Kellan Lutz Cuddles with Kola for peta

Kellan Lutz Cuddles with Kola for peta

Kellan Lutz holds onto pup Kola close in his new ad for peta2.

The 24-year-old actor opened up to the organization about how important it is to adopt and not buy your future pets.

Kellan shared, “[I]t’s our job to … take [animals] under our wing and take care of them and give them a place to live.”

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Kellan Lutz talks Pet Adoption
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  • kat

    I love how he loves animals :D

  • James Taylor

    Thats BS if i want a Dog why should i not buy 1 i don’t have time for check ins to C if i’m taking care of my dogs or meet there requirements & what if i want a certain kinda dog i’m not gonna travel for 1 shoot I’ll buy 1 if i got the money if not then i just don’t want a dog U only adopt if your trying to mate your dog with another

  • rachel

    =) love kellan and his dog is adorable. and i agree, definitely adopt. i’ve adopted from a shelter twice.

    and oh my god, the seal killing thing was sad :/

  • good-one

    My heart goes out to our celebrities who have given so much of themselves and helped save so many human lives in quake-ravaged Haiti.

    Yet it is widely accepted that about 10 million animals are euthanized in the United States, each year. Some of the most wonderful animals you could ever hope to meet, are destroyed, because no one wants or will adopt them. Have a look at some just hoping to be spared:

    God bless you, Kellan Lutz, for fronting for animals.

  • Tanzie

    Doesn’t PETA kill animals too? I don’t support the cause since they are mean and heartless. But that’s good he’s trying to save animals. But celebrities pick the wrong cause to save them. I think it’s okay to buy and adopted. Just as long they ain’t puppy mills.

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