Robert Pattinson - BAFTA Awards 2010

Robert Pattinson - BAFTA Awards 2010

Robert Pattinson suits up nicely as he arrives at the 2010 BAFTA Awards held at The Royal Opera House in London on Sunday night (February 21).

The 23-year-old actor will be presenting an award during tonight’s ceremony. Rob arrived right after Prince William.

Rob presented the Best Original Screenplay award which went to Mark Boal for The Hurt Locker. Other presenters during the ceremony include Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman, Colin Firth, Claire Danes and Noel Clarke.

FYI: Rob wore a Gucci made-to-measure black peak lapel two button tuxedo with white dress shirt, black silk tie and black leather lace up shoes.

10+ pics inside of Robert Pattinson at the 2010 BAFTAs

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Photos: Chris Jackson/Dave M. Benett/Dave Hogan/Ian Gavan/Getty, Lia Toby/WENN
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  • amy

    just as i was starting to think he was alright, he turns up with hair like this :O

  • Zanessa94

    soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot :)
    i miss him so much :D

  • Diama

    my husband looks so cute

  • jenny

    WOW for once he actually looks good and clean but in NO way does he look Hot

  • chloe

    wtf is going on with his hair?

  • Me

    he’s so ugly!

  • jamie

    eww why do girls find him attractive? as an actor maybe he’s something special but on looks alone? uhh.. no. haha


  • kelly

    stfu he looks hooooooooooot as always

    the hair is for his new movie bel ami

    and he can deff pull off this hair and look cute

  • cagla

    I love that he always does something other than expected.

  • bianca

    I like the hair…he looks different…I just love his personality you can actually tell he’s a down to earth guy just cause of the way he smiles.

  • Sarah

    it was raining, thats why is hair is flat lool. =)

  • jensen

    He is so not hot. He is very average looking, his face is kinda squashed. I can think of a billion people who are cuter than him!!!!

  • yaay

    He looks gorgeous as per usual and his hair is fab ofc
    Lookin forward to bel ami (thats wat the new hair is for)

  • jenny

    I think if you look at the hair its also WET so u can make a better judgement when its dried off

  • laia

    WOW! he actually looks clean and cute. but NOT hot!!

  • MAKA


  • Patri

    He looks younger with his new hair

  • musicgirl


  • ShariG

    I think he looks gorgeous as always and relaxed and happy. I wonder if KStew being in town has anything to do with that?

  • Naomi

    He seems like a sweetheart, but his hair looks so greasy :|

  • Felicia

    he looks awesome :]

  • behnaz

    nice nice
    he is so cool and handsome

  • toty

    ugly!!!what the hell he is doing with his hair????!
    that’s silly

  • burgerqueen

    could there be any more grease in his hair? damn, Shell could make a lot of money by pumping that oil out of his haire dude, that’s an oil source right there

  • Nellie


  • Ashley

    He’s thin but his hair makes his face look better.

  • Ashley

    I meant bigger.

  • jess

    aww my baby looks so cute <3

  • jaya


  • jess


    You really need to check your eyes.

    He’s looks so YUMMY!

  • Renate

    he looks really young there and the wet Hair is just so cool. But the Best about him is his shyness and being down to earth….He is not with Kristen and thats a good thing

  • carrie

    So beautiful <3

    People saying Rob is ugly, are stupid.

  • danielle

    eee!! its me and robert pattinson!!!

  • Amalie

    He looks handsome && happy.
    Love him. <33

  • Sara

    I love Robert

  • jessica

    as usual. i mean cmon cant he look decent for once.

  • Gisel


    Rob is so cute, sexy, hot…

    his eyes are beautiful !

    we love you Rob ; )

  • liz


    go get lost please!

    Rpattz is hot! and actually he doesnt even try to be hot that is why i heart him!

  • Lixxy_b

    He looks horrible! His hair is nasty! Why does he always look dirty?? Him and Kristen belong together.. she looks dirty with a bad hair cut as well!

  • e


    You and Rob get lost! PLEASE!!!

    He is not hot!

  • vicky

    Look at HIM!
    Mr. Duroy is in the HOUSE!
    Love HIM..the suit…the Bel Ami hair =))

  • Jess

    gosh his hair!! I do not like it! thanks god is just for a movie!!

  • missed

    woah! yuck. the hair is like for elementary student who woke up late and is going to be late for class. UGLY! DISGUSTING! its a shame he came right after prince william.

  • sweetness

    His hair looks too oily and that unkempt look is a bit played out. He’s not looking at good as when he first came out..he’s attractive but nothing special.

  • jessica

    @Lixxy_b: agreed. he does look kinda dirty.

  • jessica

    @liz: um i dont need to “get lost”. its called having an opinion. i mean not everyone is gonna agree with you.

  • iellidy

    eu acho que cada um com o seu cada um o robert esta o robert bonito ,chamaso e tai para quem quizer ver ,admirar e pela amor de Deus para de fala mal das pessoas quem não tem defeitos atire a primiera pedra ele e bonito para muitos quem não acha coloca no jornal .ou então quarda par si

  • xo

    what the hell happened to his hair? thats all i can say

  • liz


    weirdo! The hair for the new movie! It’s called Bel Ami.
    He is an actor for f*ck sake!

  • jas


    bahahaha how pathetic are you!?

    HE’S SOOOO GORGEOUS! Suck it b!tches!