Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Sing Waves For OCEANS

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato Sing Waves For OCEANS

Joe Jonas squeezes onto BFF Demi Lovato just a little too tight in this new still from their upcoming music video for “Make A Wave” — but it doesn’t look like she’s complaining.

The duo filmed the video earlier this week in Malibu using nothing but an old Jeep and the sunset for inspiration. Demi was wearing a super cute Rebecca Taylor Kewgardens Corset Dress in Midnight.

A part of Disney’s Friends for Change, the song will be featured in Disneynature’s upcoming OCEANS and will be up on iTunes on March 15 and all proceeds will benefit environmental charities through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF).

More important dates: February 26 (tune debut on Radio Disney) and March 14 (music video premieres on Disney Channel).

15+ pics inside of Joe and Demi singing to the oceans…

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Credit: SCOTT/GERALLT; Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Lic_MerRy

    =O la ENVIDIO Tanto :@

  • evieliou

    awwwwwwww they are so cute! :D

  • Lic_MerRy

    pero si me gustarian de paita uy! haha

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  • Kim

    They are really cute, but as couple..?

  • Justzgirl

    Demi is the most beautiful person ive ever seen , she’s so cute and such a sweetie
    She’s so talented too

    AND Joe is awesome!!!

  • jess efron

    those pics look great. Joe’s new hair looks cool

  • Linda

    BFF Joe and Demi , can’t wait to see video

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Kim: LOL they are only friends. that’s gonna be my new tagline soon. they are only friends. lol

  • christina

    it must be fun. working with ur bestfriends at the beach. hahaha

  • zoe

    IS THAT JOES JEEP?( car) ….. jemi lol i love how they are bestfriends …. they must hav had fun working together again …….

  • gabby n.n

    she’s so lucky uu’
    Joe looks Awesome

  • jemiiii

    awww they need to date, seriously! :)

  • okkksssss

    demi and cole sprouse for everrrr

  • annie ryan


  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @zoe: No its not. I think it was something they had on set for them. It usually is.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @annie ryan: JEMI is really getting annoying. the word is anyways. They are 2 people who are just friends known as JOE and DEMI. Use it and get used to it.

  • jonaslove

    WHO would complain if she got a hug from Joe, JJJ???
    Demi looks really pretty, and Joe is just… I can’t find words to describe him. I love them both <3

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    :D I want a hug from Joe. Demi is lucky to have a friend like him. :D

  • Idk

    I Dont Understand >>>>>WHY They Dont Dating ?????????
    Jemi is Sooooooo CUTE 2gether!!!!

  • Ishi

    I love them both together but if they dnt want to date and just want to be bestfriends then I’m going to be happy still!
    Demi and Joe I think are the luckiest people o. Earth they have a bestfriends who cares for them and will be with eah other no matter wat happens and that’s something hard to find in a friend!

  • harvey

    These best friends seem to be more about promotion with a movie coming up etc. Some people seem to live in a dream world of best friends forever, getting married and living happily ever after sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not the real world.

  • bella

    que hermosa sale demi ,que linda ,me va a encantar ver el video ,para escuchar a mi artista favorita
    demi sos una diosa
    un encanto tu voz amazing
    y seguro el video amazing
    demi she is the best
    eres una excelente cantante
    la numero 1 siempre
    saludos desde
    que te espera con ancias

  • Nicole

    @evieliou:Wow! Working with a BFF must’ve been a lot of fun!:) the 1st time I looked at their pics, the word – cute- was the 1st thing that came out of my mouth. =D they have such a tight friendship! And I hope nothing comes in the way of that!

  • josephine m

    Who the heck cares if their dating or not it’s not anybody else decision if they do or don’t your not their parents lol.

    any ways their adorable look likes they had so much fun.if they ever did date I would be behind because I support them and if that’s what they want and are happy that’s all that matters to me.


    Joe looks really hot in these pictures.. I love his hair. Demi looks beautiful. I think they look cute together, they should date.

  • Alfredo

    yay i cant wait to see!!!

  • Alexa_r

    I luv them they R my favorites in the whole word!!!

  • mech

    yayy! i know they’re BFFS but they would do a great couple! and I love seeing Demi using clothes with colours haha

  • Ashley

    I don’t think Demi is pretty enough for him. I mean she’s better than Taylor or I forgot her name the Brazilian girl from that terrible 5000 yes ago movie.

  • Rica

    omg i want them to go out <3 theyre so CUTE together.

  • http://deleted romina

    they are perfect to each other!!!! cute couple od BFFS ; )

  • kj

    joe looks great and demi is so beautiful with colour clothes and without make up…
    maybe someday they will realize they are perfect for eachother.

  • gabi

    WOW Joe is just WOW
    Gosh I don’t even have words to discribe him! He needs to be a model ASAP!lol

  • mcs

    Joe and Demi are cute together… but i am a dalex fan. I think Demi and Alex Noyes would be the best couple ever. Noyes is so hot and sweet. Demi needs a man like him and not a kid like Joe.
    demi and joe are great as BFFs

  • JJ

    They’re really really cute. looks like they’re really close. Demi’s my insperation and i just love joe to bits

  • getitupgetitoutnow

    @bella wtf is the point of making your comment in a different language!? almost 30% or more of us have no idea what your trying to say!

    anyway, “JEMI” needs to either go public with their “relationship” or just end whatever it is they have. im sick of all these celebrities lying about their relationship statues. yes. they have the right to keep whatever they wish private, but then just say so. say you dont want to share that part of your life. dont lie about it and say ” i’m single” or ” were just friends”. & demi is full of shit saying ” the jonas brothers are like brothers to me”. Come the fuck on already we all know you like joe, hes hott. theres no shame in it. Us as fans would have more respect of them if they just went public. same goes for selena and nick.

    just my oppinon.

  • maggie

    i always had a feeling joe liked her since they met but demi doesnt like him in that way… what is good because joe is too imature for a serious relationship and it would ruin their friendship.
    maybe in ten years they will be together.

  • ceren

    umarım onlar çıkmıyolardır onlar sadece bff olsunlar yoksa ben dayanamam joe ne olur seni seviyorum

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Ashley: Camilia Belle

  • Sofifreydel

    Love them,, can´t wait for the video
    The song is AMAZING

  • Andrea

    i love their friendship,, they have a lot of chemestry
    LOVE YOU DEMI <333

  • demi#1fan1017/channy

    Awwww how cute I so can’t wait to see the music video! And they’re so cute together but I wouldn’t want to force them into anything I really just want them to be happy :)!

  • harvey

    Agree that Joe is currently too immature for a serious relationship. He’s just typical of most 20 year old guys who just want to date the cutest and prettiest but one day will realise there is more to a relationship than good looks. Any girl involved with him will just get hurt.

  • hallie

    super cuteeeeeee

  • alex

    @ Harvery:

    “These best friends seem to be more about promotion with a movie coming up etc. Some people seem to live in a dream world of best friends forever, getting married and living happily ever after sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not the real world.”

    Good to see at least one person has common sense.

  • Felicia

    aw, they’re so cute together! <3

  • megan

    does anyone else think that in the picture of them hugging they look like zac and vanessa???

  • http://yahoo Luvdemi4ever101

    wOw! I can’t wait for the music video… looks so romantic!

  • http://yahoo Luvdemi4ever101

    I am super agree with you…..demi rockssss………with joe is totally………love it!

  • aiswarya

    oooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was waiting for somethin like dis
    they look so cute 2gether

>>>>>>> staging1