Joe Jonas' Sunday Snackage

Joe Jonas' Sunday Snackage

Joe Jonas slurps on his drink as he lunches at the Newsroom Cafe with Jack Lawless in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon (February 21).

The 20-year-old musician recently caught up with MTV to chat about the Twitter-trending topic “#joejonas4spiderman,” which was started by BFF Demi Lovato.

Joe didn’t really know what to say about it. Check out the video below!

Joe did tweet this afternoon about the USA vs. Canada Olympic Hockey Game. Are you going to watch?

Joe Jonas For Spiderman?
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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jodi

    friend = jack lawless, drummer for the JB =)

  • sarah

    aww joe is so hot!!!

  • ashley

    oh wow. i REALLLY wanna see Joe in something like SuperBad xD

  • jonaslove

    I love him <3, he’s just too cute!!

    People vote for them for KCA !!

  • Katty

    Joe should be Spider-Man, it’s going to suck, I sure don’t want anyone I like to be him… I don’t like the Jonas Brothers, I don’t know why, they just never clicked with me…

    Sorry if this offends…

  • pup

    He’s lookin’ a little chunky now, ayy.

  • fearless

    he looks shorters and chubby lol

  • lalalalalala

    Joe is finally looking hot again!
    haha those 2 girs were snapping pics of him! i
    would too if i saw him. i would be like, come out here so we can
    snap a picture! please? lol

  • Love for Joe

    LOL…he is short but he’s muscular, y’all. Joe ruuuuules.

    Katty I feel the same as you about Spiderman sucking…that’s why I don’t want Joe in the part!!!

  • rachel

    he looks ridiculous.

  • gabi

    to te haters: why are you in this post if you don’t like him…
    Joe looks adorable here!and he is not chubby at all… he is muscular

  • http://youtube/filasians Zanessaluvr95

    he looks kinda fat..

  • Darius

    Joe’s belly is looking kind of plump. Without Nick and Kevin around he’s turned to Ben and Jerry.

  • SOMEONE!!!

    omg.. this is the awesomest restaurant everrrr!!!!!!!! cant believe he actually goes there 2!!!! :o

  • caitlin

    @pup: mm, tha’s exactally what i was thinking

  • ino

    We saw this JoBro in Toluca Lake yesterday while visiting our
    grandmother. He is not fat or chunky.I’m pretty sure he did not pack
    on the pounds overnight. Does he really need those nerdy glasses
    or are they just props?

  • w

    He needs to stop trying to make those glasses work.

  • erika

    @w he’s nearsighted, he needs the glasses! Joe’s gaining weight to be buff like what Taylor lautner did

  • Ella

    Oh my Joseph..
    He looks like a kid while drinking..

  • i can’t belive im saying this

    but God Joe looks so sexy and hot right now. i would seriously be his if I could!

  • Brittany

    ewww he looks fat

  • Lauren

    Who ever is calling Joe fat is being super rude.

    He is NOT fat, he works out

  • sgj

    He’s not fat, he’s buff & georgous.. He’s the perfect height, the perfect size. I like him just the way he is..

  • jessica

    Rumors have been going around saying Logan Lerman got the part for Spiderman, nothing official yet though.

  • mag

    calling him fat is not rude is just an opinion… if that is muscle he is doing a bad job because he is too short and looks chubby…
    and joe spiderman? yeah right

  • benny

    well at least he took off some of the jewelry he was wearing lately… so gay-ish. i kinda like him but i have to agree he looks chubby and so so so short.

  • http://none judy

    fuck to allllllllllllll haters
    joe he loooooooooooooks hotter like always
    joe much hotter than the monster rob and the gay zac
    he looking like a man not girl with alot of make up like zac and rob

  • kim

    if joe wants a successful acting carreer he needs to go back with taylor swift. happiness is not important joe what you need now is good publicity… is just the way hollywood rolls. (sarcasm)

  • none

    much hotter than zac and pattinson? yeah right. i would pick zac and rob anyday

  • Bradley Bobst

    Joe Looks so Mature and Grown Up in those Pictures. He Looks amazing,

    To All The Haters If you Don’t Joe Jonas Then Don’t Post. This Thread is for People who Like Joe Jonas.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Joe Looks so Mature and Grown Up in those Pictures. He Looks amazing,

    To All The Haters If you Don’t Like Joe Jonas Then Don’t Post.

  • chloe

    Joe is perfect!!

  • Dan20

    He looks short and fat in that picture lol not so attractive I hope it’s only the picture!

  • maria pia

    Team Joe Forever!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    aww joe is so HOT!
    He is soo CUTE! he looks amazing as always ;)
    to the Haters no he doesn’t look fat, cause he’s off touring & stuff gives him time to chill out & stuff ! everything about him is just Wow georgous..
    Love it if he was the new Spiderman <3

  • Ivana

    @Bradley Bobst

    This thread is for ANYONE who wants to say something about Joe.
    And I agree,he looks so fat and short.

  • Sj

    The Jonas brothers rock joe u rock those glasses Cain’t wait for camp rock 2 xx

  • hannadevonne

    OI hes not fat thats a horrible thing to say maybe hes loving being free from the cameras ish and enjoyin life this year

    hes a normal guy living his life
    everyone loves there food come on :p

  • mc

    maybe if he went watch demi perform instead sit his ass and eating he would not look so chubby… but i am sure demi had fun with her real friends. and jjj we need more nick pictures

  • Susan

    I think it’s what he’s wearing. Jeans like that don’t look good on anyone. Either that or a bad camera shot.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I would like to see how Joe develops as the new spiderman… I think he will rock it! I mean, dispite all the tabloids crap, I think he would rock as spiderman! He just wants a good role in order to be a great actor… he deserves it! Ohhh and I have read some comments saying that he is chubby, believe me people, he is not even closer to be chubby, he is just gaining muscle! I know many of you will not believe me but just google for John Cena, the guy is 6 feet tall but he looks shorter! anyways… greetings and hopefully you will get the role Joe!!

  • abcmissme

    He looks fat… he is getting lazy without all those performances and is gaining HIS FATHER’S SHAPE… like Kevin… OMG NOOOO NICK WILL BE NEXT!!!

  • S

    Joe would look much better if he lost the stubble

  • undercoverJONAS luver

    looks like someone is gaining weight and not muscle!!! man i still love him!!!

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Love for Joe: Joe is 5’9.” Hes not that short.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676


  • JoeJonasGirl0676


  • Jonas4Canada

    Lmao “chunky” “fat”. Its obviously the picture and outfit! Gosh your going to make lil ole Joe anorexic :( :P Nahhh he loves food too much!