Miley Cyrus & Mate Head to the Studio

Miley Cyrus & Mate Head to the Studio

Miley Cyrus has her hands full with new pup Mate as they head into the studio in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (February 20).

The 17-year-old actress, wearing a Gypsy 05 Shreds Tunic, just recently was announced as the lead nominee at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards which will be hosted by comedian Kevin James. Which awards do you think she’ll take home — all of them?

How cute is this pic of Mate looking up at Miley?!

25+ pics inside of Miley and Mate heading for the studio…

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Credit: Perkins, Shirley; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • missdestinyhope


  • ash

    She looks so cute
    Love her

  • kristen

    mate is soo cute!! but seriously, why does she wear such disgusting clothes?! that shirt is horrible, especially the back.

  • Courtney

    awww mate looks like bolt(L)

  • Taylor

    i loooove her. :)
    i have those same sunglasses
    & her outfit i would totally wear! :D
    Mate is soo cute.

  • megan

    haha. mate is adorablee. getting a little big thoughh. lol miley looks super pretty(: i LOVE her hair like that! so excited about her new music!

  • Leah

    why does she even wear clothes that show everthing besides her stuff and why does she have to carry around a big dog if she wants to carry a dog around then you can get a smaller dog! she is retarded!!!

  • iabbreviatenow

    Mate is sooooo cute. I wanna steal him. And she’d better win all of the KCAs she was nominated for. she deserves them.

  • Carla

    This puppy is sooooooooooooo cute! :) But i hate when people wear dogs like purses! They’re not, ok? Let them walk. ¬¬

  • Jul

    She is pretty.

  • Cris

    I think Mate its a little too big to being carried around :)
    i like thought. its cute :)

  • iabbreviatenow

    Well she’s stronger than me. I’d fall over if I have to continually carry that HUGE dog. Haha, love you Miley (and you too, Mate).

  • bebe

    Love her shes beautiful i love her style selena must too since she copies everything miley wears just saying..

  • missdestinyhope

    @bebe: she tries to hard though. :P Selena needs her own style and BOYFRIENDS.

  • mika

    Her puppy is the cutest!

    But her … not so much.
    Why does she insist on wearing such trashy, ugly, revealing clothes?
    And her hair looks really fried and filthy, she needs to get rid of all those ratty extensions.

  • bebe

    missdestinyhope i agree lol

  • ttt

    where’s the dog’s leash?

  • bebe sucks

    selena doesn’t copy anything! she doesn’t dress like a bitch at all! her style is perfect! and that dog looks mistreated.

  • Lauren

    i think she looks cute…casual and chic…but i agree with that the back isnt cute its too much on show…..that dog has grown within weeks it wasn’t that big when i last saw her….

  • Rochel

    mate needs to do movies, he is soo cute.
    look how he is staying next to miley .
    you can tell he luves miley.
    Good Boy Mate :))

  • Jul

    Leave her alone. She don’t need change for nobody. She is pretty, and Mate is so cute!

  • yo

    Awwww mate is so cute and Miley looks so beautiful! I love her! yup :) So excited for new music from a person that actually can sing cough cough selena. and agree! Selena is a Miley fail wannabe.

  • Jul

    Leave her alone. She don’t need change for nobody. She is pretty and Mate is so cute. Awnn.

  • .

    She named it Mate? That’s cute, but why?

  • Evie

    Oh, so just because she’s Miley Cyrus she feels she is above the leash law? Stupid, spoiled girl.

  • fearless

    @Leah: exactly, it’s not like a chihuahua and i bet it’s uncomfortable for her to carry it all day

    ps. she looks trashy and stinky

  • bebe

    fearless you go on every miley jjj post and trash her are you selena?

  • Mariana marins

    blouses with the back open are the last trend here in Brazil. owwwwwwwn , Mate is so cute *0* and if she wants to carry it , she wil carry , because the dog is hers and it will be her even if it gets bigger , she will not stop to love it just because it is not of a size of a puppy anymore.

  • mm–

    sheeee looks soooooo cute
    i really miss her
    and for the girls who says that she is trashy seriously stop being jealous and getout of her post u make youselfs look pathetic she is not gonna see what u r think or write about her guess whay?
    because she has a life unlike u low life bitches:)

  • crystalclear4eva

    the ppl who are commentin on her clothes,chill out like miley said u dnt have to look at her if u dnt like her , btw luv her dog sooooo cute!!!! luv milan

  • crystalclear4eva

    and at least shes wearing something

  • And

    Her style feels too much wannabe Taylor Momsen…

  • lifesgood

    aww mate is growing soo quickly!
    and its soo cute how close he is with her<3 he follows her around and seems soo happy<3
    awwww when he’s all big and grown up , mate and liam will protect miley from all the haters and paparazzi:)
    she’s totally a fashion trendsetter! i love her chic, rocker, edgy yet laid back look<3

  • Fan

    I love Miley!
    And omg Mate is just oh so cute! He is growing up so much!
    And her clothes, aren’t what I would wear, but she does, so let her be gosh! If you don’t like, don’t look!

  • florencia

    i lovvvvve her puppy … ( but , i dont like her t-shirt))) jahja … she is awesome … lokks so beautiful this day

  • swiftfan

    Does anyone know if she will sing at the kids choice awards?….hopefully!

  • good-one

    You might want to wake up from the Matrix and decide for yourself if you are going to take the RED PILL or the BLUE PILL. The mind control that that you are displaying was originally contrived at the University of Pennsylvania as psyops and paid for by the U.S. government to apply extreme ascetic rigors, strictures and mortification to young people. It is the same old tired claptrap, twaddle, tommyrot and malarkey that has now emerged in the UK to further the despotic Big Brother totalitarian state of complete control over every aspect of human life.

    You can find the newest iteration of that brainwashing here.

    You don’t have to buy into it once you realize their very lies about how you are brainwashed, is itself the real brainwashing. I mean, come on. Ban dolls because kids might change their clothes? Or demand laws that all pictures carry warning stickers, that they were air-brushed, (edited, photo-shopped, etc)?

    That they would insist on a law, that any picture that was photo-shopped to take out a pimple or blemish, reminds me of how the witch hunters in past ages would strip women naked to examine their bodies for any marks or moles, for evidence that they were witches. Why should it matter if they are left in or photo-shopped out. People that insist that, are Philistines, they are control freaks.

    Please don’t insist that Miley cover up, when so many of us prefer her fashion courage.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Guys, she is only carrying Mate to take out him out of the car and then she placed him on the can see the car next to them..

    plus she is wearing good clothes..why is always her that always gets picked on? when half the girls in high school wear worst then this sometimes..
    just because she’s famous..

    anyway, Mate looks adorable and getting big so quickly..

  • jamie

    She does look trashy. It’s such a shame because she has the potential to look pretty… when her stylists help. Otherwise, she’s really just an average looking girl.

    The oversized Cross on her necklace… okay, we know you’re a “hardcore Christian” but you should already know huge religious emblems don’t look nice.

  • wisdom

    Miley looks great and mate is gorgeous too. Miley and mate look good together.
    Miley is a trend setter that why we like her she original.

  • rania

    I love Miley and her new pup Mate

  • Diama

    i love her
    she has a cute dog

  • Patrícia


  • leesha

    @Leah: no YOU are retarded

  • leesha

    @mika: it’s HER life she can do whatever she wants.

  • tiramisulover

    @leah i though the same thing when i saw it

  • me.

    LOL you guys = fail. what’s the big deal with her shirt? chill, she’s already 17.

  • Rain

    Mate is the cutest dog ever! He’s kind of to big to carry ya know…But Honestly whats up with that top? It looks a lion just got down ripping it to shreds and she wore it !

  • Courtney

    Miley looks great. And Mate is adorable.

  • jonaslove

    Ok I DONT!! and I repeat, I DO NOT hate Miley Cyrus. But, I don’t like what she is wearing I mean that is not what a 16 year old girl should wear, I mean if I was a mother I wouldn’t want my daughter to look at her as her idol and role model and think that it’s okay to date a 20 year old or dress like this with all your back showing, I love her songs I love her personnality I think she is extremely cool and she is free and she lets go and very friendly you can clearly see that in all of her interviews but she has to cover up alittle bit, I know she wants to live her life and she didn’t choose to be a role model but whether she likes it or not she has become one to children and teenagers and now everyone is watching all of her moves waiting for something to talk about cause we all know Miley=DARAMA, so when you’re a 16 year old girl in the public eye and in a critical position where everyone is waiting for you to make a mistake you should take care more and watch what you are wearing and her attitudes and stuff like I that is not what she wants, but she’s famous and celebreties lives aren’t easy.

    But anyway I am voting for her, my Jonas boys and Selena <3 so people please vote for them and show them some love!!!!

    PS: no offence to any Miley fans or anyone else I might have offended I was just stating my opinion.

>>>>>>> staging1