Miley Cyrus - 'When I Look At You' Official Music Video

Miley Cyrus - 'When I Look At You' Official Music Video

Miley Cyrus ruffles on-and-off screen boyfriend Liam Hemsworth‘s hair as he carves their names in a tree in the official music video for “When I Look At You.”

The song will be featured in the duo’s upcoming flick, The Last Song, about a rebellious girl (Cyrus) who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father. Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.

The Last Song hits theaters on Wednesday, March 31 — are you ready?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s new video?

FYI: This is a new video, the final cut. Which means, it’s the official one. Any others posted prior to this were not official.

Miley Cyrus – ‘When I Look At You’ Official Music Video
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  • bebe

    Love the song shes so talented

  • lan

    love her and this song! she’s really talented! Can’t wait for the movie!!

  • hannadevonne

    Amazing :) cant wait for the movie :) xx

  • gfytyhuj gh


  • sarah

    wow this is sooooooooo late this video is old.

  • Lilian

    i love the song<3
    and the video is great(:

  • Mikel Johnsan

    I Like it.
    Looks pretty Hot.

  • leesha

    @sarah: yea but they add more clips form the movie.

  • LUCY

    Love the song, the video with the last song film clips and I especially love Miley. She is so talented and beautiful!

  • leesha

    CAN’T WAIT :D!!!!

  • AJ

    I like that the official video has more clips from the movie. Ah why can’t it be April 2 yet?

  • b*

    I loved it!

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg loved it..
    i love the song, i loved the book, now I know I’m gonna love the movie because I love lots of
    can’t wait for this movie!!

  • madison

    i love this song…. and the music video is pretty good! i cant wait for the movie.

  • 2bedatcool

    isnt this the same video

  • lala

    este video ha salido hace millones de años luz ¬¬

  • kate

    I love this song, this video, the book, and I will love the movie! Miley cyrus is amazing!!!

  • Unkown.

    Miley Cyrus, is one of the best singer’s i’ve known. My sister’s love her, i can see why. She’s like an angel when she proforms. I was reading an article sometime last week, and i read one of the comments, fairly disturbing. Miley Cyris has her whole life ahead of her, she shouldn’t be put down by no life people who make some stuff about on another. I’ve went though it, it’s not easy.

  • Jessica

    The video was awesome!!!!! She is definitely talented.I just think she’s gotten trashy.

  • daniella!!

    wow beautiful song! from the looks of it ima have more respect for miley as an actress! good bye hannah……helloooo mature movies! :) thank god! about time lolz…hopefully now that she’s ya know transitioning into mature roles hopefully she’ll do the same as a person. but ima thinkin she will cuz her new bf liam, is veryy maturee ya know? so miley wont do anythang stupid anymore cuz of him :)! soo ya nice song….loved the book! and ima be seein this movie. cnt waitt!!

  • swiftfan

    love the song, love the video, love miley!

  • Anna

    this movie literally looks amazing.
    but so did dear john, and it was terrible. /:
    and miley will ruin this movie for me.

  • billythekid

    Seems like my 1st comment didn’t post… Anyhow, I think the song is decent enough to be a good selling single though I think it might of had more of a chance selling well if the song/video had been released while the EP was more current on the charts. Obviously, they are hoping for it to do well in advance of the movie.

  • Nessa:)

    I love it!

  • billythekid


    Your 3 line comment has to rank as one of the most contradictory comments I’ve seen posted on this site in quite some time. On the one hand you think this movie literally looks amazing, but then proceed to predict that Miley will ruin the movie for you? Be very helpful if you could explain the ways in which something looks amazing on the outside, but will be ruined by exactly that something which obviously made you think it was amazing in the first place!

  • meyli

    awwwww i love it this is my favorite song after the climb :) i love all of her songs!!!!

  • val

    @Anna: are you insane or something???

  • Samantha

    The video isn’t new it’s has been on youtube since 2009

  • Kimmy

    i really adore the song & how the video is really natural. the book was amazing; i suggest everyone read it before they see the last song. it’s a beautiful movie & nicolas sparks did a lovely job. i hope they keep the main things like the turtles, he dad, the church & the friends she makes when she arrives. i’m trying not to give it away for those who have not read it. but i hope it lives up to the book. whether or not miley is not liked by many- i appreciate that she’s in it. it’s something different. besides you can completely picture ronnie throughtout the story & it fits miley perfectly! p.s: didn’t they move the date to march 30th? :)

  • elle

    This is Miley’s best song. She has great vocals on this. She seems to sing better in her slow songs because she can take her time with the notes as opposed to the fast song. I love this song though. I’m only watching the movie to see if she can play a serious role.

    This video has been out forever though. Very late JJJ .

  • Nicole

    It was good, but her mouth didn’t match the words in the song.

  • steph

    ty voice no offence . . .

  • mileyrox

    I LOVE MILEY!!!!!!!!best reason for me to watch the movie.

  • florencia

    ouh !!!! that was sooo sweet & sad … love it … :( … its beautiful …. the song is awesome …. & i love her voice … ♥

  • share

    Miley is gorgeous and liam is hot. they both look hot and sexy.

    Miley is so talented wow!1! she a really great singer.

  • wisdom

    I want to see the movie so bad the book made me cry and miley is really great at serious sad roles.

    the story of the book has a lot of the stories the saving of turtle,the father and cance, the distance of family,first love and etc. the movie is going to be amazing. The movie even talks about homeless kids who has to fend for themselves and bullying by a guy to his girl.

    I think the movie is going to be amazing.

    the video looks phenomenal, miley is really a beautiful girl and liam is very handsome. I hope they last they compliment each other.

  • m

    This is new. it’s basically the same as the leaked one from 2009 but they added a storm with CGI and more special effect stuff to make it look better and less plain than the one that was leaked.

    BTW this will get removed from youtube very soon for copyright issues.

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    it’s vry nice

  • http://gmail nikhil prasankannavar

    i just love it………..

  • Tiffany

    This is a great song and video. Thanks for sharring. I still need to read the book. Get all of Miley’s clothes here

  • Amysoldier

    Miley “Maiden America” is an absolute and total Sweetheart. Liam is cool, too. ~,~

  • naima

    wow this girl is truly talented
    && oh my god she is so beautiful
    i’m impressed

  • nene

    luv dis song and da music video and miley!! cnt wait 4 da movie 2 come out!!

  • M

    Seriously, i cant wait for this movie..
    Miley is amazingg!! and LOVE the songggg!!

  • paula

    Loooove the song!.
    The video is awsomee .. i can’t wait to see the movie here in chile

  • http://google alexandra burke

    miley i love u my boy has had sex with him i am a singer

  • http://google alexandra burke

    i lve usoooooooooooo much

  • MileyBrazil

    I LOVE MILEY, but I hope that this film is not too romantic, kind melodrama mexican! Movies like this are so boring … The people will sleep on the seats of cinemas! I’ll watch and hope not to disappoint me!

  • hana

    gosh she’s aaaaamaazing and sooo fucking talented i love her she’s beyond beautiful ;)

>>>>>>> staging1