Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Beastly Featurette!

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer: Beastly Featurette!

Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer get flirty in this new sneak peek to their upcoming film, Beastly.

The duo open up in the new featurette from about the basis of the film and just how much fun they had working on the film.

Vanessa shared, “Lindy is the girl in school who goes unnoticed but of course has a crush on the popular guy [Kyle]. As soon as he changes, he starts to take note in her.”

Also starring Niel Patrick Harris and Mary-Kate Olsen, the film opens on July 30.

Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer – “Beastly” Featurette
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  • abcmissme

    Vanessa keep doing your thing girl BIG supporter HERE. Good luck in all you do… even if you don’t have Zac with you all the time. I admire you.

  • abcmissme

    Vanessa keep doing your thing girl BIG supporter HERE. Good luck in all you do… even if you don’t have Zac with you all the time. I admire you.

  • Caro

    They are the perfect couple (? Love them.

  • abcmissme

    Just watched the trailer this movie looks so sweet DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A DATE WITH MY BOYFRIEND.

  • Masbonita

    I have watched this a million times today!!!!! I love them together, best Lindy and Best kyle ever. Great job!

  • chloek

    Looks amazing. Cant wait to see the whole thing =D

  • suzy

    love it love it.

  • Ivy

    I’m going to see this movie!

  • Shannon

    This movie looks so good I can not wait to see it.. Just from watching this you can see that Vanessa did an amazing job =)

  • http://twitter zanessa4eva

    tht looks awsome i cnt wait to see it

  • nikki


  • carly


    i agree but i think zanessa will be together forever!!
    that was so amazing I can’t wait.
    vanessa has gone a long way!!!
    great job

  • J

    cant wait to see the movie, Vanessa is a great actress, Alex’s to, love them!

  • lalala

    looks like an awesome movie :)
    what was that part when that guy had a gun..?

  • nikki

    @carly: duh zanessa will be together forever ITS ZANESSA<333cutest cuple in hollywood

  • jess

    OMG! this looks amazig!
    all of them are great actors!
    V and Alex look cute together!

  • vfan

    @abcmissme: Even if you don’t have zac with you all the time ? wtf? Anyway I love this it looks amazing Vanessa is really going to go far.

  • heather

    it looks sooooooo good

  • Bianca

    I love this! But, the book is a bit different. I’m a little sad.
    But I love Vanessa and Alex! They are my favorite actors!

  • Masbonita

    That’s almost the end of the movie…

  • .

    Can’t wait for this movie! Vanessa is seriously talented

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg that looks omg I don’t even have the word..
    you can definitely tell that Vanessa did awesome in the movie..
    can’t wait for it to come out..

  • Jess!


  • Tree

    This movie looks different than the book, I was wondering how true to the book they would be. The movie looks alot more exciting. Can’t wait to see it. Vanessa and Alex both do a great job in the Trailer.

  • Nadya

    Can’t wait to see this beastly movie. I am kinda like these duo Venessa and Alex playing in this movie.

  • newyorkrox101

    yayyyy!!! Can’t wait for this movie!!!
    Vanessa is looking awesome and she is an awesome actress and Alex is pretty good too!!!

  • Jess!

    I cannt wait to see it.. yayyy

  • bianca

    I don’t get it…how come Vanessa gets to do movies with all the hot guys!!! If she doesn’t want Zac anymore I can take him…in fact…I can take whichever of the two she doesn’t want…haha looks like a really good movie.

  • anne006

    aaaah! i can’t wait!! looks so awesome.

  • maeli

    love th featurette you go baby v totally gonna watch this movie

  • mike

    i love vanessa shes so beautiful and so talented in this movie to i will watch it for sure

  • LG

    I finally know how Twilight obsessed fans feel like when they see sneak peeks.

  • ak

    This movie is going to bomb just like Vanessa’s other movie Bandslam.

  • ak

    This movie is going to bomb at the box office just like Vanessa’s other movie Bandslam. How can you tell from a three-minute clip on how well she did in the movie. Looks like her usual crappy acting.

  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful
    I’m sure will be a great movie

  • tania..

    it’s seems interesting..
    like a modern version of “beauty and the beast”,maybe..
    can’t wait..

  • go sox

    This looks SOOO good….I love the visuals, the chemistry of Alex and Vanessa, the beauty of the story. Can’t wait!!

  • Carol


    It’s killing me

    I can’t wait to see!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lauren

    people just ignore ak just lookin for attention…if u ignore theyll get tired and go away cause they got no attetion

  • newyorkrox101

    How can you tell by the 3 minute trailer that she is acting crappy??

  • badromance

    @ak: Because the director, her co-stars and many other members of the crew have publicly said how impressed they were by her during the filming of this movie. She’s proven herself to people who matter, so obviously you dont.

  • jazmin

    Movie looks great….can’t wait. Everyone looks amazing. Love MK when she said “or stay like this forever”

    Thanks for posting

  • JaRc

    wow! that was completely amazing! I totally loved it!!!!

    Vanessa is AMAZAING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MK too! NPH! (awesome!)

  • ak

    Of course the director and cast are going to say nice things about Vanessa. That’s called putting a good spin on things. Doesn’t negate the fact that she can’t act. The only people who are going to see this movie are the 50 people who always comment on Vanessa posts. If she has such a huge fanbase, why did her movie Bandslam bomb, which she heavily promoted?

  • ak

    Hope she fades away from Hollywood and puts us all out of our misery from having to watch her try to act. Her albums didn’t do well either.

  • kami


    i feel sorry for people like you. you must really be unhappy and dislike yourself a lot. hatred for vanessa will not make you feel better. it will not.

    just from that clip the movie looks awesome. did kyle have a motorcycle in the book? i don’t remember. i’m sure there will be some changes and it won’t be exactly like the book. neil patrick harris has a great role too.

  • b

    I loved it ! Beastly is gonna be an amazing movie. I can’t wait to see it! She’s like really really acting, gorgeous!

  • hihi

    Awww Vanessa and Alex are SO cute at 2:11 they would be so cute together.

  • BIG Vanessa Hudgens fan(:

    OMFG i lvoee vanessa hudgens so much loved her since her 1st movie thriteen (BIG FAN HERE) shes amazinq flawless and zac eforn is more then lucky althouqh ppl say Bandslam is borinq or w.e it isnt as bad as i thought I only likee it cuz vanessa hudgens plays in it duu…But anyways cant wait to see this movie wanted to see it since i 1st i heard bout it lonqq timee aqo this shoes more then the lil 30sec teaser, ppl say shes a bad actress quess wat shes NOT NEVER thouqht she was, I mean shes playinqq it a alot of stuff now she had to be qood. Cant wait to see her kick butt in Suker punch and i hope she does not die in this movie cuz if she does I might cry, I also heard she and zac efron jhonny deep and britney spears might play in this movie of a differnet kind of bonniee &; Cyldee i aslo heard shes doinqq somethinq w Mariah carey but Mariah said that, that was a rummmor so who knoes all i knoe is it could be the worst movie ever but if Vanessa plays in it , its qoinqq to bee likeee thee best movieee ever, i lovee her so much will stick by her side no matter wat she plans to do in lifeee, Ily <333 Vanessa rockzzzz….
    P.S= Will bee the 1st in thee movies to c all her movies(: -Thats my qurl….

  • ak

    Can’t wait til the movie bombs and I can say “I told you so.”

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