Logan Lerman: Harry Potter & Percy are Different Movies

Logan Lerman: Harry Potter & Percy are Different Movies

Logan Lerman may be still reeling from the fact that Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief on Monday.

The 18-year-old actor caught up with Blackbook magazine to chat about the film, the constant comparison to Harry Potter and his future studies at NYU. Check it:

On wanting to take classes at NYU: “Yes, I did [apply]. [I'd love to study] creative writing. My real passion is filmmaking. I want to be a filmmaker one day and be involved in writing and directing.”

On Harry versus Percy: “I think a lot of people are saying that mainly because Chris Columbus’ name is attached to both films and we are selling it as: ‘from the director of Harry Potter.’ However, they’re different movies. Do we want it to be as successful and as loved the Harry Potter films? Of course, but they’re pretty different stories. This movie is transferring Greek mythology into the modern day. It’s paralleling classic myths and introducing a new demi-god into the modern day world.”

On the script being his Bible: “I read the book right after I read the script. The first thing that really attracted me to being a part of this film was seeing Chris Columbus’ name right on the title page of the script. I read the script and loved it. Then, I read the book. It was a really backward process. For him, his motive the whole time is to get his mom back. Save the world above anything, but get his mom back. I don’t think Percy felt any pressure [from his father, Poseidon].”

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  • Me

    this movie has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter! people should realize it, really!

    i just love Logan, he’s so cute :)

  • CamTeeM

    love logan still find it weird seeing him everywhere though.

  • blair

    he’s the cutest person ever

  • daniella!!

    yea loved percy jackson! good movie, good movie. but nahh i don’t like harry potter and i don’t see it being similar to percy jackson what so eva. but oh well. soo ya anyways good for you logan! thats soo cool that you wna be a director/ writer! hope you do well at nyu!

  • Anika

    Of course Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are way different! Who would think they’re the same? TeeHee. Anyway, I like the Percy Jackson books more than the Harry Potter books :D.

  • VIcky

    He’ll be a great filmmaker one day !!!!!!!!!! =]

  • http://justjaredjr.com Kia

    I love Logan.

  • http://www.twitter.com/luisfgo1 Luis F. Gomez

    But of course! I mean… Its totally different, I want to see it! I cant wait to see it… hahaha greetings!!

  • vh only

    I AM REALLY a big fan of Harry Potter and before, I just watched Percy Jackson because it says there that it is from the director of Harry Potter { and because Percy is too cute. HAHA! ]

    But now in all honesty, THEY ARE BOTH GREAT AMONG THE REST!!!

  • Kayyla !

    Ok, so I really want to see Percy Jackson movie! It looks really good. And Logan is so hot! There is something about him that makes you like him. Definetly someone to watch out for.

  • sophie

    I love him!!

  • chickenrules

    im gonna see the lightning thief 2mrw!! cant wait! and im a HUGE fan of harry potter!! it rox!

  • Ted

    In comparison to the book this movie really sucked. It did not bring out the world or even the characters of the story and missed the plot line that continues the story. It succeded the same way Micheal Bays Transformers 2 in that it was flashing with action scenes to distract the audience.

  • buggyb

    Does anyone know where auditions for The Titan’s Curse will be held?

  • Celia

    I think it’s obvious that there are some similarities between the two. To say they’re NOTHING alike is just a flat out lie.
    They both are their own unique stories, but all fantasy novels have some similar elements. It’s unavoidable.
    But I think Percy Jackson is being compared to Potter so much because they have the same director and the Harry Potter has pretty much DOMINATED the fantasy world over the past 15 years. Everything gets compared to it.

  • Rachel

    i prefer percy jackson than harry potter.
    I love logan♥

  • GWEN

    I saw the movie, and it didn’t really have any similarity to the wizarding world.

  • joan kolh i dali

    que magnifico actor es este chico. me encanta logan. como diria una conocida cancion española: “si te reencarnas en cosas, que sea en lapiz o en pincel, y logan de piel sedosa, que lo haga en lienzo o en papel. Si te reencarnas en carne, vuelve a reencarnarte en ti. Queremos genios en vida, queremos que estes aqui (en españa).

  • Madison

    The movie is amazing.. And I love the books I’m on the fourth 1.. And I LOVE Logan Lerman!

  • http://gumdrop72@twitter.com Abha

    I read all the Percy Jackson Books ( and even the first 2 chapters of the “New Hero” which is in the second series about camp half blood) and all the Harry Potter Books. Lets see: Harry Potter, wizardry stuff and Voldemort: Percy Jackson: half blood child of Poseidon. ITS NOT THE SAME! Just because they are from the same directors.

    And when I saw the movie and when I saw the person who was gonna play Percy, all I could think is: Logan Lerman is the hottest guy in the universe. :)

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