Zac Efron Makes Deal with WB; Still Needs a Name for Production Company

Zac Efron Makes Deal with WB; Still Needs a Name for Production Company

There is no stopping Zac Efron from climbing the ladder in Hollywood.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the 22-year-old Charlie St. Cloud star has inked an overall deal with Warner Brothers studios.

The studio plans to buy pitches, spec scripts, and books for Zac and his still unformed company to develop as star vehicles. Zac is actually the youngest actor to ink a deal like this with WB.

This is in addition to Zac‘s other projects, Fire and Algorithm.

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  • Valery

    I’m so proud of him!!! :D

  • Lic_MerRy



  • gaby

    im so proud of him.

  • pop86

    I’m so proud of him. This great opportunity for him. Go Zac

  • gold baybay

    Amazing opportunity. Hopefully he embraces this and doesn’t head into more “adult” films too quickly. Give it a year at least. Now all we need is for Vanessa to get a deal. Maybe even Ashley…nah, she’s hopeless.

  • 00zanessa4life00

    this is an awesome opportunity for zac :)
    im really proud of him!
    He’ll reach the top sometime in the future :)

  • Joochi

    I always thought he was one smart cookie, so very proud of him. It seems like Vanessa is following him but at a slower pace but she’ll get there.

  • live in love kuuipo

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder whats he gonna name his company.

  • birdie

    That’s fantastic news. Zac’s hard work has paid off and he deserves
    all the best. Very impressive that he is the youngest to make a deal with a major studio. Good guys do finish first. Well done!

  • athena

    This is awesome! Way to go Zac…I wish him success in this deal with WB.

  • Evangeliine(:

    aaaahh I’m so proud of him!
    Keep on going Zac, you can make it even higher!
    & Wish him a lottta’ sucess, and that he doesn’t let it all go to his head! x

  • bianca

    You see his looks are not just the only thing I love about him. He inspires anyone to be great, and seeing him become so big and nothing stopping just makes me want to be better at what I do. Now that’s a great person…LOVE YOU ZAC EFRON!

  • Samantha

    @gold baybay: funny, ASHLEY already has one. ;)
    Great to hear that though (:

  • annasaurus

    Very very smart. Wish him tons of success. He knows what he wants and is getting it.

  • Ashley

    No she doesn’t she’s producing reality shows for other people. Zac’s going to be starring in films. That’s totally awesome.

  • mony

    What he needs to do is star with some accomplished actors and directors so he can learn from them. Basically the films he will be starring in, will more than likely have him being the biggest star.

  • susie Q

    AShley and lucas already have one

  • nikki

    Zac looks ssoooooooo hot in that picture :)
    GOOD JOB zachary efron! :) I LOVE YOUUUUU

  • Carla

    gooo ZAC! IM SO happy FOR HIM!

  • VhuddyRiSH

    WHOA!! nessa was seen with that WB thing before right?? AWW!! if they’re both from WB, hope they’ll make a movie together!!! haha x)) SOO HAPPY FOR ZACCYY!! <3

  • Karen

    Yes, Ashley, Lucas, and even Corbin have their own production companies BUT none of them are associated with a major studio who is going to give financing to projects that Zac develops and they want to do with him or how they will help find projects for Zac and finance them, etc. Asheley, Lucas, and Corbin have to find projects and then they have to find some studio that is interested in that project and they might have to put up their own money, etc. This kind of deal Zac got is way different than what Ashley, Lucas, and Corbin have going. Lots of people can start a production company and put a name on it but it doesn’t guarantee that anything will come of it. In Zac’s case they are out there to help Zac find projects, etc, and use THIER money. He can also have an office right there at WB if he wishes.

    They are impressed enough with his work and work ethic to offer him this opportunity. He already has a foot in the door. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon werejust given this kind of offer. I wish Ashley, Lucas, and Corbin all the best but THIS kind of thing is NOT what they have.

  • brad

    my man is on a roleee XD…
    …. XD
    luv ya zaccy poo bear ;)

    can’t wait baby!!!

  • nikki

    @VhuddyRiSH: SHE WAS!?!?! that would be so cute if ZANESSA made a movie together EEPPPPP!! haaha

  • nikki

    oh and BTW zac efron is so HHHHOOOOTTTT in that pictureeeee!!!! ZACS SOO YUMMMMMYYYYY<33333333

  • abby

    This right here really shows Zac’s not like other Disney stars. He’s not content with being a teen star he wants more and wants this to be his life. One great move on his part. The fact that he’s the youngest to ever do this really shows he’s a true star.

    Zac is always the class act. Love you Zac. :)

  • mykamicks

    His eyes look so tired on that pics. Still pretty boy!

  • abcmissme

    Best of luck to you Zac Efron and I hope you make a collaboration with Vanessa Hudgens one day.

  • Nicki

    Gosh, that’s a really pretty image of him *Drools
    So proude if him, wish him the best of luck.

  • zac

    it’s such an exciting pleasure to watch someone you like and hope high hopes for actually climbing the ladder, and getting to a higher spot as each day passes. It’s like watching your fav horse coming to the first position in the race.

  • cindy

    And this important information about Zac’s career isn’ t on the main board because…?

  • Tiptoes

    This is a major news and this is in the JJJ board. How disappointing.

    I am very proud of Zac for getting this FIRST LOOK deal with WB.

  • Ashley Tisdale fan

    Plz dont talk about ASHLEY…if u dont know Sh*t about her work Okayy :D

  • sofia

    ah ah, seems like Mr Efron is not only a pretty face.
    go Zac, you deserve it :D

  • mari


  • Grace

    This is awesome, what a great opportunity for him. I’m sure he’ll make the most of it and we benefit by seeing the great projects he’s going to star in and produce. Congrats Zac you always make us proud to be fans!!!

  • tena

    Wow am so proud of him, how nows mabe by next year he will be the it boy again :)

  • Karen

    This is why Zac’s production company is different than Ash, Lucas, and Corbin’s is:

    More A-List Deals at Warner Bros.

    ‘The Downeys, Matt & Ben and Efron join Steve Carell, Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, who already have overall deals at Warner Bros. ‘

  • jackie

    soo proud!<3 loveehimmmm! so muchhh!<333

  • jen

    name your company–ZE

  • ARTHUR Efron

    Zac…mmm…Zac GREAT!!! Ohh my Gush, he’s Super actor…Zac and Vanessa – 4ever!xoxo!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac! I hope you never changes.

  • Irene

    OMG I’m SO proud of him! He deserves it …
    This is such a great opportunity for Zac <3
    Wish him lot of success!

  • Katty

    This is so amazing for him. Not only is he going to be on the screen, he is going to be working behind the screen, and you know he will succeed. I read about this on last night.

    Yay, I’m so proud of you Zac! Can’t wait for more information on this and your other movies!

  • http://justjaredjr Susanna

    Zac, you’re the man! I am so happy for you and glad that you are so mature and smart to pull this off. This is such great news and everything I was hoping for you. Wow. I’m looking forward to seeing you in a lot of great movies. Love you, Zac, and I’m so very proud of you.

  • newyorkrox101

    Yayyyy soo happy for him!!
    Wish you all the best Zac!!

  • fatima

    @abby: what do you mean he is the most successfull and youngest ever to do this are you forgetting shia labeouf he is 22 and starred inmajor action and blockbuster movies and not forgetting he is from disney so you’re technically wrong. sorry but had to correct you

  • justine

    Zac’s so cute. congrates zacc

  • honey

    Go Zac !!!!


    Congratulations Zac, want a great accompicement, i’m so proud of him, Zac really knows want he wants to for his career, i’m so happy for him.

  • kim

    Congrats to Zac! This is amazing news and his future is looking great! Smart move for Warner Bros.