Justin Bieber To Appear on SNL

Justin Bieber To Appear on SNL

Justin Bieber keeps his ears warm with a black trapper hat as he visits and meets fans at the Citadium Store in Paris, France on Monday afternoon (February 22).

It was just announced that the 15-year-old musician will be serving as musical guest on Saturday Night Live on April 10.

Justin doesn’t know what songs he will be performing but he does know who he wants by his side — Chuck Norris, of course. He wrote on his Twitter, “Me and Chuck Norris should do SNL together. That would be good. Very good.”

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Photos: Julien M. Hekimian/Getty/WENN
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  • Eddie

    I see, Justin B. loves G-Star Raw ! nice :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    No offense but I’m getting sick of this guy. He is not original. A hot, 15 year old with a big voice, wow, never heard that one before.

  • nikki

    I’m sorry but he does not deserve this… hes a little kid.. hasnt hit puberty.. singing about LOVE which he doesnt even know what that is yet.. SORRY! BUT HES getting a little annoying now…

  • Pilar

    He’s cute : )

  • cassy

    i don’t mind him, all the hates not cool, but i know he isn’t worthy of chuck norris.. >>;


    Justin Bieber is soooooooooooooo hot i love him i am his biggest fans everr

  • http://jb taylor

    Hes so cute and to all the people who hate him just shut up Justin rox and i love his voice! GOOO JUSTIN B!

  • http://jb taylor

    Hes so cute and to all the people who hate him just shut up Justin rox and i love his voice! GOOO JUSTIN B!

  • jessica

    cool. his songs are so damn catchy. its hard to get out of my head.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com viviana

    @nikki: he has hit puberty fyi

  • http://twitter.com/justinb_islife brielle

    im sick of all the justin haters hes amazing, most of his haters are fans of the jonasbrothers who i personally dont like their music, but just because u have sick obsessions with the jobros u dont needa hate on justin, he DOES deserve ALL of this, he is amazing and ppl shudnt compare the jobros and justin cus theyre completely DIFFERENT and even if they were the same i think justin pulls it off better, he actually communicates with his fans and stuff. the jonasbrothers dont, so stop hating on justin because he USED to have a higher voice, hes hitting puberty and his voice is getting deeper, nick jonas sounded like a girl when he was 15 too so shut up.

  • Joochi

    To overrated this kid, I’ve about had enough of him, as they said, “He’s not original, period!”

  • tom

    He is one of the worst celebrities ever. Horrible voice and just plan annoying.

  • brenda

    dont know why everybody hate him, anyways i love him <3

  • nysro

    He looks like a little clit.

  • The voice of reason

    Actually people who hate on him are not ONLY Jobro fans. Any girl with a half decent taste in music would be able to recognize this cheap scheme at getting famous quick and ploy of brain washing the stupid teens who do not appreciate raw talent and just go for looks. Hes really overrated and certainly doesnt deserve this much attention. His voice sounds is too high pitched for my liking, his dressing sense is nothing to write home about and his looks arent that impressive. I have seen better. All those stupid 15 year old girls need to stop hyping this kid up, then maybe he wont be hated as much. Hes a little fagg0t who hasnt hit puberty yet. I dislike him and his fans.
    Please do not put JoBros and this little focker in the same sentence. I dont like neither, but hey, any girl can recognize a hottie with a unique voice. Nick Jonas should be locked up. I swear he is one hot guy. Writting hits, playing the guitar, piano and drums is amazing. He might not have the best voice. But trust me those Jonas boys rock the skinny jeans look. Not to mention Joe who is fucking gorgeous.

  • alex

    Sorry, but this kid should NOT be on SNL. Why? His singing is mediocre and when compared with a preteen girl’s voice, his own fits in perfectly. He also shouldn’t be singing about love because he is far to young to have experienced the real thing.
    And most importantly, he’s fifteen! IF he had even an ounce of talent or originality I would say he should go on SNL in a few YEARS. Unfortunately, he has neither and he is still going to be a guest. He’s definately not going to be able to hold his own against the people at SNL and he’s probably too wrapped up in his newfound fame to be able to be self-depracating about it. THAT is practically a rule for those lucky enough to be on SNL.

    Don’t stay out too late, Justin; it’s past your bedtime!

  • sabrina

    justin bieber is cute! big fan.BIG FAN!

  • Rtaylor

    Justin’ Bieber’s big hero, the REAL Chuck Norris, demonstrates his real power by showing how he can push the earth down (NO JOKE!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Eo-TbivU4

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