Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart will be at the BAFTAs

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart will be at the BAFTAs

According the the BAFTA Twitter, Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will both be at the award ceremony THIS Sunday, February 21st.

Kristen, 19, is one of the five talented actors up for the Rising Star Award. The other nominees include Jesse Eisenberg, Carey Mulligan, Nicholas Hault and Tahar Rahim.

Robert, 23, is confirmed to present an award during the evening.

In other news, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer will be shown during the previews for Remember Me, out on March 12.

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Photos: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty
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  • Ana

    Aww yay, I hope they look all couple-y (:
    Best of luck to Kristen!!

  • clara

    os dois juntos que lindos! hmm

  • nana

    good for kristen ,but i wished for rob to win a prize too any way good luck to both of them

  • jessica

    he actually looks pretty cute here. idk why but he looks absolutely horrible in his movie remember me. i mean he looks kinda ugly in that movie.

  • momo

    I hope Kristen wins it but they might give it to Carey Mulligan because she’s being nominated for an Oscar.

  • Midz

    Omg can’t wait till Sunday!
    I’m sooo goin to go! Went there last yr was a blast and will go again no matter what the weather is coz its worth it in the end!

  • c


    I agree. what happened?

  • iellidy

    legal os dois meio que juntos . não posso para ve-los torço para que eles estejam bem .


    A unica Brasileiraa , vo veer s ecomento algo em ingles
    Nice !! , soul cool
    he’s PEFECT Together
    i love Twilight ♥

  • rachel

    now i almost don’t want to go see remember me when it comes out. because no doubt there’s going to be obsessed twilight fan-girls there. ughhh.

  • sillyppls

    lol.. So true Rachel!

  • bouliecr

    Kristen est bien plus jolie avec les cheveux longs & clairs que brune !

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    OMFG! I’m sure by now all you so called Robsten’s out there have seen the BAFTA’s seating arrangement photograph (on MTV) & guess who isn’t sitting next to K-Stew, wait for it RPatz, so I’m sure you’ve still got some precious time (two days) to say start an online petition (on Facebook or Twitter) to the organizers of the BAFTA’s to have your favorite (fanfic) couple seated together or maybe the organizers at the BAFTA’s know that so called Robsten isn’t true, so why have them seated together. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • Amalie

    ome; that are wonderful news.
    Can’t wait to see this. <333

  • sweetness

    wonder why Rob is so enamored with her?

  • delle1

    this is the only category that is voted on by the public so hopefully Kris had alot of supporters.

  • delle1

    Because she’s gorgeous.

  • http://justjaresjr debbs

    I hope that SHE wins Cant wait to see them TOGETHER mite not get to see them sitting together BUT we all know that THEY well be together that night. hopeful all week end .GOOD LUCK KRISTEN. And i think that the black ring she has on (all the time ) might be the one he gave her.

  • Honey

    Why are you so envious?Why are there still people like you who don’t want to accept that Rob and Kristen are in love? You are so BLIND! They held hands, they look at each other in a marvellous way,they even spent Christmas together..I mean..what do you need more to believe in them? I think you’ll keep on denying their love even when they get married! :) Because they will, one day! :), haters, I think you should just Be happy because Kris is the only girl hat can make Rob happy. And Rob has always wanted to have, just be happy for him, and for them!

    LOve you Robsten. Robsten exist,, we have always known it. Pictures and time showed we were right since the very, this 2010 is going to be a s Robsten yearrrr!!!
    Love them and love you!

  • spela

    I wonder what is the true color of Kristin eyes , because in Twilight they are brouwn and now they seem to be blue….thank you

  • spela

    what is the true colour of kristen eyes in twilight thwy are brouwn and now they are blue