Selena Gomez to Have Reggae on Next Album, Naturally

Selena Gomez to Have Reggae on Next Album, Naturally

Selena Gomez is already thinking of her next album.

The 17-year-old entertainer dished to MTV about what’s coming up in her music career, sharing, “We were gonna do a deluxe edition of my album, but we started on some songs, so we figured, ‘Why not? Let’s just go for a second one.’ It’s kind of different ” older ” and it’s kind of got, like, a reggae sound.”

And just who would Selena like to work with? “Well, I want to work with the producers who did ‘Naturally’ [Antonina Armato, Tim James and Devrim Karaoglu]. They are so sweet. I’d love to work with Dr. Luke. I think he’s awesome.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sel’s plans for her second album?

Selena Gomez Goes Reggae
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  • james taylor

    bad idea who listens to reggae

  • 4eee

    a reggae sound? like party in the usa? ugh, this b!

  • OhWow

    I love this girl so much.

    I can’t wait for her next album!

  • Clau

    Ok! that names sound me like miley’s producers (armato and Dr. luke)
    seriously selena?

  • Ashley

    Reggae? Um, no…
    Why can’t she see that she needs to sing acoustic music? It fits her voice.

  • lulu

    reggae, no, not at all! she should stick to acting let alone do something not right for her voice! no more singing (just my opinion people!!) x x x

  • chey


    Party in the USA isn’t reggae…at all…

  • chey

    @lulu: Finally someone who realizes that she doesn’t have a good singing voice

  • pauli

    yayyy so excited…. cant wait for her nex album!!! i love selena so much….. shes the best!!!

  • pauli

    @4eee pitusa reggae are you crazy???? pfff of course that song isn´t reggae is soooooo cheap pop

  • Elizabeth

    I really cant wait I mean shes finding who she is by exploring new sounds and thats fine by me Love her wish her the best !!

  • swiftfan

    I think its a bit soon for a second album…but I wish her the best and hopefully this album will be even better.

  • Shaye

    psh!! this little misguided girl has no idea what reggae is. I live in Jamaica and i don’t know what it is. Poor girl doesn’t sing very well anyway. She can act though. Stick to acting!!

  • leesha

    who am i kidding?
    she should stick to acting PERIOD.

  • lulu

    @chey: Thank you! ;D x x x

  • gold baybay

    Oh my Jesus. You must be 10 or something. “Party In The USA” reggae? I’m going to try my hardest to ignore that illogical comment. BOB MARLEY is the King of Reggae. Everything you need to know about reggae is in his music. And Selena Gomez can’t sing cheesy pop, how exactly does she plan on mastering REGGAE. One of the hardest genres of music to sing.

  • mika

    Selena, why are you so persisted on continuing with music?
    Have you not noticed the lack of people, sorry children that come to your shows? Has anyone told you the low ratings and reviews you get?

    You’re a spectacular actor, why would you branch off to another career? And reggae? Seriously?

    There’s only so much you can do …

  • jani

    stick to acting DAMN Your not a singer

  • Wise

    Love her! I love Reggae It’s so big here in New York, She maturing into a beautiful lady!

  • sean92

    selena singign reggea? dats werid lol

  • ali

    of course she wouldnt know what reggae , if u go to the caribean u hear real reggae also she isnt caarribean she is mostly from italy and mexico but shes a good singer

  • Annie

    Please, please leave reggae alone.

    I beg you.

    Btw? Party in the USA was NOT reggae.

  • bar

    OMG!!!! so excited

  • joe

    I love you sel!!!!! can’t wait 4 your next cd!!!!

  • lalala

    wooow…. why is she trying so hard to be a singer? she’s always trying to one-up miley cyrus and demi lovato; its a little annoying that she even has a “band”
    her fans are basically all under the age of 10

  • heidi

    AMAZING! can’t waittttttttttttttt

  • Selenafan

    All of you Selena haters out that have no clue what u r talking about. How can you sit there and say that she can’t sing, I suggest you get your hearing checked. And she didn’t say it’s going to reggae, it’s going to have a Naturally kind of beat to it. And people not going to see her shows, she basically sold out most of HOB tour. She’s a great singer, and actress. She’s beautiful and she’s turning into a very classy young lady. She’s not trying to be up on Miley, Miley should be taking lessons from Selena. And most of her fans are not under 10, if you don’t know what you are talking about, then you shouldn’t say anything. Her Kiss and Tell cd was awesome and her second cd is going to be even better. Selena you are beautiful and you totally rock. Can’t wait to hear your next cd.

  • Selenafan#1

    Yes,I totally agree with you.Selena can sing.She is the BEST forever!!!!!!!!

  • Selenafan#1

    Selena is the BEST!!!!!!I can’t wait!!!!!!!And She can sing!!!!!

  • MileyBrazil


  • MileyBrazil


  • dina

    i really love the nauually song do much!

  • MileyBrazil


  • Tiffany

    I am excited for her new album I sure the ragge part will sound cool. Get all of Selena’s clothes here

  • trucuyenvui

    love selena so much
    hate miley so much

  • mileysuxx


    Miley is the one who can’t sing ;)

    Selena’s voice is so unqiue and awesome!
    She should write her own songs I think that I won’t apologize was the bets song of her album and she wrote it…so yeah she’s good!

    Hope she will become a very succesful actress like angelina !

  • lulu

    @trucuyenvui: why does miley have to be involved in everything selena?

  • maqibabe

    Yeah, That Sounds Like The Same Producers Miley Had ( Armarto , And Dr.Luke.)!
    Why Does She Insist On Doing What Miley Does.
    She’s A Good Actress Not Singer, She Should Stick To Acting.

  • Naomi

    ok hold on. i love selena and all, but i don’t think that her next album is going to sell. i mean, when she said she was going to have reggae, i think she meant something similar to reggae, not real reggae. it will have the same pop feel to it. the songs on the next album may sound something jason mraz might do. i think she’s trying to something like jason mraz’s music.

  • Naomi

    also, the reason why i said it probably wont sell is because vanessa hudgens tried to do the same thing. her last album was sort of a hip hop, soul or whatever it was. it didnt do so well and eventually, she left hollywood records. but i could be wrong about selena’s next album. we’ll just have to wait and see…

  • hana

    miley=way hotter
    sings && acts better [;

  • Adam

    Is she mentally retarded?

  • http://1 stephanie

    you guys are so white! she didnt say it was reggae she said it is kinda sounds like it dumbass! and miley can kiss her brown ass! she can do whatever she wants she gots tha brown pride baby! if she wher white then i would be laughing shes not stupid she knows what shes doing! she should do some r n b though if it sounds good then good but if it dont it dont matter she said shes trying to find out what kind of music sounds right for her jus leave her alone fool miley cyrus is the bad singer here yo! whats up wit her mouth and her grill! her music is so corney and party in the usa is shit! she says and the the j-z song comes on blah blah she said her self she NEVER listened to a j-z song before stupid white bread! any way yall hatin let mah girl do her thang!

  • http://twitter shaphnah

    i live in jamaica too thats hardly reggea but bob marley and his son ziggy marly know what reggae is but i still wish her luck. she should sing one love.then she will will know what reggae is.

  • http://twitter shaphnah


>>>>>>> staging1