Ashley Tisdale Talks Teen Witch

Ashley Tisdale Talks Teen Witch

Ashley Tisdale‘s name has swirled around the Teen Witch remake for a while now, but we finally got a jist of what’s going on.

The 24-year-old actress opened up to HollywoodLife at the Burberry Prorsum event on Wednesday night about the upcoming project.

Ashley shared, “In the original, you know, Robyn Lively didn’t sing at all, even though other girls performed. But the studio said ‘Hey, you’re a singer, right?’ They reworked the script so it can be more of a musical. The plan is to start filming at the end of the year…you can expect it will be a lot more modern than the original.”

Teen Witch is about a shy high schooer named Louise learns she’s a descendant of the infamous Salem witches. She then uses her powers for good over evil in the high school world to make herself popular and get the guy she wants.

JJJ Fun Fact: The original starred Robyn as Louise, who in real life is married to Bart Johnson a.k.a. Coach Bolton from HSM. Robyn is also Blake‘s half-sister.

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  • saudia

    This should have been a DCOM movie. I don’t think it will be a hit on the silver screen.

  • M

    Umm yeah, she needs a better agent. The two movies that they’ve mentioned umm no… needs to find some good roles.

  • Joochi

    These movies are so-so, and it’ll involve singing, I’ve always said she’s much more creative behind the camera instead of in front of the camers, on thing for sure, it’ll attrack alot of little ones to the movies. All in all, good for her, another project in waiting.

  • mike

    cant wait to see her in the movie

  • (:


    it is fo the big screen.
    musical and teen?
    well bye bye ashley.

  • Joboots


    Yeah…..she’s almost 25,can’t she start finding serious parts like
    Amanda,Rachel or Kristen and leave the teen parts to Miley,Demi
    or Selena while they’re still young???

  • (:

    you can’t forget that she is coming from HSM.
    She was ,what? 23+ when HSM ends so now that she is 24 (and is some way she is STILL with disney) it is hard for her to find GOOD roles appropriate to her ages. I am very positive “teen witch” is the best from the worst roles she is just getting offers for.

  • http://none elle

    Ashley! Come on you are such a good actress what is this? Tenn Witch my ass. Im sorry i had to say it. I LOVE you Ash but what a bad career move. Your agent obviously still thinks your that cute 3 year old he found at the mall, but your not! You are a sexy beautiful 24 year old with mega talent! You can’t be a Disney girl forever!

  • kat

    Teen Witch is one of my favorite 80′s movies!!! She better not f*ck it up with some wack remake, because the original is dope. just sayin…

  • pam

    The kiddies love them sum Tizz so I’m sure that even if she’s 26, or older, when this movie comes out – they will still storm the theaters for this movie. Also, musical should be back en vogue again by then.

  • Ashley

    No kids won’t like it. The rest of the hsm cast is actively trying to steer clear of musicals and she’s jumping in ? Also, if it films this year that means she’ll be 25 so by the time it comes out she’ll be 26-27. She should change her look to lookmore mature and do whatever she has to do to get better roles.

  • Samantha

    Well, Vanessa did bandslam which was a musical, Zac did hairspray. So maybe this is her ‘other musical’ role and then she’ll get into bigger stuff, like Zac and Vanessa did.

  • kami

    is this another sharpay type role? sounds like it. that’s the one role she can play well. maybe that’s why she’s sticking with it.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Samantha: But you have to remember that zac was like 18 or something when he did hairspray and vanessa was… I think… About 18-19 when sh filmed bandslam and 20 when it came out; Ashley is 24 going on 25; I think she should try and move away from any teen/musical movies for a while or that’s all she is going to be known for… Don’t jump at me Ashley fans because I did not insult her… But if she wants to be taken seriously in this industry she has to start doing more grown up movies

  • speachless

    time to pack it in fizzdale didnt you do a straight to dvd movie similer to this to this.

  • erin

    Not every role a person does needs to be mature and Oscar worthy. If Ashley wants to do a few silly movies before she starts her “serious” career, who are we to stop her? She has plenty of time left to start doing more mature roles.

    She has months before this movie starts filming, maybe she’ll film another movie that’s more mature before then or maybe she’ll even chage her mind about this, who knows? People just need to chill and let Ashley do the things she wants with HER career. At least she’s working.

  • Fde-x

    I totally agree that ashley should get more mature roles. However I really do believe she’ll do a great job, maybe teen witch it’s only one of her next movies.. I mean there were tons of other rumored projects for ash, right??
    Just because she’s doing this movie doesn’t mean she has no carreer, we don’t even know how successful will it be ! :D

  • M

    I agree with you Jenny. She needs to start doing some more mature roles. That’s the downfall of starring in a disney movie, you get the fans but you have to prove yourself and i agree, because Disney stars have to prove that to me.

    These 2movies she has chosen do sound more like straight to dvd movies than box office. She doesn’t have to open to big box office success. My favourites Cate Blanchett and Saoirse Ronan don’t do that, but they have the quality of acting.

    Ashley needs something that will challenge her and show that she has range, instead of always going back to her comfort zone. I don’t think she will grow as an actress if she keeps picking these dumb roles. She is 25 and there are always more competition for roles now esp in the age range of 23 upwards. She is basically up against Seyfried, Kendrick, Mulligan, Knightley to name a few.

  • Kim

    No please don’t remake it. The original was great & I could never imagine her in that role. :(

  • taylor

    She’s been signed on to do this for like two years hasn’t she? It sucks that they finally decided to make it right when she’s trying to grow out of things like this. The same thing happened with AITA. She filmed it when HSM was still going on and it wasn’t released until way after that. But whatever, actors do silly movies like this all the time. As longs as she does more mature movies along with it, I don’t see the problem. That Misfits movie is a start I guess.

  • Raissa

    i think Ashley can do everything she want’s, and i think her fans needs make her more strong,’cause is that go make her grown up! but i guess she’s need more seriously roles ’cause she’s have talent……before we said what we think we need see what she’s think and how she is very cute…… However i go see that movie ’cause she’s there!!!and i’m a really her fan (i don’t know how write in english)

  • ZJ207

    Ashley is still – or still looks – young. That’s what she has been saying for over a year now.
    People expect her to do roles that are mature and oscar-worthy, but she doesn’t want to do those yet. She has the opportunity to do teen movies right now – because of her image and her background – so why not take advantage of it and still do teen movies as long as she can, because, as she said, “once you’re in there you can’t go back”.
    She’s just enjoying her time left with teen movies, let her do that.

    And those movies are not HSM-alike. They’re a little bit for an older audience, i guess? And that’s because their conversations in these movies would be, from what I understood, more mature and more like what teens talk these days…

    Anyways, I support Ashley and know she’s a great actress that can pull off any role! :)

  • nina caplan

    i loooove the idea, but not the idea of making it a musical… maybe she could record a song for the credits or something, but i’m tires of musicals now… nothing will be like high school musical <3

  • Grace

    Umm hello everyone! Ashley can do what she wants lol its her life, im exicted about this project! so as long as Ashley’s happy so am i

  • heather

    She hasn’t filmed anything in almost two years, she didn’t do too much in 2009 (her album flopped and her two singles did, not something memorable there). She can do kid movies all she wants, but both of these movies will be on in 2011, 3 years since her last film (Hsm3), she needs to prove she has moved on from that and can appeal to different demographics than 4-14 year olds.

    Zac had 17 Again for his tweens/teens, Vanessa did Bandslam and Ashley did AITA. Zac filmed D&LOCSC, Vanessa did Beastly and Sucker Punch. Ashley needs to take steps to start transitioning or she will be stuck in tween-stardom/roles. The first roles you take are the most crucial choices you make when transitioning.

    I’m saying, she can do this all she wants but she definitely needs an adult film too, something with great stars and she can be a supporting character. She does not want to be stuck in tween-stardom.

    At the end of the day, it is her career though. Whatever floats her boat, I guess.

  • me.


    umm…have you SEEN bandslam? it’s not even a musical. it’s a movie that has music (and it’s not the teenybopper type of music), it kinda has an indie feel to it.
    zac was 19 when he did hairspray and he was huge at that time, because of the HSM fame.

    i wouldn’t mind ashley doing a musical. but right now, she needs to get away from that for a while if she wants to prove to other people that she can act.

  • gossipgirl-x

    @Samantha: bandslam wasnt a musical and atleast zac and vanessa were both under 20 when they filmed hairspray and bandslam, ashley 25! she needs to do some better more older roles really.

  • gossipgirl-x

    @Jenny.s.: agreeddd. x

  • paulc

    oh for heck’s sake… the part should go to Selena or Miley… both can sing and act… and both are still teenagers as well so would be far more believable…

    is the problem that both Selena & Miley are currently working and they’ve got to get this movie out into production?

  • Ashley_Vanessa_fan

    I can’t wait for the movie to come out, i will b so getting it and i seriously can’t wait 2 watch it, ashley is great at acting and singing!!!!
    Love You Ashley Forever!!!!!!! :)

  • fan

    It is Ashley’s career and does what she wants to do. One of her fan has mentioned that Ashley is the executive producer for this movie and her production company is producing it. If this is true, I could see what this movie can do for her production company as a business opportunity side. Ashley being in this movie plays a hugh part to generate the tween/teen audience to see it. Ashley’s fans are predominant tweens/teens age group and Disney fans, therefore, this movie will drive those audiences to see it. Since those tweens/teens and Disney fans are her audience, use it as an advantage for BO number. Plus playing a teenager character role at the age of 24 is acting. Like Miley’s movie, she is playing a 16/17 year old role which is her age, and how hard is it to play a character that is exactly the same age of yourself. Monique Coleman is 27/28 years old and plays Taylor in HSM which that character’s age was 17 years old. I remember what Kenny Ortega had said that every once awhile during rehearsal and filming that Mo mistakenly acted her true age instead of the character’s high schooler’s age. I really don’t see anything wrong with it for Ashley. So what, being typecast playing teenage/high schooler roles means she will get those role, and plus there are more TV series and movies that the main/base storyline about the main characters are teenage and high school age, which are basically about teenage/high school’s life story.

  • Nicki

    She can do what she wants sure, if she doesn’t care about her future. If she wants to be taken seriously as an actor she shouldn’t be going for these type of roles. Hells, least Vanessa is trying.

  • khairanie amen

    hola everyone… hope that ashley can goes here in philippines…. so that i can see her in personal…..

  • Barb

    Ashley is slowly gravitating toward more grown-up roles. That’s cool. She doesn’t want to alienate her younger fans, either. I loved Aliens in the Attic and Guilty Pleasure is great! Austin is totally hot! Make another movie with him, Ash! Please?

  • Gabe

    Every one who doesn’t think this movie will be good is retarded. It is a great move for Ashley. And if I’m not mistaken, there have been thousands of successful movies that were expected to suck.. “Napoleon Dynamite” is definitely one. And I’m sure this remake won’t be as stupid. This is going to be a big movie, you just wait…

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