Zac & Miley to Join Kristen & Taylor at Oscars 2010

Zac & Miley to Join Kristen & Taylor at Oscars 2010

Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus are set to join Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as presenters at the 2010 Oscars.

The foursome will be presenting awards with other fellow actors throughout the evening.

Produced by Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic, the 2010 Oscars will be presented on Sunday, March 7, at the Kodak Theatre and will televised live @ 5PM PT/8PM ET on ABC.

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  • Amber

    ZAC EFRON!!!

  • brenda

    OMG! so excited to see zac & miley <3

  • amy

    Yayy for Zac :) Definitely watching them just to see him and hopefully vanessa with him :D

  • Luh

    Zac and Vanessa OSCARS 2010! ^^^


  • yourmomsuckaa

    why not vanessa ? :(
    I hope zac will take her

  • inji

    why isnt vanessa presenting?! im REALLYYY glad for Zac though :) i dont understand why miley is presenting though. OH, i remember, adam shankman is apart of the last song.

  • Masbonita

    No nessa???/ Boring…

  • sunny

    hopefully Vanessa will go with him !! <33

  • Elina

    OMT! Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus, are my top favourites.. Miley Cyrus is my rolemodel, and I’m soooo in love with Taylor Lautner… this is such an awesomeeeee news for me :D

  • Lu

    Why not Vanessa?

  • anonymous

    why would Miley be presenting at the Oscars? she shouldn’t even be there

  • itzel

    zac of course and vaneessa pleaseeeeeee :D

  • lara

    Cant wait to see Zac :)

  • amy

    We should start a petition to get vanessa presenting :)
    If kristen and Miley can do it, why can’t Vanessa!?

  • lety

    C’mon everyone MILEY AND ZAC ARE NOT DATING They just will will be presenting awards on Oscar!

  • rania

    Yay! I’m happy Miley presenting at The Oscars!!!

  • happy

    awww cool! of course I am most excited to see Zac on the Oscar stage!!!!!!!! also hoping to see vanessa with him!!!

  • naima

    you go miley

  • swiftfan

    Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  • lety

    and lets do a a petition like @amy said!
    1:37 pm on 02/22/2010
    We should start a petition to get vanessa presenting
    If kristen and Miley can do it, why can’t Vanessa!?

  • zanessa91

    wtf!!!!!!!!! i want vanessa as presenter!!!!!!! it’s unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rania

    All the people know Miley/Zac/Vanessa /Ashley are best friends

  • Michaela_love_u

    Of course ZAC! ♥ I hope that Vanessa will come with him ♥ Wanna see them together!

  • Diama

    awesome luv them

  • inji

    @lety: wtf are u on? why would zac and miley date? *raises eyebrows weirdly.*

  • jenny

    Love the line up cant wait for Zac and Miley, I really wanna see what Miley will wear hope she doesnt stir some controversy, she should be great

  • Lyinda

    ew miley who??
    she only gets to present cuz the last song is being produced by adam shankman

    yay for zac!!!!!
    im wishing V will present some day soon too.

  • jazmin

    If and only IF Vanessa decide to go with Zac I have a feeling that she won’t walk the red carpet with him…might stay behind the scene just like he did for the GG after party. :shrug: just my thought.

    Any how…I’m still excited for Zac.

    Oh and glad they are back from vacay (if tweet is true)…as much as I want pix I’m glad they had a pap free vacay :)

  • http://youtube/filasians Zanessaluvr95

    So proud of Zac! Hope he takes V with him

  • jazmin

    Now I also wonder if Miley will take her BF, Liam (?) with her as her plus 1 or her mom?

  • Nicki

    It didn’t say Miley and Zac would go as dates, though with her crush on Zac I wouldn’t be suprised if she asked him to go with her. I wonder why they didn’t get Vanessa this time?

  • pop86

    I just glad Zac and Vanessa will be going. Can’t to see Vanessa’s dress.

  • amy

    @inji: Lol you took the words right out of my mouth :L

  • Just Interested

    i want vanessa she has way better charisma than miley >_>

  • inji

    @amy: lmfao, lol xD

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Lety: no one said anything about zac and miley dating, sweetie you must be high on something

    I wish Vanessa was presenting, maybe next time… *sigh*

  • adcgordon

    Any chance we can convince the to have Zac and Vanessa dance again this year? Please? :D


  • mm–

    for the people who ask whay miley is going?
    mmm may be because she has tow historical movie in the box office and its not because of adam shankman miley also was in 2008-2009 presenting oscar thats way before she know who is adam \
    so stfu

  • daniel

    well im not excited it all i mean Vanessa isn’t

  • annasaurus

    @lety: Because she doesn’t have any upcoming movies to promote. If she had something being released around March/April, she would probably be invited to present.

  • tess

    @jazmin: who twitted it????:)

  • inji

    @annasaurus: Zac’s presenting and CSC isnt coming out until october.

  • suziq

    zanessa of course! i am sure vanessa will at least be there as his date even tho not presenting! …oh and adam shankman was the hairspray producer too right?

  • jo


    I agree. I don’t really expect Vanessa to walk the red carpet with Zac. She did go last year. They don’t have to do everything together. They’ll probably end up meeting at the Vanity Fair after party

  • annasaurus

    @inji: He’s arguably a much bigger star than Vanessa Hudgens, having just signed a deal with WB and has a bigger connection to Adam Shankman.

  • http://none judy

    fuck to zac and twilight cast and mily
    where is jonas bro
    my baby joe

  • alisson

    Vanessa should be a presenter , not miley :|

  • inji

    @annasaurus: yeah, he’s bigger than vanessa, but not MASSIVELY. shes doing SP remember? thats with WB. they’re both doing things.

  • annasaurus

    @inji: Maybe she’ll present next year when that movie comes out then. He’s just doing things with bigger players in Hollywood at the moment. Accept it.

  • honey

    Yay Zac on the Oscars…i also do wish that he takes nessa with him….cant wait to see her dress :)

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