there was a different music video for this, though.

  • Yay


  • em

    love her! I really want to see see her in concert!

  • maddie

    WOW, lame much.
    She sounds horrible live, and not only at the Grammys, anywho I hate when singers like her and Selena release a music video right after another one.

  • laly

    @sara bella:
    agree she should come to Morocco^^

  • bekkah

    does anyone know where i can find another video this one is not working!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    She hasn’t released a video since September for 15. It’s been 5 months. This is her last single. And the Grammys wasn’t all bad just parts of it.

  • http://blog.163.com/tutti.l Tutti

    we love u too~~taylor

  • Ann

    I love Taylor Swift

  • cindy


    maybe she was just having an off day! not evryone can sound their 110% best live ALL the time! & the key to taylor’s success was the she released ALOT of singles. she;s got a TON of song downloads & a record for the most top 20 singles!

    besides can you sing better??

  • jonaslover988979


  • http://mymostwamted.com mikky

    love you taylor :)

  • http://justjaredjr.com Kia

    Fearless is one of my favorite songs off the album, eventho I love and know all of them. Im so happy that theirs a video out now.

  • Tiffany

    Fearless is def one of my favorite songs! Thanks for the video! Get all of Taylor’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • me

    Woo, I love her!
    Her concert last week in Melbourne was the bessst! :D

  • http://aol tswiftrocks

    you rock you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U!

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