Kristen Stewart is 'Remember Me' Marvelous

Kristen Stewart is 'Remember Me' Marvelous

Kristen Stewart hits the red carpet at the premiere of Remember Me, which stars her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

The 19-year-old actress paired a leather jacket with pants with pretty lace detailing. Kristen also wore the Bally “Stann” platform pump in black satin.

On Saturday night, Kristen and Rob took the same flight to NYC!

Rob and Kristen recently spoke to the UK Press Association about the possibility of Breaking Dawn being broken into two films.

“I don’t mind either way,” Rob said, while Kristen shared, “it’s so out of my hands but I feel like it deserves two.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing a 1020 by Nicole leather jacket, Burberry pants and Bally shoes.

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Photos: Loccisano/Getty
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  • SARah22

    Love her so much!

  • ugh

    Kristen looking gorge !!! how beautiful she is there to support her man !! gahh i love these two !!

  • Jasmine

    Aww! Kstew supporting Rob!

    I love that she went casual and didn’t try to outshine Emilie. Wish you would have posted more of the smiley pictures, there were tons of them

  • KJ

    She is a classy chick! She’s there to support her man, but not overshadow the evening. Love her!

  • kelly

    awwwwwwwww so sweet and gorgeous she was there just to support her man

  • Amalie

    i adore Kristen. <3333

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    omg i cant believe Kristen went! that was so unexpected. is Robsten going public?

  • Courtney

    Oh hey! My grandma has those clothes!!

  • demi

    Kristen looks beautiful.

  • KristenMarryMe

    the naughty things I wanna do to Kristen, I Love You boo

  • May

    Hey Courtney, wow, your grandma is very modern!
    K is stunning, as always :)

  • @maricheq

    diiiiiiiiiiva <3

  • Ann

    She is soo beautiful but needs a hair stylist person ASAP!!!

  • elizabeth

    Kristen is gorgeous!! Just stunning without even trying! Love that she went to the Premiere. Didn’t think I could love her more than I already do. Rob is a VERY VERY lucky man to have her in his life.

  • jessica

    oh my…. that outfit needs to go.

  • happy

    Kristen l LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.

  • Gabby


    You better be a guy or a lesbian, because if not then that’s just straight up weird.

  • snick


    Well, MY grandma’s sofa is made of the exact same fabric as Kristen’s “lovely” trousers. Gran bought that sofa back in the mid-70′s.

    Goodness, those trousers are fugly!

  • benjennings

    shes so sexy

  • overated.

    I know your busy and all but Jared, please try and make sense at times.

    “Kristen Stewart hits the red carpet at her the premiere of Remember Me,…”

  • M

    umm the clothes?

  • snick

    I know that you’re illiterate and all, but please try to make grammatical sense.
    “I know your busy …..”

  • Jen


    i TOTALLY agree with you!!! looks great from the neck up but that outfit is absolutely horendous!!! those pants to nothing for her at all, and are totally gross.

  • babie

    ugly outfit…whats up with that shirt? lol
    no sense of feminity at all. in my opinion she just there to support her friend. what you think she will stay in the hotel while Rob is at the premieres lol of course she will be there for her friend. That doesnt mean they are a couple

  • Jill

    She is there for her man!!!

  • madison

    love the pants!!

  • harley

    i love kristen…… but that is not a flattering look for her :/

  • blairr

    U.G.L.Y. :)
    she could’ve done betterrr~

  • Luísa

    What the heck is she wearing?

  • melissa

    what is she wearing :S??????

  • Mary

    I’ve seen that shirt before….on Rob! She won’t talk about him. She just shows everyone how she feels through her actions. Haven’t you noticed that she smiles most at public events when he is at her side. The pants, shoes and jacket are hot…..with the shirt….not so much, but I get it.

  • maria

    Ok, are you people looking at the same pictures I’m seeing??? The only positive thing I can say is that she is there in support of her co-star.

    How can you say she looks beautiful? Her hair is dirty, and looks beyond awful. I don’t see anything wrong with her outfit, but she certainly could have taken a shower and tried to look a LITTLE better for a premiere, knowing the cameras would be on her. She needs a wake-up call…..this stoner look isn’t going to fly for long. Sorry…just being honest.

  • k_stew_fan

    beauitful i just can’t love her even more
    going to the permiere to support rob
    dressing down to not get any attention andto let the stars of teh movie shine
    and not doing any press just sign for fans
    this girl is adorable

  • sara


  • leeloo

    She is the loveliest girl in Hollywood! And prettiest and most fashionable. Love Kris so much!

  • Joochi

    This girl always looks so darn disgusted when the cameras are flashing, if she knew what the job calls for she just should have stayed out of the lime light. If she’s there to support her man, at least show that she really supports him and smile even if she has to fake it. It’s so frustrating to see her like this all the time, pissed off! and she doesn’t even look good in these pictures.

  • Dee

    OMG Wow she looks….eesh…just…noooo

  • Angie

    @Mary: I own a shirt just like that so that must mean I’m sleeping with Robert too!! OH MY GOD!!!! Totally!! Weirdos. LOL

  • behnaz

    why not take a pice with rob?

  • kika

    she is like a boy here,awfull clothes and hair:(

  • LoveLeeR


  • blahblah

    i love you kristen. she wore a low profile look because she did not want to get the attention away from the two main cast w/c is rob and EDR. LOVE YOU!

  • sammy

    The outfit is horrible she needs a stylist ASAP. what is with that top? it looks dirty!!!!! She has a beautiful face what a shame.

  • Anyiko

    wow, fugly outfit and…
    KStew let me introduce you to a new invention called SHAMPOO!!!

  • jessica

    Guys stop trying to be so positive, look at her hair and outfit. Clearly she doesn’t want to bed there.

  • Angela

    No, Breaking Dawn does NOT deserve to be broken down in two movies.


    she just doesnt want to outshine emilie, thats all
    its great that she went the the premiere 2 support Rob

  • w

    Too bad he didn’t support her at her premiere event a couple of weeks ago.

  • heather

    that entire look is a hot mess.

  • Hellohoudini

    Love her ‘clothing’ style….but her hair is an awful mess! I saw pics of her leaving the after party…she traded the pretty lace pants and platform heels for super skinny jeans and tennis! Love that.