Bonnie Wright & Jamie Campbell Bower: It Just Sort of Happened

Bonnie Wright & Jamie Campbell Bower: It Just Sort of Happened

Bonnie Wright snuggles up to boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower as they attend the Burberry Prorsum LFW Autumn/Winter 2010 Women’s wear show at the Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art in London on Tuesday afternoon (February 23).

The 19-year-old actress opened up to People about how their relationship started, “It’s not like we kept it a secret intentionally, but we didn’t go around telling everyone either. We met at a party and we just really clicked straight away. He’s a great guy, and we just enjoy spending time together.”

Bonnie added, “It’s nice because we both have the same interests, the same goals, and it’s great to have someone to talk to about it all. He’s really lovely. Everything is going great.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Bonnie and Jamie coupling up?

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Photos: Ian Gavan/Getty
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  • nysro

    What a cute Lesbian couple they make…

  • jenny

    I wish them the best of luck and I hope people like “nysro” would grow up

  • Valerie

    The look so cute!!!

  • em

    awesome! I like people who actually admit they’re dating :)

  • lina

    well said, jenny!

  • Diama

    cute couple

  • russian girl

    @jenny #2
    you are absolutely right

    GREAT couple. Young, beautiful, talented, funny….I’m happy for them. And Jamie is simple perfect.

  • Jack

    Ideally, Bonnie should get with me. But since she’s with this Jamie guy I have to say I wish them luck. They seem pretty legit.

  • Celia

    They’re so cute! I do kind of agree with number one: Jamie looks like a girl to me. But Bonnie is GORGEOUS!! :D

  • James

    I didn’t know Bonnie liked that hobo hipster look.

    She looks hot here.

  • Kim

    Who cares about these people? They’re nobodies in both movie franchises. This is old already.

    Her not being honest about breaking up a relationship is getting older.

  • Grace

    Glad to hear his girlfriend he had when they met didn’t deter her.

  • Emmeline

    Wow, I had no idea that Jamie broke up with his longt-term gf, Zoe! But it was bound to happen as he’s more and more acknowledged and still very young. They look cute together.
    He’s my favourite Volturi and loved him in Sweeney Todd!

  • Irishandproud

    they look cute together but I thought he had a girlfriend, zoe graham?? Maybe it’s over! Lucky Bonnie :D

  • dobby

    She is a disgusting ginge who no one cares about. Why is she on this website?

  • parsley

    I can’t believe she did that to me :( Well if I can’t have him i’m glad that she has him. They do make a great couple though. I love you guys :)

  • carson

    She wasn’t nice to fans today at Burberry.

  • steph

    Weird, I though they would have met on the Deathly Hallows set. But still, they’re cute and I wish them luck!

  • Midz

    I’m sorry but she ain’t pretty and I think Jamie could do 100x better!!! Seriously what does he see in her and also she needs to get her teeth fixed I mean she has quite a bit of money which she can use to get them fixed and yet she hasn’t wierdo, if I was her I would have done it ages ago!!!
    (Btw this is my opinion so it don’t mean you have to like it or agree with it and also Jared even wrote what do you think so im entitled to state my own opinion!!!)

  • Cherry

    well I prefer Jamie with Zoe but if they have the same interests and things like that, well they are happy that is the important…. Bonnie is a lucky girl!

  • vanessa

    whaaat? i never knew they were dating.

    cute couple i guess.

    it’s kinda weird how Jamie is prettier then Bonnie though…

  • swiftfan


    Obviously we do care about Bonnie =D

  • Ian

    I have to laugh at the fangirls who say Bonnie isn’t pretty enough to be with this dude. if he’s with her he obviously thinks she’s pretty enough for him. Why are women so damn catty? As a guy I can tell you, hell yes, Bonnie is hot! I

  • Joan

    We are not all the same, @Ian.

    They both look great together. I don’t know why some people feel the need to talk about celebrities like they know them personally, and hate on them openly in ways that they wouldn’t dare to speak about any other common person.

    Using words like disgusting?!!? What?
    They want to be with each other. Keep the hate to yourselves. You only end up looking ignorant and with possible psychological problems. Geez!

  • bridget


    She has a role in the most successful film franchise of all time. I think a good amount of people care about her.

  • Celia


    Whoa! Hate much.
    I just noticed that Bonnie is in her parachute pants again. Not very cute, but I love the scarf and the jacket and I want her hair! It’s gorgeous.

  • katie

    I think they’re pretty cute.

  • Mark

    She has jowles. This couple has overused their 15 min of fame.

    Fans at the Burberry show said she was rude to them. She’s got a big head if you haven’t noticed.

  • Giovanna

    Love both of them, but they are weird together!

  • Kaaatyyyy

    I will not & never trust it until Jamie personally admits it HIMSELF.
    What happen to Zoe then?
    I hope it’s not some kind of tactic to get more attention for bonnie…
    Let’s ask George Craig!

  • stephanie rose

    looks like he has a thing for red heads, his last girlfriend looks alot like her lol

  • sorry ranga

    he likes em ranga ay!
    but they are cute

  • MS.Cullen

    I wish Rob and Kristen did the same thing – come clean!!! Btw Bonnie and Jamie are cute couple :* :)))

  • twilight lover

    whaaaat???? they’re dating??! =(

    I don’t like her… But I like him =D

  • Irishandproud

    Wow dobby you really are an a**hole, there is nothing wrong with red hair. And ya bridget is right, people do care, and you prob do too seeing as you even bothered to post a comment

  • Mary

    They really need attention don’t they?

    They are boring already.

  • amy ross

    Bonnie and Amy may be a cute couple but Jamie’s ex girlfriend was left shocked and heartbroken to discover that Jamie was secretly dating Bonnie while still in a relationship with her. (see web for Zoe Graham and Jamie on holiday in Italy late October 2009). Zoe was a long term and very loyal girlfriend of Jamie’s actively supporting him with his musical and acting career.
    Still now he is part of celebrity couple and endless media attention.

  • loveee twilight sagas

    They look lovely together :D It’s great that they admited that they’re dating <333

  • lisa

    @amy ross: I’m sure you know all that because you are so close to all three of them right? You know the exact date and time they broke up because you were in the same room consoling a crying Zoe right? You know the exact night he met Bonnie right, because you were there too!! Give me a break, just because you make something up in your crazy little head and think you know whats up doesn’t make it true. How can you spread this crap without knowing the facts. Just because your jealous (ya i said it…. and you soooo know you are) does not mean you have to turn her into the villain here. The Jr. in Jared Jr. is so showing itself tonight.

  • leah


    actually, they’re both in the harry potter films, so it’s kind of a big deal.

  • lolly

    i really think bonnie is very talented and she plays a very big role in harry potter and the HBP so i dont agree with u there kim……….. as 4 jamie i had NO idea who he was until he started going out with bonnie i didnt even know he was famous until the press started say
    “bonnie works her magic on twilight vampire” in mags and on the fan sites so i did research and realised he did play a vampire in new moon so i do agree there. as 4 them as a couple i think there cute 2gether but i dont think it will last long!!! but then again who am i 2 judge bonnies decisions she is now 19 from the 17 feb!

  • lolly

    wat did she do 2 here fans at the burburry fashion show?????????

  • lolly

    absoluty swiftfan i couldnt belive sum1 cud be sooo rude i mean i love her 2 and honestly if u dont like her why i gods name are u here commenting her realtionship!!!!!! u really ought not 2!!!!

  • lolly

    you are a fricking super hero that was soooooooooo well said you really put that girl (shudder) in her place hehehe!!! so put that in ur pipe and smoke it amy ross!!!!! hahaha
    i really think im goin mad!!! jk!!!

  • lolly

    that was just mean dobby :( u have absoluty nooooooooooo right 2 so that about her!!!! :( and her hair is beautiful and in case u havent noticed she plays the role of a red haired girl and if she didnt have red hair she cud hardly be a weasley now cud she??? on that note i will end by saying i hope ur hair falls out and that u dont deserve 2 call ur self dobby!!! :( hahahaha

  • lolly

    well said joan!! people can be soo rude 2 celebs but would pass out if they saw them!!!

  • lolly

    cudnt agree more irish and proud!!!!! i love red hair its sooo pretty!! and dobby really is an a**hole!!! i already gave them a mouthfull about that comment its just RUDE x1000000000
    (btw im irish 2!!!!!!!!)

  • amy ross

    Lisa, I understand your point about people posting random gossip, I agree with you there. But actually i do know one of the people personally. … and the info is correct.
    p.s i have no reason to be jealous

  • lolly

    who do you know amy?????

  • katie

    @amy ross: jamie and bonnie weren’t together for six months. people magazine got it wrong, you’ll notice bonnie wasn’t quoted saying six months, that was just people magazine. bonnie said “a few months” in another article, not six. they’ve been together since about december, so around 3 months.