Selena Gomez: A Boyfriend Would Be Nice

Selena Gomez: A Boyfriend Would Be Nice

Selena Gomez shows off her stunning smile in this new pic from the new issue of emmy magazine.

The 17-year-old actress dished about using her name for good with UNICEF, fangirling over Rachel McAdams and what she would really use Alex’s magic powers for. Check it:

On working and doing good for UNICEF: “I’m able to educate my fans, and I was able to educate myself. It was a completely life-changing experience, very humbling for me.”

On Rachel McAdams: “She’s made some very smart choices and she’s never played the same character. She’s done Mean Girls, The Notebook, Red Eye. She was fantastic in all of them. I always go see her movies the first night they open.”

On what she would love to get with a little magic help: “Oh goodness. That’s hard. Man. Well, I think a boyfriend would be nice.”

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Photos: emmy Magazine
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  • nathalia Braga


  • Aamna

    lol i think this was back when wizards won the emmy so it’s not recent, she looks gorgeous in those pics!!

  • ssss

    ooh so beautiful.
    and selena..I think you got your wish

  • Janey

    Where can you buy this magazine? Thanks!

  • dee

    She is so sweet and a great rolemodel . I can’ t wait for ramona and beezus.

  • Mareike

    LOVE her but she became way boring :/

  • monica

    Hmm….I wonder who she might want this boyfriend to be? Could it be Nick Jonas or Logan Lerman?

  • SSR

    SHE LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! Love her hair/dress and smile <3

  • SSR


    Logan Lerman!!!!!!! lol.

  • http://deleted lalaloo

    Yes Logan Lerman and Selena gomez!

    Perfect couple! They remind me of Zaneesa 2.0!

  • Mileycyrusfan

    omg i luv her hair!!!!
    its sooo cute!!!
    i luv it when its short not long\
    Logan Lerman and Selena looks cute together
    not Nelena
    My BFFL Loves Nick Jay

  • Jasmin

    Selena is just so beautiful in everything she does!

  • Letyy

    NOOO people pleasee I ‘m a niley fan but Sel likes more happy with Nick! don’t you think?!

  • http://deleted lalaloo

    Logan and Selena= Lolena

    Lolena FTW!

  • pauli

    my gosh… she looks so stunning…. im so jelous!!! seriously she looks extremly gorgeous…. love her….

  • pauli

    her face is so preety and perfect!!! she has everything…. beauty, talented, famous, a gold heart, great personality, is so sweet!!! shes the best….

  • ms. a

    i think this was b4 Nick J =D Love NELENAAA :D

  • vanessa

    awww, Selena is so sweet & Gorgeous.

  • swiftfan

    she looks beautiful!

  • good-one

    Oh? Does this have something to do with that 14-carat diamond ring that Hilary Duff just received?

    Can’t Selena Gomez have practically any guy she wants?

  • teo

    I think that out there are tons of boys that want to date Selena, but she has to be careful and pick the right one.
    In my opinion I think she should be single and focused on her job… a boyfriend could be too much drama.

  • mika

    I’m going to be honest, she’s nothing special looking.
    If she was walking down the street, I wouldn’t look twice.

  • koolkat

    @mika: i disagree, she looks gorgeous!

  • AJ

    I’m with you Selena! I need a boyfriend haha.

  • cam


    You might not look twice, but every guy would, she is georgous.

  • Daniel Weiler

    I Love you Selena Gomez

    Love You Dan

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    isn’t she dating nick jonas?.

  • andrea

    pleasepleaseplease someone get her away from logan!!!!!!!! i just dont like them together. hes really mature and stuff and shes a disney princess. even though shes the one i liked the best because shes the best role model from pretty much every disney star, shes still disney and just make me think childness. make her call him when she gets a more mature roll.

  • Carrie

    I think she is really pretty. I love her fashion.

  • natswift

    She looks GORGEOUS!

  • Lexxy

    i dont think logan likes her that way cause in an in interview w/ ryan secrest he told logan that selena has a crush on him and he just said “oh,thanks”. and anyone but !!! :))

  • Ella

    She already have. ;)

  • lulu

    @cam: actually, most guys i know think she’s really average looking. Girls think she’s pretty because of how she’s been made up. Personally, I find her very ordinary looking, but that’s just my opinion x x x

  • dina

    see i told yell, she and nick are not dating! they are just friends! selena is not stupid to move to fast with nick, they are good friends first!

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I think she’s attractive, but I’m too old for her. Mileycyrusfan, her hair may be short in these pictures, but it’s still a feminine hairdo. It’s not like Ellen DeGeneres or Jane Lynch’s hairdos.

  • Wibbly Wobbly

    Selena can basically have any male on the planet, magic or no magic.

    I would like to nominate Logan Lerman!!! How cute would they be?!?!

  • Geraldine

    LOLENA FTW!!!!!!!!!

    lolena or nelena – either way i’m going taking the one one that’s leftover lol

  • Cheesecakefortaylor


    Our lil mr justin bieber has a crush on her
    He can get every girl he want so why he thinks that sel is her dreamgirl with beyonce?And he thinks that Miley is a no-go!

    I live in New York and the most of guys I know (17-19 years) think that she’s hot so shut up!

    She’s amazing! And She should date Taylor not that Logan or Nick!


  • lulu

    @Cheesecakefortaylor: geeze i didn’t say she was ugly, i said most guys I KNOW just don’t like her. Like I said, my opinion I don’t think she’s attractive. Obsessed much?

  • aa

    I’m a guy, and I think Selena is the most gorgeous girl in the world. Most guys I know agree with me.

  • Andi

    HA. i think selena has some of alex’s powers, if you know what i mean.

  • fell

    Get a life and stop hating . jelous much

  • joe

    she cute!!! i love you sel

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    Aww she’s so beautiful.
    and i agree, Logan Lerman and Selena would be the
    second cutest couple ever!
    Zanessa first obviously :)

  • lulu


  • Carrie

    I agree with you. A boyfriend would be nice. Selena you will get a boyfriend becasue you are really pretty and down to earth. I watched your show and it is really funny. I think Nick and you are a cute couple if you are one. I am a fan and I like Naturally and some other of your songs. I watched your wizards movie and it was really good. Good Luck with everything in your life

  • Carrie

    I think you are really pretty. I love your pictures and your show. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Lee Dykes

    Hey girl hows it crack-a-lacking This is Lee Dykes from Stringer,Mississippi just wanted to say hey to you and let you know that I think you’re pretty cool and if you wanted to you could be my QUEEN, I know your just 17 but I am 27 and I’m a libra but please don’t let me make you think that I’m a freak because I aint and send me a c.d. with some of your music on it please, oh and I will give you my blessings because that would be very sweet of you no doubt, oh yea it’s all g double o d

  • selena

    your the best hey im maybe
    also going to be in disney but were do i go to the usa to canada in witch contry also please tell me send it to my e-mail please.

  • bee

    haha , i think her & david would make a bomb couple =)

>>>>>>> staging1