Bonnie Hunt to Logan Lerman: You Should Date Selena Gomez

Bonnie Hunt to Logan Lerman: You Should Date Selena Gomez

Logan Lerman chats it up with Bonnie Hunt during her show this afternoon (February 17).

The 18-year-old actor dished on why he’s the oddball of the family, telling stories and Selena Gomez.

Bonnie brought up how Selena chatted about him on the Ryan Seacrest show and is determined to set the two up. “I think you should ask her out.”

“I don’t even know her,” Logan piped in.

“Well, I know her and I think you should as her out.”

“What about us? Now I have to find her now, but only because you told me to.” Logan joked.

TELL JJJ: Do you think Selena and Logan would make a cute couple?

Logan Lerman – The Bonnie Hunt Show, 02/17
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  • jessica

    i dont think they would make a cute couple. i mean idk why, i just dont.

  • Cleverbot

    the hell no. not perfect

  • Chelsea

    yes, yes, yes!! They would be adorable together!!

  • Luna


  • Luna

    No No No No No Absolutely not.

  • SSR

    They would look sooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!! I can just imagine it! A stron/cute guy with her. And they woud be Perfect!!!! I think he needs to make a phonecall :D

  • Ash

    YES! pleeease Logan!! Save Selena from that douche-wad Nick. He’s a nasty, controlling nympho and she’s so sweet. She deserves WAY better

  • Lorelai

    Come on! it was just a kind of joke!! and what about Nelena? don’t you prefer Sel 2 b with Nick? anyways… I think she’s too young him

  • miss

    i think they would make a cute couple he seems like a sweet guy and a cool kid and hes an good actor. hes way better than nick jonas, he needs to make a phone call right now and ask her out lol.

  • Mellz


    Hahahaa…even i love nelena/taylena but i kinda agree with u lol..
    she deserve way better n logan seems like a good n smart guy ^^

    lolena hahahaaa..

  • Michelle

    They’d be cute but he’s too good and amazing for Selena. I love selena but she doesnt deserve him

  • koolkat

    LOLENA!!! (Logan/Selena) <3

    that would be the most adorable couple ever. They should star in a movie together, that would be great!

  • blaireb

    @Michelle: um, excuse you? Selena is a great actress and a gorgeous girl. Logan would be extremely lucky to date her.

  • caitlyn


    LOL i think nick jonas is hott but i dont like his personallity. this logan kid is cute too tho


    yes they would be perfect ! now nick can go back with miley

  • http://Twitter Joycey

    @joyceyBAABY ain’t she with Nick Jonas though?

  • Celia

    Logan is too hot for her and his career is actually going somewhere.

  • blaireb

    @Celia: Selena has 3 or 4 movies in the works, so obviously her career is going somewhere. Especially since she’s a talented actress!

  • Maria

    I think Selena and Logan would be sooo cute together. He’s a really good lookin’ guy and she’s a beautiful girl. WAYYY better than Nick Jonas. Sel and Logan should definitely date.

  • SSR

    Yess I agree with almost all of you!!! Nick just keeps switching mIley and selena as his puppets!!! I think selena deserves better and I think I hear a name known as Logan?? :D Please gooooo out!!!!

  • Alexa (:

    oh my gosh, they would be an ADORABLE couple. I like Selena & Nick Jonas together, but still. If these two suddenly started dating, I wouldn’t be too opposed to it! Plus, Logan is REALLY cute (; he’s like my new celebrity crush, hahah.

  • http://deleted lalaloo

    Yes! Yes! please! they would look so cute together!!!!!

  • Justzgirl

    Nah i like Selena and Nick!!!!!

  • http://deleted lalaloo


  • Alynn

    nice solid guy + nice solid girl…
    nick better treat her right this time.

  • teo

    Lolena for the WIN!!!
    Sel deserves someone mature and talented like Logan. Selena is well spoken and cares about other people feelings.
    Nick is TOO MUCH drama for her I prefer 100% Logan.

  • Anita


  • suchacrap

    no way, no more hot guy for selena.
    she always got a sensation like nickjonas, taylorlautner, justin bieber and lucas till had a crush on her.
    thats good enough

  • Anika

    I’m not sure if wether they’re good together. But Logan’s a great guy :) and Selena’s a nice girl. It’s just Selena had two boyfriends already. So she might loose Logan too. But I think they could still be friends. Oh, I don’t know what the heck I’m saying. LOL. MAYBE THEY WOULD be a cool couple. Not a great one. But a cool one.

  • eliZabeth

    LOLENA FTW!! i really love nelena but seriously Selena Gomez is a wonderful girl and deserves some one better than Nick shes just too much for Nick IMO Love Selena <3

  • eliZabeth

    Just had to add something, they will be the cutest couple ever!!! WOW Selena always gets the hot guys lol She is gorgeous no denying that!

  • jessrei07

    they will definitely make a CUTE couple!! i want them to do a movie together.^^

  • ooo

    NO. Thankyou. He didn’t even seem interested in her. Selena should stay with Nick. Logan can do A LOT better. That’s all. Haha

  • lulu

    Nick isn’t a jerk, i love him, but he needs to stop switching girls! Nick, go and get yourself a nice girl and stay with her! or atleast take a break from girls. Selena should deffo get with Logan! x x x

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Ash: ASHLEY. GET LOST!!!! NICK IS NOT CONTROLLING!!! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!!! And all the Jonases are anything but CONTROLLING. So look in the mirror a million times and say you are butt ugly. Cause that’s what I say you are.

  • emma

    noooo! why does selena want to date all the best guys!! she should back off! first it was nick jonas, then taylor lautner, then she admitted to having a crush on justin bieber- and now logan?

  • Danielle

    Nooooooo.I think Logan and Victoria Justice would be a really cute couple..:) I’m just saying..:)

  • arfa

    i think u shud.plz logan ask her out:P

  • isabella

    Omg… Selena should not date every young actor who is successful … And he doesn’t even know her xD

  • dugrey

    They far far away to make a cute couple! Logan has so much to live… He doesn`t need a girlfriend right now, a famous one is exactly what he really does NOT need at the moment!

  • viv

    stop making up these stupid names -.-

  • Ashley

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! dont date her! :(

  • niki

    logan reminds me of a young christian slater. and he sound sooo mature

  • holly

    haha I love the bonnie hunt show! esp when teens and stuff are on it! but sel and logan would be a cute couple! :)

  • daniella!!


  • rosieroz

    I don’t think so, I heard she and nick are back together anyway. Logan should only get a girlfriend if he wants one.


    I think that Selena and Logan would love great together.. He should ask her out.

  • aldi

    awww actually they looks so adorable as a couple!!! as always all the hotter guys wants to a gorgeous girl like selly

  • Alfredo

    he’s cute

  • andrea

    noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont do it logan, dont go to the black hole that is disney………..

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