Miley Cyrus: The Last Song Will Capture Your Heart

Miley Cyrus: The Last Song Will Capture Your Heart

Miley Cyrus gives a great big hug to costar sibling Bobby Coleman in this new vid featuring new scenes from her new movie, The Last Song.

The drama, which now opens on March 31, centers on a rebellious girl (Cyrus) who is sent to a Southern beach town for the summer to stay with her father (Greg Kinnear). Through their mutual love of music, the estranged duo learn to reconnect.

Miley shared, “I think it’s really important to look for roles that are challenging, but also something that you relate to and something that really captures your heart.”

Check it out below!

“The Last Song” Featurette #2
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  • Lic_MerRy


  • me.

    I can’t wait : D

  • Allie

    Can. Not. Wait! The imagery looks pretty.

  • novi

    I love miley, she’s adorable

  • Anna

    YAY! I’m so glad they moved the premiere date UP! ahaha [:
    Miley, you better play Ronnie well… or else! [:

  • good-one

    Sweet :)

  • loca

    I can’t wait for this!

  • tasya

    YAY! Cant wait :) :) i love mileeyyy!!! :) :) she’s awesome, and she’s real

  • Lina

    can’t wait for this movie! aaaaah :D:D

  • http://Twitter.comrainlovespeace Rain

    Can’t wait to see this movie! It’s going to be awesome! Nicholas Sparks books that turn out to be movies are pretty much awesome!

  • tyra

    She is gonna ruin the whole story..I mean wh they took her? She’s a horrible actress n her voice is SO annoying n she’s not the most beautyful girl on erath that they had to took her!!!

    I’m not a hater but I do not like her or hate her I just can say my opinion!

  • st

    I love miley becuase all her arts you can feel she give 100% of her and she never lets us down. Everything she does is amazing she so talented in every aspects and the art she created is just beautiful as an actriss or as an singer she just has this soul made to transmitt all that she is and is beautiful to watch her.

  • fvg

    I believe MIley is fearless. She has this power to makes us related to her craft and art that is unbelieable how she makes us feel her music her acting he good deed. she a great role model and astonishing lady. she extremely over the top great at what she does and miley is admired to only by her fans but by all the media and all her peers. she just had that IT factor that makes you turn twice to see her. It is like when miley arrives all eyes are on her because she bright like the biggest star on that room. she just has this elegance to her and this gift to bring everyone to look and notice her.

    MIley art and craft is unique as someone drawing her voice her acting her music cannot be compare to no one becuase she just that gifted. Miley is the next michael jackson,maddona,beetles, of this centrury oh well it is called mileymania she has broken all records.

  • pauli

    @st youre overreacting, the truth is that she cant act every well, shes horrible and she is very mediocre singer…..

  • jessica

    @pauli: uh thats not the truth. so stfu its just your opinion.

  • Osheen

    Miley is just too talented in every field !!!

  • thetruth

    It seems so lame it doesn’t look that good to me…
    And her acting is so bad so why should I watch it?
    They should took Selena..Oh no she would never do such a stupid movie!Miley isn’t talented what r u talking about ‘ her talent is a gift’ which f’ckin talent???
    Selena is a good actress not that Miley!
    Ramona & Beezus is gonna be 100000 times better!

  • damn


    you insult michael jackson you stupid lil obsessed hannah/miley fan!

    Her voice sounds so gay and her songs are baby pop!
    And she is worse in acting!
    And she is ugly and fat!

  • Joochi

    It helps when you have parents in the business that pushes your career forward even though you can’t produce the package. I’ll agree she can’t act very well and her voice is so manly. But given the fact that she is only 16 or 17 yrs. of age, she’s okay, I won’t go and watch her movies or listen to her songs, she just doesn’t attract me at all, she is really annoying.

  • pauli

    @fvg hahahaha people like you are so funny, seriosuly teenie dont make a fool of yourself, you know how ridiculous you sound sayin that normal girl is the next mickael jackson, madonna or beatles? c´mon wake up shes only a disney girl, shes definitely a nobody without disney, so plz the next time think before you saying such a stupid tings hahahaha but ok you make me laug…….

  • kristin

    This looks amazing. I feel like crying. She really is talented. She earned her spot in this career cause she’s GOOD. NOT cause of her DAD. If you would read ‘Miles to Go’ you would know that. For those hating on her for getting this role really need to watch this because finally nicholas confirmed that it was indeed written for her. ALOT of people in the industry think she’s talented. Why is it that hard to just admit people?

  • kristin

    WOW. SHE is the next madonna or something along those lines. THIS movie is her breakout from disney. She will go far after her role on disney ends this year. Your a loser. She’s not a kid anymore. She’s not a teeny-bobber anymore. Learn the facts before yelling at someone.

  • kristin

    She did NOT get in the industry because of anyone in her family. She got in on talent. her OWN talent.

  • cheesecakefortaylor

    I’m sure this movie is gonna flop n her career will down people should accept that she’s nobody without Hannah Montana even he rfans these little 5-10 years old kids say to her Hannah hahahaha
    And celebs who say she’s talented c’mon should tehy say ‘ oh she’s ugyl ‘ n all..Celebs lie all the time Miley is NOT talented at all!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    My gosh, you haters just love repeating yourselves

    She’s BRitney JR
    Selena Gomez is SO MUCH BETTER (YEAH SURE)
    Do u guys ever stop hating her success???
    You just make her more famous

  • swiftfan

    Cant´t wait for the Movie!!!…it doesn´t matter if you like her or not, the truth is the truth and she CAN certainly sing, whether you like her voice or not that’s just your opinion. I definitely like!!!!

  • Missnileyfanatic101

    wow if ppl hate miley so much, y are they looking her up?i hate it when ppl say she is horrible or something like that. she’s beautiful,talented,and an awesome singer! ppl shouldnt hate!!

  • blackmoney


    I HATE DISNEY but I can say that Selena is way better than her and her voice is not annoying like Miley’s!
    I know Haters make her famous ; that’s why she’s famous ;)
    haha she has no talented just because of little babys who watch her series they will grow and then will Miley go down


  • Sa5m

    can’t wait for it…..

    love the story …

  • Cassidy

    Okay people, stop saying shes a horrible actress!!! You havent even seen the movie yet. How can you say she cant act when you havent even seen it? God. Shes NOT a horrible actress or otherwise, she wouldnt be one. Get a life.

  • Felicia

    the movie looks really good (:

  • Lilian

    Lmao at the haters..get lives cause you obviously don’t have one since you’re here hating on someone you don’t even know.

  • hana

    miley is amazing.
    i love her voice.
    i love her acting.
    she’s mah fave actress.
    haters fuckkkkkkkkk off like foreals!

  • http://yahoo amber

    miley i cant wait to see your new show looks like it will be good stay sweet u are a big fan of me you are my best friend i love ur show and jewlery and clothes and shoes and songs and ur books and ur movies u rock miley keep on chilling ur friend amber carter

  • Daniel

    @Lic_MerRy: A movie I probably never will see

>>>>>>> staging1