Kristen Stewart: I'm Going to the Oscars with Taylor!

Kristen Stewart: I'm Going to the Oscars with Taylor!

Kristen Stewart might’ve not made last year’s Oscars, but this year she’ll be there and with a hunky date — Taylor Lautner!

The 19-year-old actress caught up with EOnline last night at The Yellow Handkerchief premiere and shared, “Yeah, I’m going. Me and Taylor are going to present. I’ve been looking at shoes. I’m trying to pick shoes that I know I won’t fall down in.”

Kristen also dished on her nomination and chance of winning the BAFTA Rising Star Award, “I feel so funny about it. Really cool people have won, and really cool people are up for it this year. And I know a few of them, like Jesse [Eisenberg] and Carey [Mulligan]. I can’t even actually think about that,” she said, covering her face. If I win, I’m gonna be like, ‘Carey, Jesse, suck it up—’cause I think Tahar [Rahim] should have won.’”

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  • SSR

    Aww.. thats sweet. They look cute as in bro sis way! I like Taylor with someone maybe me? lol. But i think Selena… :D :D :D :D

  • justine

    Taylor doesnt really deserve to go there. he is just an image of a good body…. nothin else… not that attractive at all acually. blah

  • magick_girl786

    She is such a hypocrite. Seriously at last years Oscar’s, when she was invited because of Twilight, she said that she would want to present at the Oscar’s “when it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money” basically saying that Twilight wasn’t great. (Seriously then why did she audition for it? She’s not even that good of a Bella)

    And now (solely because of New Moon) she was invited along with Taylor Lautner and suddenly she’s all “TRA LA LA LA I LOVE THE OSCARS!”

    She is such a sellout and such a hypocrite. I’d rather Taylor present with someone else like when Robert presented with Amanda Seyfried last year.

  • nikki


  • Shakaiya

    “when it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money”

    Actually her father said that, not her. Get it strange. magick_girl786 , you sound stupid. I can’t wait to see her at the Oscars.

  • lights

    i want to know why THE FUCK these 2 ass holes are going to the Oscars its with people with actual talent OK i don’t mind Taylor (i still don’t think he should be there) but why does kristen she cant even act and its the truth.

  • Nellie

    Taylor is annoying

  • jackson

    They are talented, haters. I can’t wait to see them at the Oscars!

  • CS

    @magick_girl786: Actually, she wasn’t envited to last year’s Oscars and her dad said that, not her. Get your facts right before insulting her ;)

  • Lilly

    They are so cute together!

  • delle1

    Don’t you know that Kristen didn’t have to audition for twilight,the part was given to her because Sean Penn recommended her.He directed her in Into the Wild.

  • delle1

    Wow your an idiot.Kristen is a great actress and has acted with some big name stars,Robert DeNiro,Meg Ryan,Emile Hirsch,James Gandolfini and many others.She was chosen by Joan Jett to play her part in The Runaways,so think before you say something stupid.

  • Iknowyouknowtheyknowthatweknow



  • LoveLeeR

    I used to dislike this girl(jealousy?).
    But now I just LOOOOOOVE HER , she’s soooo beautiful and down to earth !
    Congratz on ur success girl !

  • Marie


    This idiot needs to look up the definition for the word, “hypocrite”

  • molly

    I love the both of them!