Kim Yu-Na Wins Gold at 2010 Olympics

Kim Yu-Na Wins Gold at 2010 Olympics

Yuna Kim and Mirai Nagasu raise their hands up high after hearing their scores at the Ladies Free Skating Final at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver on Thursday evening (February 25).

The two figure skating finalists placed first and fourth, respectively, at the end of all the top contenders performances.

Yuna, 19 from South Korea, skated to Piano Concerto in F by Gershwin and ironically, has never skated this program clean before Thursday.

Mirai, 16, skated to Carmen and although placed fourth overall, jumped for joy like she won the gold medal.

Rachael Flatt placed 6th and Canadian Joannie Rochette took home the bronze medal.

25+ pics inside of the Ladie’s Free Skating Finalists…

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Photos: Jamie Squire/Cameron Spencer/Getty
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  • Julie

    Kim was definitely the best, she was outstanding! But lots of admiring and respect for Joannie! <3

  • lorena

    congrats to both of them!! kim yu na is a-ma-zing! she is the best

  • I’m so happy that Yu na won! Did anyone see Mao Asada on the podium. She looked kind of angry she only made silver and not gold.

  • Kim

    Congratuation Yu na Kim and Mirai !
    the both player are really great!! :)

  • pam

    Another poorly constructed post. Kim Yu Na skated not only a record-breaking performance but one that is widely considered – by skating experts- as one of the best winning performance ever. Yet, she has to share a post with the 4th placer? You could post separate post for the American skaters if you like. If you can even create one for the Canadian skater who has one of the most inspiring skate.

    It doesn’t matter I guess. This site is not exactly the proper place for this type of posting, it specializes in celebrities doing nothing but shopping, grabbing their daily java and flashing their pearly whites.

    The reason for this post was just to ride in the Olympic bandwagon and grab some of that traffic. I mean how else would you explain a post that is a couple days old. I’m surprise they haven’t posted anything on Shaun White’s success or JR Celski. I’m taking credit if they do start posting about these two, though JJJ would behind on the uptake yet again.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @pam: its because these are his people… thats why he posted about them. he is completely racist in ignoring the fact that there have been sooo many amazing wins in the olympics. Plus jared failed to mention that this broad should have won for CANADA! I mean she friggen TRAINS in canada AND is tought by a CANADIAN. yet she wins for korea? Thats Bull!

  • Julie

    So pround of Joannie! She did even after what happened.

  • Julie

    did it **

  • good-one

    @pam: I respectfully beg to differ. Those Olympic moments elevated our sense of universal commonality and we all rejoiced in Kim Yu-Na’s spectacular gold win.

    JJJ usually applauds the good works and achievements of celebrities it finds prominent enough or inspiring enough to be showcased here.

    That is why I come here instead of those many tabloid sites.

  • ANNE.


  • statira

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    Racist? I don’t get what is racist about this post…What am I missing?

    As to Kim training in Canada…She is like a rock star in Korea, making it difficult to walk down the street, let alone be able to practice at the rink with any kind of sanity. Brian Orser (her coach) lives in Canada. It only makes sense that they would train there. Besides, he trains skaters from other countries as well. Do you think all of those kids should also represent Canada? Or maybe coaches should only be allowed to have students from their own nation…Yeah, I bet that’d go over well.

    Tatiana Tarasova (from Russia) used to work with Canadian dance team Bourne and Kraatz. Should their bronze medal from the World Championships belong to Russia? I don’t think so.

    How about Michelle Kwan? She used to be coached by Raphael Artunian from Armenia after she split from Frank Carroll. Hmm. So, she wasn’t representing the US anymore?

    My point is, skaters and coaches cross the boundaries of geography all the time. Instead of bitterly sniping at Kim, why not be proud of Rochette? She did an amazing thing…and she’s the Canadian National Champion. I would be beaming with pride!

    Talk about unbelievable…

    On another note:
    I wanted to give mention to silver medalist Mao Asada of Japan. I feel she’s been eclipsed in the media by Kim’s phenomenal performance and Rochette’s triumph in the face of grief.

    Congrats to all the athletes! It’s quite an accomplishment just to compete at the Olympic Games. Winning medals is just gravy.

  • Joochi

    Very happy for Korea, she skated beautifully and like a champion. I do beg to differ that the bronze should have went to Mirai from USA because she also skated a flawless program but instead it was given to Canada my guess is because of what happened to her mother, as much as I love the Olympics both the Summer and the Winter, I cannot help but notice that they already have their pics for the medals no matter what level of excellence these Olymians perform and it’s sad that going into these competitions that they’ll just be putting on a show. That’s just my opinion, Thank You

  • pam

    My contention is that Yu Na should have been given her own post not bunched together with the other skaters. I think it’s even a bit of a disrespect that in the lead-in photo, she had to share it with someone who didn’t medal. If Just-Jill (Jared doesn’t write JJJ posts) wanted to highlight Mirai’s achievement too then by all means create a separate post for her. I’m sure a post of these Olympians are more inspiring than those flashing pearly whites ones from irrelevant starlets

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Joochi: they woulnt give the canadian the bronze JUST because she skated even after her mother passed. shame on your for thinking USA deserved it. she didnt.

  • allison

    @pam: well, not to diminish their accomplishments, but it’s not like olympic athletes really do anything. sure, their skills and determination are inspiring and to be applauded, but it’s not like they’re out volunteering and making a real difference like the countless unsung volunteers out there. i dont think we should be dismissing “irrelevant starlets” or saying certain athletes need their own posts because this is an entertainment blog after all

  • statira

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Shame on both of you. The medals went to the right skaters. Kim was flawless, Asada was fantastic and Rochette was inspiring.

    I don’t think they gave Rochette a medal because her mother died. I don’t even think they gave her extra points for skating under her dreadful circumstances.

    However, I wouldn’t have a problem with it if points WERE awarded for something like that. The mark of a true champion is not only physical skill and ability. Joannie Rochette has the heart and soul of a champion. It wouldn’t bother me in the least if that virtue was rewarded in this case.

    Side note: I’m a HUGE Mirai Nagasu fan, so I’m not just saying those things about Joannie, I really mean them. I’d have loved to see Mirai medal, but I’m not unhappy with the outcome of the competition.

  • Tommm…

    Why there’s no Mao Asada’s pictures? She got silver! and she is greatest skater tooo!!!

  • Neil

    Curious why men’s figure skating results went to Just Jared and Lady’s could only get on the junior board. Kim was magnificent and the competition made the men’s seem like a distant after thought. But then again an American won the men’s. Sad.

  • M

    I was very happy for Yu Na. I always heard about her so I decided to finally watch the women’s free skate. She is amazing. I never seen anyone do the jumps so effortlessly. Might finally like another skater since Irina Slutskaya.

    I also like Asada.

  • yourfriends

    @listen to mayday parade:

    I am pretty sure Jared is not a Korean…..

  • Tina

    Ahh, Yuna Kim is my favorite! She deserved that gold medal. :D
    I think Mirai was also ranked correctly. Ranked fourth in the world is big and she’s still only 16. I’m sure she’ll medal in the next Olympics. I’m surprised Mao isn’t mentioned though. She won silver and she’s rivals with Yuna…

  • meg

    Nagasu is a breath of fresh air. She’s a real hope for the U.S. as long as she stays healthy. Flatt was consistent, and her usually deadly dull self. She placed 7th btw-not 6th. That’s about right. She is as stiff as a board, has no grace and has no business placing anywhere near the better, overall athletic/artistic skaters like Mirai.