Kristen Stewart Premieres The Yellow Handkerchief

Kristen Stewart Premieres The Yellow Handkerchief

Kristen Stewart looks wonderful in a crystal sided Azzaro‘s “Graffiti” dress at the premiere of The Yellow Handkerchief held at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Calif., on Thursday evening (February 18).

The flick, out in theaters NEXT Friday, follows three strangers of two generations who embark on a road trip through post-Katrina Louisiana. Along the way, relationships forge and change in a myriad of ways, leading to the possibility of second chances at life and love.

Kristen recently caught up with MTV to chat about another one of her upcoming films, Breaking Dawn, and sounded off on the possibility of it being in 3D. She shared, “I think that would be crazy! Maybe selectively, maybe…maybe certain scenes. I think Breaking Dawn should just be a normal movie. But who knows?”

FYI: Kristen completed her look with Bally “Stann” platform pumps in black satin.

15+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart

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Photos: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty
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  • Sarah22

    Shes stunning!!

  • Xime

    shes soooo beautifull!! <3

  • Jasmine

    Her skin is ridiculously flawless. Gorgeous girl. Loving the hair!

  • abby

    OMG she doesn’t look homeless for once. She looks stunning. She should do that with her hair more it looks great on her. Now if we could just work on getting her to look happy and smile we’ll have it all worked out. ;)

  • bebe

    wow, her eyes is amazing. she has bedroom eyes and cute face heart shape. she is lovely. but, is she gain a pound maybe, she is skinny fat, i know.

  • eddie

    Wow. She’s sooooooooo HOT.



  • faye

    @Shesaid: wow! harsh much?

  • twinutter


    maybe cos she’s not the cookie cutter type? and cos the paps are always in her face thus she has no life now?

  • ash


    I’m sorry, I’m a bit confussed with what you said…. it’s BAD that she appears to have put on some weight… or no… ?!… Cause I’m pretty positive, it was’nt long ago, people were saying she was too skinny… I think she looks great!!!… she is only 19, going on 20 soon… so yeah… she’s just growing into her looks.

  • Amalie

    she is really beautiful.
    i love these pics. <3

  • vivi

    Two words.

  • rose

    those eyes are sexified x1million…her whole look is stunning and breathe taking. shes always soooo beautiful, in jeans or dresses/heels or sneakers.she fuckin rocks!!

  • gaya

    wow…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. she looks stunning as always…. she is soooooooooo beautiful… *girl crush*

  • Jeric

    she is so beautiful. so hot with that dress. and she has the most flawless, beautiful skin I ever saw..

  • VhuddyRiSH

    WEEEE!! now she knows how to do fashion!! PRETTY K-K!! <3

  • Lydia

    she looks gawjus :)

  • webby

    she should always dress like this. gorgeous! see, if she wears proper things, her face gets the proper treatment.. plus, always put that smile on your face young lady. your much much gorgeous than anyone on young hollywood if you always have that ensemble.

  • Lexxy

    omg! she looks way better with her hair down. but i really think she should dye it brown. she looks to goth :)

  • abby

    @twinutter: It has nothing to do with being a cookie cutter type. The girl just always looks like her life is a living hell. If she takes the paps so much and doesn’t like being in the media get the hell out of hollywood. She’s in the wrong town.

  • shug

    she looks beautiful

  • c

    Shes stunning and Adorable.

  • carol

    dress is fantastic

  • eric

    OMG I love Kris

  • justin

    She’s amazing.

  • KristenRULES!!

    OMFG Kristen drives me crazy, i just want to taker her right there!

  • Jess

    kristennnnnnn more beautiful ever!!!!!!!

  • C

    Kristen HOT

  • Dany

    Precious! beautiful eyes. I love her! but I insist, why not in JJ? she deserves it! IS SO UNFAIR!

  • She looks really pretty. And I’m jealous of her eyes aha.

  • Gossip

    @abby: omg girl you’re funny, you don’t know a thing about what you’re talking about

  • annasaurus

    @abby: Everyone should hate the paps. If you’re going to be a papwhore like Ashley Greene or Vanessa Hudgens so be it.

  • saw

    wow, she’s so beautiful. her eyes are amazing!
    im so glad there’s a post about her..i love it! :)
    i love seeing and hearing about her. she’s just soo great!
    i love all her work and her style and her attitude! she’s the shindig! :D

    love you KRISTEN!!!!

  • I

    her skin is flawless. i love her!

  • Celia

    She looks like a boy in a dress.

  • niene

    she is amazing, I WANT THAT DRESS !!

  • lp

    HOT DAMN! :)

  • abby

    @<a href=”/2010/02/19/kristen@Gossip: -stewart-premieres-the-yellow-handkerchief/comment-page-2/#comment-10844646″>annasaurus: For one yes, I do know what I’m talking about more then you’ll ever know.

    FYI from what I know Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a papwhore. She just goes about her life and doesn’t let them effect her with is exactly what Kristen should do. The paps are going to be there wether she likes it or not. Life with it and go on with your life as if their not there.

    You guys just don’t like it when someone points out something about your beloved Kristen. Live it with. I’m not saying I don’t like her. Just saying she needs to learn how to deal with the press/media better.

  • chiyoko

    wooooooow she is so pretty


  • joe

    She is stunning.

  • betty

    nice legs!! she is actually the most beautiful woman on earth~~ its just she’s got her own style!!!! luv her so much