Selena Gomez is Image Awards Alluring

Selena Gomez is Image Awards Alluring

Selena Gomez looks almost like a goddess in a Georges Hobeika Signature Spring 2010 gown as she arrives at the 2010 NAACP Image Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (February 26).

The 17-year-old actress is among the many nominees during tonight’s ceremony.

Selena will vie for Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children’s Program against Keke Palmer, Caitlin Sanchez, LaShawn Jefferies, and TeenNick chairman Nick Cannon.

Wizards of Waverly Place was also up for Outstanding Children’s Program, but lost to Dora The Explorer. Also pictured below is Maria Canals-Barrera.

20+ pics inside…

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty
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  • itsmeagain

    That dress is mighty low cut on her, but she does look pretty.

  • p

    simple sophisticated

  • Gaby

    Selena, looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  • cheska

    omg wow cute,pretty,hot,sexy wow!!!

  • Elizabeth

    almost like a goddess? SHE IS A GODDESS !!!!

  • Athena bitaga


  • so pretty

    @Elizabeth: your funny? a goddes? you people kiss ass to guys would not like her if she wasnt on tv….

  • http://freewebs.coim/ratedselena James

    @Elizabeth: Damn you Elizabeth I wanted to be the first one to day that

  • pauli

    @so pretty c´mon loser get out of here….. youre a nobody and sel is a GODDEES!!! SOO SHUT UP!!!

  • pauli


  • so pretty

    nope. im gorgeous and prettier than her…. and vanessa is way better

  • Athena bitaga


  • jani

    wtf shes not even wearing a bra?LMAO NASTY

  • koolkat

    @so pretty: Haha, conceited much? just the fact than you think you’re prettier than someone just makes you ugly.

    Selena looks beautiful, she looks like a goddess. disagree? too bad for you!!

  • Athena bitaga

    @so pretty wow up yourself much. im pretty sure shes prettier and better than you thats why shes big right ? if you were prettier than her then why arent you famous ? HUH ? so i think your WRONG, SELENA YOUR AMAZING

  • Naomi

    @jani: it’s a strapless dress, you’re not supposed to wear a bra, duh!

  • gold baybay

    @so pretty:

    So, so, so modest. Um…why don’t you, uh, I don’t know, get over yourself. Loser.

  • jani

    If anyone else wore this dress without a bra they would be called a slut why is it ok for Selena to dress like this?Just because she has no boobs its still not right

  • gold baybay

    Okay, so she looks stunning, obviously. No surprise there. But is it wrong for me to wish she’d be outrageous and wear something completely out there? You only get to be a teenager once, do something fun that you can look back at and giggle with your grandchildren over. Then again, once you become a celebrity you have to mature up quickly.

  • pauli

    @jani she has no boobs??? hahahaha nice try loser…. she has big boobs and are real, inlike fake and push up bra always wear ugly vyrus…. so shut up teenie!

  • jani

    @pauli: lol nice try Mileys are much bigger Miley doesnot need push up bras Selena has none I mean you have to be blind to think she does

  • Anna

    she is beautiful.

  • Beautiful

    she does look like a godess, but a necklace wouildve been nice or something, it looks a little plain

  • rihanna

    ok who cares if she’s not wearing a bra. it can be one of those strapless bras. she looks gorgeous and let’s leave it at that.

  • dally

    yes her stylist deserve an award for taking an average looking girl and making her so pretty

  • dally

    @pauli: LOL you fail selena is a-cup bra size so her breasts are small if you see them look bigger it’s because she wears padded bras.

  • mika

    She looks beautiful. These are the most gorgeous photos of her I’ve seen yet.
    The hair, and make up are just spectacular.
    My only complaint is if the dress was a little tighter on the top for her .. it seems like it’s falling off.

  • Naomi

    anyway, enough about her boobs. we should be complimenting her dress, which is beautiful.

  • just me

    are you seriously talking about her breasts….my goodness anyone can wear those kind of dresses. at least she feels confident that she can pull it off…if i wear those i know i won’t be able to cause i just don’t feel confident in myself….let her be

  • so pretty

    @Athena bitaga: since when do only pretty ppl become famous?

  • so pretty

    theres always prettier girls out there that are not famous.

  • pauli

    hahahaha all stupid haters accept the fat that gorgeous selena is so perfect and your ugly idol NEVER EVER WILL BE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HAS THE EXTREMLY BEAUTY THAT SELENA HAS… SO PLZ STOP TO COMMENT HERE IN A REAL ARTIST POST!!!

  • so pretty

    wow, reality is shes just a cute girl.. i have seen her in person..shes tall and tooskinny…. shelooks better in pics

  • selenalover

    wth.just shut up @so pretty.SELENA is pretty if u hate her just hate her inside ur mind but dont be so bitchy and make her look worse here.people have feeling.if selena see she will be hurt.if people say u fat look like slut.i mean if everbody say that will u hurt if u din hurt thats mean u not stop bitching.u the one is a bitch right now.everbidy comment nicely except for u.

  • ness

    she wears padded bras.

    and her STYLIST DESERVES ALL THE PRAISE.. NOT THIS PLAIN LOOKING GIRL… im latina and i don’t believe she is a gorgeous latina.

  • so pretty

    Vanessa wouldbea gorgeous latina,since she looks latina

  • swiftfan

    wow…hello??? who cares if she is the most beautiful or not! I will say it once again…the only thing that is important here is her talent and nobody can deny she is a talented and hard working girl (btw I do think she is very cute)…and stop getting Miley involved they are both amazing at what they do, they have different styles and they are where they are because of their talent and that is that!!!


    OMG! your comments are so… jeje xD it’s kind of funny when you read it all … and well she’s definitively a beautiful girl not only in the outside but in the inside as well

  • dee

    @so pretty:
    Wow you have a serious jelous problem.She is is gorgeous.

  • Samantha

    She’s seventeen. she’s young enough not to wear a bra. And she has small boobs, so it doesn’t matter. And Plus, there could be one built into the dress.

  • gloriaaaaaaaa

    LOLOL .
    lost to dora the explorer
    that sounds funny

  • Elizabeth

    @so pretty: I can say whatever I feel like saying “freedom of speech” if you dont like it then just ignore my comment . Thanks for wasting my time!

  • Elizabeth

    @James: lol she is beyond beautiful

  • Elizabeth

    why are people talking about boobs thats just pathetic! Selena is gorgeous and people should just stop hand picking!

  • Adam

    Wizards of Waverly Place was also up for Outstanding Children’s Program, but lost to Dora The Explorer

    Sorry but LOL

  • dally

    two time loser in one night oh well still have the kca’s………

  • so pretty

    Omg uguys kiss ass… dick lovers

  • Hootie

    holy cr@p she is skinny!!! she is skinnier then i remember her being. she needs a cheeseburger!!! whats going on? why is she looking so skinny?

  • Ruby

    You know, this is unfair, if Miley wore something like that, people would go writing bad comments, but if Selena wears something like that, most of the time, everyone comments nothing but good stuff. C’mon people, she’s not pretty. She’s just average.

    (By the way, I am just saying, not hating or anything)

  • Selaly

    Goddess for sure