Selena Gomez is a San Diego Darling

Selena Gomez is a San Diego Darling

Selena Gomez poses cheek-to-cheek with JJJ reader and fan Desire after her broadcast at Channel 93.3 FM in San Diego earlier this week.

Desire writes to us, “I met Selena Gomez outside a radio station and there was about 30 people waiting for her. A guy who worked there told us that Selena had left the building but some other guy told us that he was lying, that Selena was still in there! The Radio Station workers started to look suspicious so we all went to the back of the building and there we saw Selena through a window doing the interview! Later on she came outside and met all her fans there! I proudly say that I met Selena Gomez and she is so sweet and beautiful in person!!”

Jenn also writes in about her meeting with Selena, saying, “We [my sisters and I] waited 4 hours just to see her. The day before I met her, I begged my dad if I could go to the studio and see Selena Gomez. I begged again in the morning after he said no the first time. Then he took me! After school, I went home then got ready then I went to the studio around 4:45. And at 8:45 she came out and met all of the people in line.

She continued, “Her step-dad asked us all to get in a single line so we could meet and take pictures with her and I was in the middle of the line. While I waited, I gave Selena‘s mom this HUGE card for Selena. As she came, Selena‘s step-dad was in front of my twin. My twin yelled ‘Oh My GOSH! it’s Selena‘s step-dad!” and her step-dad laughed!’ I asked Selena to sign my phone and she did. She also signed my sister’s shirt and jacket! When Selena was leaving and she was in the car, her mom was like opening my BIG HUGE card envelop! I WAS SO EXTREMELY HAPPY!”

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Credit: Thanks Desire
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  • so pretty

    She is average looking..what’s the big deal?

  • pauli

    shes so gorgeous… defnitely shes the best!!!

  • pauli

    @so pretty nooo she doesn´t!!! its so obviously that shes so beautiful has a natural beauty….. so plz dont comment here

  • so pretty

    I am not hating.. i just think she looks like a normal cute girl…..Vanessa Hudgens is was cuter

  • heather

    @so pretty:

    you can say it to any celeb I mean they’re normal humans 2!
    But Selena is definetely one of the most beautyful and cutest girl ever!
    She is an awsome actress a singer and is so beautyful she’s perfect!

    Selena is da Best!!!

  • ramona&beezussupport

    Aaaaaw you are so lucky I’m 16 and I love love love her!
    My whole high school loves her she’s amazing!

  • mileysuxx

    I think she is becoming bigger n bigger…
    One year n she beats Miley out of the spotlight
    Selena has actually talent and deserves to be famous and all but that Miley is nothing just because of lil obsessed fans!
    And I think Selena’s fans r older she has many young fans but also fand in her age I was in San Antonio and there were so many girls in age of 15-17 I’m 17 2

  • bebe

    Seeeleeena is a Darling!

  • p.diddy

    Nice car and nice girl ;)



  • selenaworldtour

    So proud of Selena she reached so much in her life!
    Can’t wait for her shows here in London :D

  • cheesecakefortaylor

    Amazing gurl you have to love her she’s simply the best!!!

  • jessica

    eh shes okay.

  • dally

    she is average really some times she looks really hot but mainly she looks like every other 17yr old girl not a stand out on her own but she does look nice when she goes to award shows. But i don’t know if her looks are going to hold up in the next few years honestly.

  • http://NO MAART


    LOVE YOU !

  • http://NO MAART


  • taylor


    jealous much??
    If she’s just okay than the world is ugly!!
    She’s so damn hot!

  • swiftfan

    All I can say is Selena is amazing and unique…so it doesn´t if she is the prettiest or not…she is still one of the most successful in teens in the world isn´t she???…= D

  • pauli

    @swiftfan hehehe love your girl…..and love your comment, so true!!!

  • swiftfan

    I wanted to say it “doesn’t matter” if she is the prettiest or not hahaha sorry messed up

  • http://NO MAART

    @taylor: oh yeah!! the world is ugly now!! totaly agree !

    love sel <33

  • jenna

    you are always here making bad comments. get a life

  • joe

    shes so gorgeous!!! lucky girls

  • http://pasvalys debby

    selena,you amazing,nice i love you like a my best friends

  • http://pasvalys debby
  • Selenafan

    Selena is the most amazing young woman in the world. There isn’t another person that I’ve seen that can go from looking like a cute and pretty school girl, to a goregous and beautiful young woman. She’s a great singer/actress. I’m in my 30′s and love to listen to her songs and watch her show. She manages to make me laugh, especially after a bad night at work. Keep up the good work Sel, you totally rock.

  • Adam

    Selena needs to start dressing like a normal teenage girl and not like a 30 yr old woman.

  • melle

    @Adam: oh my gosh you are always making bad comments on selena wow you are pathetic.

  • http://dontaelabtop dontae


>>>>>>> staging1