Will Hannah Montana Stay or Will She Go?

Will Hannah Montana Stay or Will She Go?

Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso share a sweet moment in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode “Should I Neigh or Should I Go,” which will also be available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Miley Stewart faces the biggest decision of her life — whether to say goodbye to her life in Malibu or to listen to her heart and return to her Crowley Corners ranch and beloved horse Blue Jeans in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, Jackson (Jason Earles) moves into his own apartment, Lilly (Osment) Lilly is contemplating what to do after her mom accepts a job in Atlanta and Oliver (Musso) must decide whether to stay with his two best friends or go on the road to pursue his fledgling music career.

It all starts on Sunday, March 7 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 20+ stills inside…

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Photos: Dean Hendler/Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel
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  • Anna

    im going to be so sad when this ends :[

  • maddie

    can’t wait!

  • Kristina

    I love this show so much. I’ll be sad for when the day comes Hannah Montana ends with season 4 next year. :(

  • good-one

    Is this why Miley’s new emotionally powerful duet “Nothing to lose”, with Brett Michaels, is not a music video yet?

    Is there actually some chance that Hannah Montana might be revived?

  • victoria

    so excited yet so sad..<3

  • florencia


  • ashytisdalefan

    I can’t wait, this episode seems amazing and dramatic. And this isn’t the last season hannah fans, they are filming more and then it will end (sadly).

  • melissa

    dude you just ruined the ending to everyone
    I didn’t wanted to know until the episode was out on tv
    at least put SPOILER! before you say anything about it

  • rachel


    well it’s not really a spoiler – obviously she’s going to stay in LA in the show because there’s another half season after this one ends.

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    very exicted about this finale but i will be sad inside :(

  • rachel


  • abc


  • carly

    ahhh im so sad

  • rania

    I love Miley and Hannah :(

  • Monet

    oh gosh why do they keep egging this on? Nobody gives a f****. I’m so tired of this show, it started sucking a while after season 3 started.

    JUST END IT ALREADY!!! it’s not even funny anymore and all the character’s have totally lost their personality.

  • Gabby

    @Monet Read the comments up there, apparently people do care.

    I don’t want it to end! :(

  • Carrie

    I am so sad that hannah montana will end. I know that Miley do not want to do the show anymore. She wants to do other things in her career like singing and movies. I can’t wait for The Last Song movie comes out March 31. I love When I Look At You.

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    miley told a reporter on a red carpet at a amercian music awards show that she herself that hannah montana show was over. she spill the beans!.

  • anonymous

    Don’t be sad its only gonna end in an year. Can’t wait for ep ti come out.

  • vh only

    let her go, no more hannah montana please!!!

  • pouty

    if only i had such dilemmas in my life…

  • mary

    I hope Loliver will stay together…

  • http://Www.twitter.com Osheen

    Oh! Please dont go hannah ! Hannah Montana is d best show on disney:-(

  • Missnileyfanatic101

    i need to see this ep! this was the very first disney channel show i ever watched when it premiered in 2006. now it’s ending and i am sad!

  • Danielaa’wwhh


  • iwantsome1tolovemeforWhoIAm

    sad :|

  • Anna

    she’s gonna stay.
    why the hell would they have her leave?
    and plus, disney is sooo predictable.

  • Nicki

    Jackson moves into an apartment? Quick some one make it into a spin off. Call Rico in and have him share with Jackson and it can be like Odd Ball Couple 2.0
    Thanks for ruining things Jard.

  • http://opera.com kayla kelly

    i am sad that the show is ending i watch every epidshow and now miley has to choose to stay or go i hope she does good.lilly,oliver.robby,jackson,hannah miley,rico

  • Bianca

    I WISH that Miley /Hannah stays & does the show . I would die if the show finishes!!!

  • porsha

    the show is good and if people dnt lyke it they should nt watch it,
    and people should stp haten dand make me mad

  • Alfredo

    I dont want it to end =(

  • Anna

    YOU GUYS THERE IS GOING TO BE A FOURTH SEASON. that’s already been announced!
    so NO FREAKING DUH she’s going to stay.

  • karen

    I watched the “trailer” it made me cry ‘cuz I’m going through the same thing.

  • janelle

    You pretty much already know her decision if you know there’s going to be a 4th season so…

  • Courtney

    I just watched it and she is staying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney

    i just saw it and she is staying!!!!!

  • Jess

    I soo don’t want it to end… I think Miley Cyrus , Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso are awsome actress’s and actor. I love Mitchel Musso and his music to bits…. and I so hope he keeps singing and acting!!

  • http://RAUL raul

    CARE E RO?