Vacation With Derek Official Trailer!

Vacation With Derek Official Trailer!

Check out the trailer for the long-awaited Life with Derek movie, Vacation With Derek!

Based off the TV series, the flick follows Derek (Michael Seater) and Casey (Ashley Leggat) as they continue their hilarious sibling rivalry during a family vacation to visit their grandmother at her beautiful lakefront lodge. Things heat up with Casey when she meets, Jesse (Nico Archambault), a handsome young dancer who is a waiter at the lodge.

Meanwhile as Derek is “chilling” on his vacation, he falls for Roxy, the rich girl who lives across the lake. But when Roxy’s father, a greedy land developer, threatens to destroy the natural beauty around them, the McDonald-Venturi kids band together to save the lake and the lodge

Check out the trailer below!

“Vacation With Derek” Official Trailer

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Photos: Ben Marc Holzberg/Ian Watson/Christos Kalohoridis
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  • LA LA LANd


  • SArah

    I didn’t know that show was still on!!! Man, I miss having cable tv! Sounds like it’ll be a good movie!

  • Allison

    Wow. This show hasn’t been on tv in a while. I had no idea they were coming out with a show.

  • joan

    i wanna see it

  • Bryan alford

    Any word if this movie will be airing on Disney Channel?

  • kaileen

    is any1 else wondering where lizzie is??

  • m

    They look older!
    Can’t wait for this to premiere on Disney Channel.

  • maddie

    Can’t wait!

  • Maria

    Where will this be on? What channel? Will it be on Disney Channel?

  • Skylar

    Looks interesting, can’t wait!

  • eLLa

    I doubt this’ll be on Disney. They don’t even play the show anymore. And they didn’t air all four seasons. The show is a Canadian show. It’s premier on whatever channel the show is played on in Canada. For us US lovers we’ll probably have to catch it online. That’s how I finished the show.

  • eLLa

    It’ll premier **

  • NYOB

    The Family Channel in Canada.

  • elle

    Yesss ! These little things make me happy I live in Canada . :P

  • elle

    I just checked, the movie is coming out December 12, 2010. Why so far from now !?

  • faye

    kinda reminds me of dirty dancing.

  • hannah

    Stars like Alicia Keyes and chelsea staub have already started helping out with finding Chelsea King!


  • getitupgetitoutnow

    god no. this is awful. who wants this? like seriously wants this?

  • Anna

    Everyone’s grown up so much. I was sitting there, trying to figure out who that blonde girl was and it took me, like, ten minutes to realize it was Lizzie. I didn’t reconize Edwin at all, either until I watch it a second time and actually tried to find him.

    PS: Even though I knew it would never happen, I’m kinda dissapointed that Derek and Casey aren’t getting together in this movie. They’d be so cute together

  • Gold baybay

    Um…why did Lizzie dye her hair blonde? Same with Casey. Their previous hair colors suited them. But you know what? You ony get to live once so be outrageous. Oh, and who’s baby is that? I’m guessing Norah and uh, her husband? Maybe I’m wring though.

  • Gold baybay

    Maybe people who have been fans of the show since day one? The show didn’t run for four seasons due to lack of ratings..

  • kaycey


    Are you kidding? Did you not read any comments above you?

    OMG! i’m so excited!!! I LOVED life with derek and i cannot wait to see this. kind of strange though..the show ended a while ago and they’re just now announcing a movie. but..i’m still happy!

  • Marianne

    A movie really? It will probably be of the same quality that the Wizards of Waverly Place movie was or like the Even Steven’s movie was. But then again, I’m sure one night, with nothing to do, I’ll end up watching it.

    The girl that plays Marty look way grown up.

  • Lin


    This show has been done for a while now.

  • Lin

    @SArah: The show is not on anymore. They decided to come out with a movie.

  • Lin

    @eLLa: You’re actually wrong. Disney did air all 4 seasons here in the US.

  • saudia

    Yay ! I missed this show. It was my guilty pleasure. I don’t care if it sucks lol .. just love the fact that it’s Canadian and it’s really entertaining.

  • saudia

    I didn’t recognize the actress that plays Lizzie !! She looks great :) I love this

  • Victoria

    I loved this show, Now I can´t wait to see the movie ♥

  • jessica

    wow ashley leggat looks so pretty.

  • bianca

    when did lizzie turn blond???
    and edwin put on a few pounds…

  • lights

    @getitupgetitoutnow: i was thinking the same thing this looks so odd and corny

  • Courtney

    @kaileen: Lizzie was that blonde headed chick. It looked nothing like her!

  • mika


    Exactly what I’m was thinking. But i’m really excited because the show was AMAZING. Nothing was censored, it was real and raw. The relationships were great too. Hope the movie will turn out good. :)

  • Hannah

    Hey, great to see Nico! =).

  • brittany

    @kaileen: she’s there…just blonde now

  • brittany

    it’s going to play december 12 on family channel(canadian disney channel pretty much) and i heard it’s suppose to play on disney channel over in th stats…i’m pretty sure it’ll play over there…maybe not right away like here in canada but i’m sure it will play(i read it somewhere)

    And the show isn’t on anymore…it’s going to be a year this month(in canada at least) life with derek was one of the biggest shows in canada…i miss it…i don’t even think the repeats play anymore(could be wrong) can’t wait for the movie…

  • Barb

    Wow. They’ve all grown up. I hope they’ll air this in the US. Marty’s a teen. Lizzie’s blonde and Casey’s so pretty. Derek! Well, Derek doesn’t look much different. I want to see this! I had no idea that they made a movie.

  • rachel

    OMG! im so excited. :) i LOVE Lizzie’s hair. sure, blonde doesn’t really suit her, but she has peekaboo highlights and they’re really cute! :D and i’m not liking Ashley’s (Casey’s) hair short… =/ but whatevs, she’s still pretty. Michael Seater is still looking hot <3

  • Jillian

    @kaileen: Hahahahha, she is there ! The blone one, she looks soooooooooooo different though ! hahaha

  • ks 30

    please consider coming out with more episodes. by the way i think max should be on the show again.

  • Sam

    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! How in the hell do people not notice Lizze lol. Just kidding she is kinda hard to see. Does anyone know what the name of the song is in the trailer- it is driving me nuts!!!!!!

  • Jacob

    it will be airing in june on the family channel in canada i dont know for anywhere else i saw the commercial for it on family channel

  • brooke

    lizzie is the blond girl

  • zoey


  • taylor

    Can’t wait to see it! Jordan Todosey looks so old now! Blonde hair and everything! Ariel Waller looks really old too! Wow!

  • The Source

    Uhh on the commercial here in Canada they said it will be premiering in June where the heck did you hear December???

  • http://justjaredjr Marisol Rodriguez

    @kaileen: lizzie is right there in the movie but its that she has blond hair in the movie

  • maddy


  • Regina

    @kaileen: Lizzie is there!!! She died her hair bleach blond with purple streaks!

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