Selena Gomez: I'm So Proud of Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez: I'm So Proud of Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez may just be BFF Taylor Swift‘s biggest supporter.

The 17-year-old actress/singer dished to MTV, “What I admire most about Taylor is that she focuses on all the positive things ” and that’s what I love about her. She won four Grammys. That was amazing.”

Sel continued, “That is really what she’s passionate about ” [her career and her music]. And that’s what she loves. She’s a very strong person, so that’s what she’s honoring and that’s what I’m proud of her for.”

Both Selena and Taylor are nominated for a 2010 Kids Choice Award.

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  • Bethany

    I love them both. They are amazing

  • Justzgirl

    Ohhh they are BOTH Amazing and awesome
    both such sweet girls


  • Bard

    That’s nice and all but she should really be supporting her friend of over 10 years. You know that one that has actual singing talent, named Demi.

  • sanyo

    i love them ……………………………………………..
    actual talent (taylor)

  • SOMEONE!!!

    LOL look who u see in the back, on the left;dwayne johnson. on the right; TAYLOR LAUTNERRRR

  • Liz.

    @Bard: Thank you!

  • hussam

    I love them both amazing!!! TayS&SelG TEAM

  • Darius

    @Bard: Same thing I was thinking.

  • lulu

    @Bard: i agree! Demi’s been her best friend since they were 5, and instead she goes praising Taylor, who with no disrespect, has actually won 4 Grammys and many more awards! Demi could do with a lot more support from Selena. I mean, she looks all sweet and innocent, but is she really?

  • Zanessalover

    I agree with Bard too Selena should be supporting Demi who has been her friend for longer!
    I think that Demi needs more support from selena since they are both young and still quite new to the music industry and know each other really well.

    I wonder what could have happened between those two ? perhaps selena became closer to taylor when demi was spending most of her time with miley. (not taking sides here btw)

    What ever it is they need to sort it out – a great friendship which has lasted 10 years doesnt end like that! :)

  • http://yahoo angelareeza

    hey people…do you still have news about the demi-selena friendship? seems like it has been forgotten…(i don’t like it!) selena with taylor swift…oh, it’s sooo not that cute…after many years, that’s the way selena would treat demi? and replace her with taylor? so bad…btw…there’s new BFFs here people… “joe-demi” and “selena-taylor”….what happened?!!!!

  • Tyra

    okay if that demi hangs with slµtty cyrus it’s fine
    but if selena hangs with a great friend like taylor then it’s not right or what??
    Selena is the one who has to choose and Taylor is a better friend and not a B!tch like Miley or Demi!

    I’m happy that the Sweethearts of Hollywood r Besties gotta love them!!!

  • damn


    Taylor is talented and Selena too!
    I mean I was on 2 of her concerts and me and all othe people in the hall think that she was amazing!

  • heather


    Just because she isn’t pole dancing or wearing sl’tty clothes it doesn’t mean that she is fake :/
    Good that she is BFF with Taylor cause she deserves Selena and her friendship she’s worth but not Demi she’s just ugly and a famewh0re like Miley!

  • Cheesecakefortaylor

    Hollywoods youngest Superstars aaawww they’re amazing!!!
    And no other dumb wh#res can compare ;)
    Taylor and Sel r much better than Miley and Demi in every way
    They’re prettier skinnier more talented and no B#tches!!


  • dina

    n=both taylor swift and selena are really good role models, they deserve to be nomated of KCA, i just reeally hpe they win!

  • Clémence

    Yes and Demi should support Selena. She doesn’t say anything to support Selena for her album.
    (sorry for the bad english, i’m french)

  • Tiffany

    U realy gotta love these girls they are so sweet! Get all Both of their clothes here

  • hannah

    Both Selena and Demi have very different personalities. Miley and Demi have similar ones as do Taylor and Selena.

    I am not taking sides as i like them all. BUT I agree that a 10 yr friendship should not have ended JUST BECAUSE they found other friends. I am sure they did try and work things out :$

    Regardless, Selena and Demi still consider each other friends, just not bestfriends.

    And take it from someone who has been through a similar experience, no matter how much you deny it, you still miss your ex-bestfriend like hell. Its just the way life is.

    Maybe they will sort out their differences soon. I really think they will. :)

  • Idk

    OK! That’s fine
    Selena&Taylor–>>They R sooo Perfect BFF on EARTH!!

    But I LOVE

    Selena&Demi ……I Miss Them 2gether…I Dont Understand WHAT is Happen Between Them!!

    Anyway….Im Still #TeamSemi#

  • hannah

    Selena is not “fake”. She has a good mature head on her shoulders. And she’s probably learned a lot from her mom who had her when she was only 16. She seems to come from a more ‘stable’ family compared with Demi’s…

    Anyhoo love both Selena and Demi.

  • sarah

    they’re both awesome. keep up the good work, taylor and selena.

  • aldi

    @Tyra i love your comment i couldn´t more agree with all you say…. thanks…

  • aldi

    @Cheesecakefortaylor youre so right you actually take the words of my mind… ;)

  • aldi

    im so proud of selly shes such a sweetheart and real good friend, i love that she has taylor in her life!!!

  • swiftfan

    Selena and Taylor are great!!

  • happilyeverafter

    Here is my opinion. as much as I like Selena & Taylor & don’t really like Miley, I must say, that they should not be compared by look, but more with attitude & what person do, you wouldn’t want to be called ugly/uglier just because, right?

    Anyway my now ex-BFF was Leo and I am pisces. We were a lot like Demi & Selena, but you know our friendship ended in basically in 1 day with big fight. I miss her, tried to talk with her, she ignores me. Ironic was that few days before, she had bad mood and I tried to cheer her up with video saying, how awesome BFF she is :(

    And I don’t think Selena is fake, after all… When you would have children, would you rather want them to find embarrassing pics and so or nothing like that? If I’d be celeb, I would try to stay away from taking pictures or something, so when I would have family it wouldn’t be a problem…

    Sorry that I compare them to me.

  • zena

    I’m just waiting for her to go a WEEK, and single WEEK without name dropping Taylor and not have it sound like a publicity stunt. And it just comes off as weird considering that it was once Demi who she used to name drop all the time: at least in that case Selena/Demi were equal partners sharing the crazy experience of trying to succeed together.

    I guess I just don’t find it coincidental that when Selena finally decided to pursue music, it’s the massively successful Taylor is who Selena is now BEST friends with and not Demi.

  • hannah

    People usually ask her about Taylor. And yes she did used to say Demi but obviously their friendship is not as close as it was..hence she now says Taylor.

  • taylor


    When Sel and Demz were best friends they both were also best friends with Taylor…
    Selena and Taylor have juts more in common so it’s their disicion
    And Taylor actually helped her with her album and gave tipps…
    Taylor is very succesful and Demi is nothing compared to her but she didn’t help Sel but Taylor did!
    So I don’t think that Sel uses Taylor they both love each other and I love them they’re adorable!

  • hayley

    They both are such great role models unlike Miley and Demi !
    I’m not comparing but these 2 are really better!
    Taylor was BFF with Miley now they’re not anymore and I think she’s still friends with Demi but Selena is definetely one of the most important persons in her life and she’s really happy to have her by her side!

    I would love to have a great girl like selena as my BFF she is really nice I was very lucky and got the chnace to meet her and she’s like an angel you must love her!

  • babybiebz

    Stop that Demi and Selena crap man that’s so annoying they’re not friends anymore so what?!
    Life goes on and you will loose people in your life THAT’S LIFE MAN!
    I mean you don’t know Selena or Demi just things what the media present maybe they’re still friends maybe not and it’s their life man!

    The fact is that Taylor and Selena are like sisters and I love them!
    I love Selena and Demi together but People change so did they!

    Now it’s Taylena and I hope it will be forever because they’re awesome!

  • Mynameiskhan


    Selena always wanted to do music Taylor just support her and that’s why she’s a better friend than Demi because she was ‘too busy’ come one who’s the country superstar here? If Taylor could have time why not that Disney chick?

    I love how Selena and Taylor support eachother and it’s not for the media they know eachother since 3 years or something like that the only difference is that they’re now closer the perfect BFF’S to me

    Love them xoxo

  • bebe


    Demi has Miley on her side and Selena has Taylor!

    By the way Selena and Taylor are better

    Happy End :)

  • mileysuxx

    Selena deserves a great friend like Taylor and Taylor a great friend like Selena and what Selena’s cousins wrote on twitter was so true I hate Demi and Miley they’re so fake they just laugh for the cameras and Taylor and Selena are always happy and enjoy their life!


  • mileysuxx

    And how can you except that Selena can be BFF with Demi I mean she’s so b*tchy

    Fan: How is Selena?
    Demi: Ask Taylor *fake b*tchy smile*

    Omg how can someone like her or Miley i used to liek her because of Selena but I couldn’t so I’m happy that she is out of Selena’s life she is just trash and Selena deserves much better friends like Taylor!

    Tay-Lena Tay-Lena Tay-Lena :D

  • ana

    Team tays$selg!!! they rock

  • bar

    TaySwift&SelGomez ROck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmin

    I think Taylor and Selena are soooo awsome.
    Miley and Demi are not. It’s funny though
    Demi ditched Selena for Miley.
    Selena tried to be friends with Miley but nope Miley didn’t.
    Demi took Miley’s side and stopped hanging out with Sel.
    Selena found a new bff Taylor
    and Demi started dating Trace Miley’s bro.
    Demi and Trace broke up and Miley took Trace’s side.
    Demi came crawling back to Sel.
    Selena relized Demi was evil and stopped being friends with her.
    Demi turned even more evil and went back to Miley Haha!!
    Taylor, Miley, Demi, and Selena were friends.
    Taylor and Miley BFFS
    Selena and Demi BFFS
    Taylor dated Joe
    Miley dated Nick
    They broke up.
    Selena dated Nick
    Demi and Joe became closer.
    Taylor got mad at Demi.
    Miley got mad at Sel.
    Demi took Miley’s side.
    Selena tried to be friends with them
    but they left her behind.
    Selena became friends with Taylor.
    Taylor Swift + Selena Gomez=Awesome!

  • ally

    i love how people on this site are positive and not negative when they comment!

  • http://justjaredjr katie-lee

    aight some of u are taking this shitt to serious!
    its their choice i mean selena and taylor make awsome BFF but think a bit further..when selena and demi were BFF taylor wasnt even in her life now that selena wanna go big in the music buisiness considently shes BFF with taylor (has made it bigg already) makes u think is selena jst friends with taylor coz taylor can help her go big aswell..yes wat demi is doing isnt right and i rekon that miley is a bad influence on her ..i think demi is very nice chick but shes very kept to her self shes not lyk selena who express her self infront of the camera i mean u cant judge demi on the tv rolls she played but honestly we dont no demi that good..taylor is also one of my favs and i think them 3 can be very good friends together its not to say u can only have 1 miley i cant stand shes such a bad influence on little girls who admire her i mean from hannah montana to sex and the city serious ppl the little hannah montana fans wil prbz be watchin sex and the city now they look up 2 her and i dont think their parents should let them do that i guess jst some kids arnt disaplant enuf ayee imagen if ur child is a hannah fan all the shit that they will be doing its not right that little kids should do what celbz do they shld be their own person.


    i feel like everyone gets so caught up in everybody elses situations. We all want to know the main reason to why Demi and Selena are no longer best friends. I honestly think that it is all about them growing apart and not having each other by their sides anymore. Demi and Miley became really close and found support within each other. And I think maybe Demi realized that Miley and she had more in common, needed each other more and just matched. When Selena gets supported by Taylor then she “doesn’t need” Demi anymore. Why hang on to something just because “we ought to be best friends”? That’s not right and changes are good at times. We have no idea if that’s the main reason, if they are talking, if they are trying to make up or if they just decided to let go. Just because they have 10 years of friendship, that doesn’t mean they cannot grow apart. That’s my opinion. I love them all and I think changes are good, including this change. :)

  • http://kosova albana

    selena gomez you are the best and i love you so so much you are amazing

  • http://kosova albana

    sUpper sweEt

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