Selena Gomez: I'm So Proud of Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez: I'm So Proud of Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez may just be BFF Taylor Swift‘s biggest supporter.

The 17-year-old actress/singer dished to MTV, “What I admire most about Taylor is that she focuses on all the positive things — and that’s what I love about her. She won four Grammys. That was amazing.”

Sel continued, “That is really what she’s passionate about — [her career and her music]. And that’s what she loves. She’s a very strong person, so that’s what she’s honoring and that’s what I’m proud of her for.”

Both Selena and Taylor are nominated for a 2010 Kids Choice Award.

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Bethany @ 12:34 am on 02/19/2010

I love them both. They are amazing

Justzgirl @ 12:37 am on 02/19/2010

Ohhh they are BOTH Amazing and awesome
both such sweet girls


Bard @ 12:43 am on 02/19/2010

That’s nice and all but she should really be supporting her friend of over 10 years. You know that one that has actual singing talent, named Demi.

sanyo @ 12:52 am on 02/19/2010

i love them ……………………………………………..
actual talent (taylor)

SOMEONE!!! @ 1:21 am on 02/19/2010

LOL look who u see in the back, on the left;dwayne johnson. on the right; TAYLOR LAUTNERRRR

Liz. @ 1:41 am on 02/19/2010

@Bard: Thank you!

hussam @ 4:04 am on 02/19/2010

I love them both amazing!!! TayS&SelG TEAM

Darius @ 5:15 am on 02/19/2010

@Bard: Same thing I was thinking.

lulu @ 6:30 am on 02/19/2010

@Bard: i agree! Demi’s been her best friend since they were 5, and instead she goes praising Taylor, who with no disrespect, has actually won 4 Grammys and many more awards! Demi could do with a lot more support from Selena. I mean, she looks all sweet and innocent, but is she really?

Zanessalover @ 7:12 am on 02/19/2010

I agree with Bard too Selena should be supporting Demi who has been her friend for longer!
I think that Demi needs more support from selena since they are both young and still quite new to the music industry and know each other really well.

I wonder what could have happened between those two ? perhaps selena became closer to taylor when demi was spending most of her time with miley. (not taking sides here btw)

What ever it is they need to sort it out – a great friendship which has lasted 10 years doesnt end like that! :)

angelareeza @ 7:54 am on 02/19/2010

hey people…do you still have news about the demi-selena friendship? seems like it has been forgotten…(i don’t like it!) selena with taylor swift…oh, it’s sooo not that cute…after many years, that’s the way selena would treat demi? and replace her with taylor? so bad…btw…there’s new BFFs here people… “joe-demi” and “selena-taylor”….what happened?!!!!

Tyra @ 9:14 am on 02/19/2010

okay if that demi hangs with slµtty cyrus it’s fine
but if selena hangs with a great friend like taylor then it’s not right or what??
Selena is the one who has to choose and Taylor is a better friend and not a B!tch like Miley or Demi!

I’m happy that the Sweethearts of Hollywood r Besties gotta love them!!!

damn @ 9:16 am on 02/19/2010


Taylor is talented and Selena too!
I mean I was on 2 of her concerts and me and all othe people in the hall think that she was amazing!

heather @ 9:18 am on 02/19/2010


Just because she isn’t pole dancing or wearing sl’tty clothes it doesn’t mean that she is fake :/
Good that she is BFF with Taylor cause she deserves Selena and her friendship she’s worth but not Demi she’s just ugly and a famewh0re like Miley!

Cheesecakefortaylor @ 9:20 am on 02/19/2010

Hollywoods youngest Superstars aaawww they’re amazing!!!
And no other dumb wh#res can compare ;)
Taylor and Sel r much better than Miley and Demi in every way
They’re prettier skinnier more talented and no B#tches!!


dina @ 9:25 am on 02/19/2010

n=both taylor swift and selena are really good role models, they deserve to be nomated of KCA, i just reeally hpe they win!

Clémence @ 9:51 am on 02/19/2010

Yes and Demi should support Selena. She doesn’t say anything to support Selena for her album.
(sorry for the bad english, i’m french)

Tiffany @ 9:54 am on 02/19/2010

U realy gotta love these girls they are so sweet! Get all Both of their clothes here

hannah @ 9:57 am on 02/19/2010

Both Selena and Demi have very different personalities. Miley and Demi have similar ones as do Taylor and Selena.

I am not taking sides as i like them all. BUT I agree that a 10 yr friendship should not have ended JUST BECAUSE they found other friends. I am sure they did try and work things out :$

Regardless, Selena and Demi still consider each other friends, just not bestfriends.

And take it from someone who has been through a similar experience, no matter how much you deny it, you still miss your ex-bestfriend like hell. Its just the way life is.

Maybe they will sort out their differences soon. I really think they will. :)

Idk @ 9:59 am on 02/19/2010

OK! That’s fine
Selena&Taylor–>>They R sooo Perfect BFF on EARTH!!


Selena&Demi ……I Miss Them 2gether…I Dont Understand WHAT is Happen Between Them!!

Anyway….Im Still #TeamSemi#

hannah @ 10:01 am on 02/19/2010

Selena is not “fake”. She has a good mature head on her shoulders. And she’s probably learned a lot from her mom who had her when she was only 16. She seems to come from a more ‘stable’ family compared with Demi’s…

Anyhoo love both Selena and Demi.

sarah @ 10:20 am on 02/19/2010

they’re both awesome. keep up the good work, taylor and selena.

aldi @ 10:42 am on 02/19/2010

@Tyra i love your comment i couldn´t more agree with all you say…. thanks…

aldi @ 10:43 am on 02/19/2010

@Cheesecakefortaylor youre so right you actually take the words of my mind… ;)

aldi @ 10:44 am on 02/19/2010

im so proud of selly shes such a sweetheart and real good friend, i love that she has taylor in her life!!!

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