Emily Osment - "You Are The Only One" Music Video!

Emily Osment -

Emily Osment gets her flirt on in her new video for “You Are The Only One.”

The 17-year-old actress just premiered the video, featuring the song that she’ll be taking on the road with her during her upcoming tour.

Emily‘s “Clap Your Hands” tour starts on March 7 @ the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. Are you planning to go?

Check out the video below!

Emily Osment – “You Are The Only One” Music Video
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  • http://forever-emily.com Carmen

    I can’t see it :(

  • Christina

    don’t like it!

  • effy

    I can’t see it ç_ç

  • anonymous

    LOVE IT!!!

  • none

    WOW Emily is hot!

  • gloriaaaaaaaa

    she looks a lot like carrie underwood !
    emily’s pretty LOVE IT.

  • serena


  • http://Www.twitter.com Osheen

    This is awsome emily is cool as well as hot

  • http://TWITTER.COM/LUCKYDII Dianaa


  • WHO?

    Im I the only one who noticed the horrible lip sinking????????
    She looks pretty tho

  • demilovatoisthebest


  • Anna

    i thought it was boring …
    like she was just standing there the entire time ..

  • J


  • Darius

    She’s a pretty girl and has an alright voice, but the song sounds like a knock off of something Demi Lovato would make. With Demi’s chops the song could have been great, but Emily did it okay. The visuals in the video were kind of cool though.

  • migui

    in this video she looks like Carrie Underwood

  • Missnileyfanatic101

    i thought it was kind of boring, i love emily and the song,but she was standing there the entire time which made it boring. also the lip sinking was kinda bad.dont bash on me i just gotta say what i have to say.i still love emily and this song tho.

  • missmae


    Emily has her own way of singing, and so does Demi. So don’t expect Emily to sing like Demi.

    Anyway, I love Emily. I love this song. :)

  • jessica

    i like it..the songs is cool

  • Monet

    wow she’s so pretty and i love this song :)

  • edith!

    wow she looks like carrie underwood,love her!

  • Blueyes

    pass. don’t like it.

  • jerl

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  • jerl

    and i have sex with her sweet vagina adi cum in her eyes

  • jerl

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  • jerl

    ibelieve that emily osment can squirt in two seconds

  • cassy

    could she be wearing anymore make-up?

  • Annieee

    She is pretty!!! Her voice very soft and strong. But this video, not good enough for this song. We are want to better stuff. :P

  • insiderpicks

    Who’s the guy in the music video?!

  • Barb

    Yay! Em’s gorgeous and I love this song!

  • Damien

    Blowjob please! I wnat to shoot my load on your pretty blonde head as you suck my 12 inch manmeat!

  • AnonymousGuy08


    I wouldn’t call it a knock-off of anything Demi Lovato does. It’s missing that faux-edginess that we’re so familiar with in Demi’s music.

    In any case, I read the liner notes on her CD-EP and this song is supposed to be about her real-life boyfriend, whoever he may be.

  • josh

    josh korenyi

  • josh

    the guy in the video is josh korenyi

  • http://www.facebook.com belacarney5

    Whos the boy? and why is it raining they should of introduced a roof leeak or something or be on the balcony would of been better

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