Gregg Sulkin: Will Mason Return to Waverly Place?

Gregg Sulkin: Will Mason Return to Waverly Place?

Gregg Sulkin smiles big as he sits down to chat with MyFox DC on early Friday morning (February 19) in Washington, D.C.

The 18-year-old British actor opened up about returning to the series as Mason: “It’s really all up to the writers. I’ve been so fortunate already.”

Remember, you can meet Gregg TOMORROW at Tysons Corner Center Mall in McLean, Virginia.

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Gregg Sulkin – MyFOX DC, 02/19
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  • :)

    OMG! Gregg should so come back! And Bridgit! Even if she has her new series coming up! They made the series SOOOOOO much better! :D

  • Caliprincess104

    I want Mason to be back on WOWP!! I didn’t like that he turned into a full wolf at the end!! I <3 Gregg Sulkin

  • unlimitedjason

    He better return– he was a bright light amongst an already incredible cast!

  • ana

    how cute NATURALLY” me to greeg i love this song” He’s so cute

  • nikki

    hes really not good looking.

  • emmy

    Is he working on some other acting job? Did he move to the US, or is he just here visiting?

  • keri

    HE BETER!!!!! so hott and best new thing on the show! seriously he needs to be or i will be so mad!!!!!!!!! bring him back baby!!!!!!!

    or i will be pissed.

  • Krista

    Yes i would! im meeting him tomorrow at the mall!! AHHHH!!! So excited :)

  • Sophia

    YESS! i loved him on the show! he is so hot :)

  • daniella!!

    wow i didn’t know greg was gettin so popular! good for him! but ehh i honestly don’t think he should go back on wowp. it’s a lil overplayed but that’s me opinion. soo ya…and also i love naturally to! and if he decides to do music ima def tune in!!

  • jessica

    eh he is not hot at all. but i would love him back on the show and juliet. the episodes that those two are in are absolutely the best to me.

  • keri

    @jessica YOU ARE CLEARLY BLIND!!!!! he is soooooo hottttttttttttttttt!

    david is hott gregg is so cute I would die for either of them :)

  • Caliprincess104

    @emmy: He did move to the US, He lives in LA.

  • Erica S.

    Ya know, I’d say that I want him to return, but then that just kinda kills the ending of Wizards vs. Warewolves. I mean he already told Alex they couldn’t be together, then turned into a wolf forever and left for good. What more could happen?

    And if he did come back, would he still be a wolf?

  • Kayyla !

    He should come back on the show. He was a great addition to the cast, and his character and selena gomez’s character were so cute together.
    **For girls that think he is not cute, watch him act. How can you not love is accent?!?

  • Kim

    Yeah Mason come back!!

  • duma

    Selena said that Mason and Juliet might return! She also said that she would get into trouble with Disney for mentioning it, but she did! I`m excited! :D


    OMG i want him to come back to WWOWP. and i get to meet him at the mall today :D

  • Maryclaire!

    YESYESYES. He needs to come back. I met him at the mall. He told us to keep watching the show, so you never know :)
    He was so sweet and gorgeous (:
    We had some time so we went and made him a build a bear.
    He LOVED it. (:

  • skyler

    Mason you must come back to the show

  • keri

    OMG I AM OBSESSED with HIM! YOU are cute and amazing

  • keri


    SO NICE, AND a true star!

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  • shaylea

    i think he is so hot and he has to come back or i will die and juliet has to come back to it was so good with them in it

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