Sonny With A Chance Season Two Premieres March 14!

Sonny With A Chance Season Two Premieres March 14!

JJJ reader Alyssa sent in this super cute pic of her and Demi Lovato at a meet and greet during her summer tour last year.

Demi‘s Disney Channel series, Sonny With A Chance, is coming back for a second season on Sunday, March 14th!

In the premiere episode “Walk A Mile In My Pants,” Sonny (Lovato) rallies everyone together for a “Walk-A-Thon For Books” and gets Tawni (Tiffany Thornton) to donate her ‘Tawni Hart’s Extreme Skinny Jeans’ for all of the participants to wear. When Chad (Sterling Knight) finds out, he follows suit and organizes a “Walk-A-Thon Against Books” with participants also wearing Tawni’s pants. Eventually everyone starts dropping like flies as a result of SPS (Skinny Pants Syndrome).

We can’t wait — check out a new promo below! Are you excited for the second season of Sonny?

15+ pics inside…

Sonny With A Chance Promo

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  • holly

    wait i thought falling for the falls or whatever was the season premiere…. but w/e im still super excited!!!!

  • kyra

    AWESOME! I loooved the pictures! Can’t waait <3

  • Andrea

    Can´t wait for season 2
    looks really AWESOME
    This is my fave show


  • florencia

    waitin`to see it … so exited ..!!!

  • Sofifreydel

    haha love the pics and yessssssss i´m so excited for season 2, i love this show and Demi and all the cast it´s pretty good, make me laugh all the time

  • mika

    I’m excited for this! This show is actually really funny, love it.

  • Susanna

    Lol, it sounds silly, but it wouldn’t be Sonny with a Chance if it wasn’t. And do I see Sonny and Chad holding hands? Cutest (soon-to-be) couple ever! I can’t wait!

  • Diana DLF

    aww love the pic with sonny & sterling love this on screen couple
    they´re hilarious, yayay i´m so excited !!

    DEMI MY IDOL <33

  • demilovatoisthebest


  • http://justjaredjr. smile 1,000 smiles

    I can`t wait for season 2, Sonny & Chad better get together this season :) I Love Sonny With A Chance so much!!!!

  • missdestinyhope

    Why March? That’s so FREAKING LONG!

  • Wise

    This is Disney’s WORST SHOW in my opinion as well as Jonas. I mean seriously they’re not funny like are they serious! and now they have a new show about a baby named charlie?!? looks boring. The only good shows left are Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana and even Miley is leaving next month. Pretty soon they’ll be no good shows =(. But I still Love Demi and the Jobros! Don’t get me wrong, their shows just Suck

  • Alexis

    omg i cannot wait for this!! I heard there will be an episode where they all sing and dance, the weird shirts must be that one. lol I luv sterling knight!!!

  • Minh

    So Excited! Looks like a great episode!

  • mariah

    ikr? when wizards is finished im done with disney.

  • fgrrfgr

    @Wise: your right sonny with a chance sucks. hannan montana is the ebst show on disney channel that sucks their almost done. mostly chad in sonny with a chance ruins the show and hes gay.

  • Anna


  • Christine


    Lol, are you kidding me? This show is the only reason me and my friends even watch Disney! Wizards is well-acted, but it’s never been able to keep my attention. Suite Life on Deck was entertaining, but the jokes are played out. Hannah Montana was all song and dance and zero substance, Miley still isn’t a good actress and the storylines are getting cheesier and cheesier. And Jonas just plain sucks. This is the only show on Disney worth watching, imo.

  • jessica

    i have been waiting forever for the second season of sonny with a chance. its been like months since a new episode aired.

  • V

    Ahhh! I see Channy! And Chad ans Sonny holding hands looking devestated… awww.

  • Chelsea


  • bella

    I love sonny with a chance
    me encanta ver a sonny and tawny si que son geniales las dos ,siempre me hacen reir y pasar un buen rato ,ellas deben ser las dos mejores amigas en sonny with a chance ,y si me me pongo nervioso de ya ver este nuevo episodio ,las fotos estan geniales ,me encanta verla con su cabello adorado de color negro y ese pantalon blanco omg demi sos perfecta y voten si en los kid choice awards sonny with a chance es mi favorita comedia forever

  • zena

    Nonstop sillyness, over the top acting, laugh out loud awkwardness! This is exactly why I watch, and exactly why I love this show. At least it owns up to it, and does it well! I can’t wait for new episodes to start, as it’s already been way too long in between seasons.

    Love Demi/Sterling, Tiff, Brandon, Doug! So long as those guys just keep doing what they’re doing, and having a blast while doing it, I’m sure it will be another great season.

    Good! Good! So we’re good? Oh, we’re so good!

  • cindy

    Woah! Demi lost weight? Dyed her hair black? She looks good…even
    Tiffany looked like she lost weight.

    At first, didn’t like Sonny With A Chance….but it grew on me. They have good writers and the cast are so funny. I bet they do a lot of “ad-libing”

    Cheers to season 2!!!

  • Miranda

    OMC (Oh My Chad) This looks so cool =D Someone better post this on youtube when it comes out =D

  • micaellam

    okay. If you’re just going to comment just to say something bad (like saying SLOD/WOWP/HM is *puke*), just don’t say it. We have our own OPINION. We don’t like to hurt the artists who reads the comments. Ooh…and I’m a Debby Ryan Fan (actually the biggest!). I’m just saying that, even you want to, just don’t type. Even A WORD. OR A LETTER.

  • Angela

    About time, sheesh. :))

  • josephine m

    I’m 20 years old and my friends and I love SWAC lol it’s funny and we all love Demi so im excited for S2!

  • missdestinyhope

    @josephine m: I’m 22 and I love DEMI! and Miles. Selena, not so much.

  • helen

    i love sonny with a chance that’s the best comedy series. i love it and demi lovato too.

  • HollywoodGirl

    why are they in the hospital????

  • Alexissssss

    TOTALLY AWESOME SHOW!!!! to all u haters: if u dont like it, don’t post. and STERLING IS NOT GAY!!! so get over it. only 17 days (i think, lol terrible at math)!!!!

  • Alexissssss

    I hear ya!!!

  • hanna

    i cant wait for sonny and chad to go on a date.also i hope they kiss

  • Judith

    Loves this show EVERYONE in it Especially Demi Lovato!!!
    but when does season two come out in England?!

  • linda

    I’m actually OK watching the show. But I find the acting Wizard of Wavery more natural and realistic than Sonny with a Chance. To me, it seems like Demi is just acting exagerated.

  • tiffany

    i lovee sonny with a chance hate demi lovato!!!!! face the dog..,,
    i like tiffany thornton fan’s # 1
    good bye
    tiffany thornton and tiffany ryan
    best friend forever!

  • Sony with a chance sucks

    When Walt was alive, he gave us Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, not to mention all the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy cartoons. Now that he’s dead, what do we get? Retarded twin brothers, future porn star pop singers, kids skipping out on school and calling it “summer”, and (apart from Pixar and Pirates of the Caribbean) some of the most retarded movies ever, most of which were most likely thrown together in a quick few months to boost ratings. If he came back, he’d just kill himself after beating Bob Iger, Michael Eisner, and whoever is in charge now to a pulp.

    We can’t let celebrities keep this act up. They’re subliminally brainwashing our youth through letting them watch such shows. In other words, through poisoning their minds, impacting their representations of everyday situations, and above all, Disney Channel has promoted much more negative than positive to their audience.

    An example, you say? My brother just walked in on me while frantically typing on my keyboard, my sister watching Sonny With a Chance very, very intently. He told her that he’d some retarded screaming girl, and immediately assumed it was this show. Point proven? Yeah, I thought so…

    In conclusion, we seriously have to kick this show off the air. It’s been a horror to me from day one; I mean honestly, who can stand Demi Lovato simply standing there, toothishly grinning like a devil about to be unleashed, like a possessed criminal who’s about to murder her next victim? I know I can’t. Plus, what good does she promote, or in fact, what do any popular celebrities on Disney Channel promote? To tease the nerds? That looking beautiful is the only way to win you through life? That fame, good looks and a popular outfit is the substitute for a horrible singing voice? Obviously, the negative here far outweighs the positive.

    Given these reasons, I fail to understand how anyone could argue any further that this show deserves to be on air. We need our youth back, not innocent kids who’ve been brainwashed by the soon-to-be pornstar celebrities in our current generations. This show was a joke from the start, and no longer deserves to be available to our viewers.

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