Justin Bieber - "Baby" Official Music Video!

Justin Bieber -

Check out Justin Bieber‘s new music video for “Baby!”

The 15-year-old musician roped in both rapper Ludacris and rising musician Jasmine V to be a part of the video that he says took inspiration from Michael Jackson‘s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Even Drake makes an appearance in the vid!

If you haven’t yet, check out the behind-the-scenes video released a few days back!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin’s new video?

Justin Bieber – “Baby” Official Music Video
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  • Vanessa


    He’s so adorable.

  • Hannah

    i loved it! i think it’s a really good video but one less lonely girl is my fave video!

  • jo

    i love it. best video so far.

  • jessica

    wow this video is so cool. and i fucking love the song. and i cannot believe drake was in his video. i was literally in shock when i saw him in the video.

  • http://twitter.com/Disney4everluv JustZGirl


  • http://www.metroflog.com/_Y_U_L_V_E_N_E_Y_ itzayana

    OMG!! iss amazing!

    I lovee thiss videeO!

    iss so so beautifull!!!

    i love justin bieber!!!

  • aww.

    hes soo adorable. :)
    love him. and jasmine is gorgeous. js.
    his videos just keep getting better and better.
    i think this is probably my favorite one. <3

  • Love

    I thought it was amazing he is too cute

  • madii (:

    justin bieber is soo amazing, i love him.
    he’s sooooo adorable,
    & he’s a great singerr. :D

    i love the video, it’s really cute, (:
    & the girl in it is really pretty too! :]]

  • lauren

    i should be that girl! :) lollll

  • Zanessalover

    OMG i loove this song and the video <3<3<3 Justin is soo cute!

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!! <3

  • itzayana

    I loveee him sO muchh!
    and thiss videO isss nOw my favoriitee!

  • Blahblahblah

    awesome i love justin i got the bieber fever!

  • http://www.twitter.com/YulveneyCortes itzayana

    I lovee thiss videeO!
    iss my favOritee!




  • sla

    love the vid!

  • abbi

    i love it, but really who in their right mind would reject justin?(:
    i love him<3(:

  • Just Interested

    get a haircut kid

  • http://twitter.com/Officalvstyle abby

    So sick of this kids. God please stop singing about love and taking a girl on a date when you yourself can’t even drive the girl on the darn date and your mommy needs to drive you. Exactly why do kids now a days feel like they need to grow up so fast? This kid should still be skateboarding with his little friends, not singing about love.

  • Taylor

    This is his best video by far! Not my favorite song of his, but its still a good one! And i can’t believe Drake aka Drizzy was in the video! That was one of the best parts! :)

  • Stephl0vee

    <3 it
    Jasmine and Justin make a good couple

  • Aly

    I love it! good quality too! :) Wish that was me though LOL… I like the girl who plays his love interest <3

  • http://hotmail.es christine

    love justin. he is so good. i wish i could work with justin.

  • http://hotmail.es christine

    love him!

  • http://hotmail.com lucky girl234423


  • thatGIRL

    Aww this is cute. Cute song and video.

  • Jasmine P.

    I liked it. :) Might get it for my iPod . . . :)

  • Halle+justin bieber=

    I love u justin u r so cute and cool and evry guy out there should be like u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Susan

    it look like the clip of Vanessa Hudgens
    Say ok oO

  • yeah

    He’s hot but something about his hair bothers me… I hate how it like mats to his head. It’s just boring.

  • jasmine

    I love this video!!!!It’s way better than the others also Justin’s so cute & hot =)
    I really wish I could meet him
    If he dies,I would suicide

  • Becca

    this kid is so ugly. his voice sucks. but i love the music. gahh.

  • daniella!!

    ughh ppl really needa stop hatin cmon justin can ALREADY drive!! he has a ferrari dsnt he? anyways my fav song of his and luved the music vid the dance moves were…..amazing! as usual lolz.. and drake and ludacris were both in this music vid!?!?!? WOWZA! talk about a triple threat!! ahah. fav music vid and song of justin bieber’s! ♥

  • jessica

    i know i already commented but this song is just so addicting. and i fucking love the video. and i am so happy that drake was in it. i love him and justin bieber.

  • sunni

    omg i loved it omgomg omg

  • maeli

    love him plus at the end he makes the usher V

  • bri

    I Freaken Love Justin Bieber:))<3 He is my Idol except Im a girl but soo what I love him and his music!! All the haters can suck it because he is talented and adorable and nothing will change tht!!:D<3

  • http://yahoo.com Diazalan57

    im going to sing this song my girlfirend

  • http://youtube.com Kemi

    are u hannah walker? cause if u r then i know u from school! u know! kimi! if not then sorry t o bother u! anyway, i luv jb down to earth and dis is my favorite song that he wrote!

  • http://www.theentertainmentempire.com Trey


  • mrs.justin bieber

    omg jb is so hot he is the best singer ever i was waiting for this music video to come out and i wonder if he will make a video of frist dance he is wired in this video but still hot

  • Carleigh

    He is SO hot! I am SO jealous of the girl who gets to almost kiss him! GRRR!
    I ♥ JUSTIN!

  • vh only


    but i dont like him, some compared him to zac efron but zac is the CUTEST and HOTTEST ever!

  • Marina

    Awwwwww too cute i personally love me some Justin Bieber i mean really did you seee his bug brown eye in that one scene (yeah i know that’s vague) but really awwwww adorable tooo cute

  • Tara

    2)i c acting in both of thier careers espiecally the girls,becuase she can resist making out with him right then and there

  • bailey

    he is SO CUTE!
    1:17 = ADORABLE!
    2:25 = how could it be, but he is MORE ADORABLE!
    i wish i was her. -sigh-


    I LOVE IT justin bieber is so hot n adorable this is my favoritee videeo the best
    I LOVE YOU <3
    I LOVE YOU <3
    I LOVE YOU <3
    I LOVE YOU :)

  • bailey

    i just noticed that @ 1:02 he makes a grab for her chest :O
    still love him tho! ;D

  • Kendal Houck(:

    Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im sorry but justin bieber is retarted sings like a girl and he needs to go through puberty

  • Jai

    should have been more of the ranger$ in there (:

  • Jai

    @abby: haha lol i feel you .

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