Taylor Momsen Gets Warped

Taylor Momsen Gets Warped
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  • good-one

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge…” ~~Albert Einstein</blockquote

    Young freedom fighters Noah Cyrus and Taylor Momsen are among the several great heroines currently resisting the mind control psyops that tries to enslave the world. For the young Einsteins here able to read at post graduate level, here’s an article mentioning some history about those working the levers of power in the past, fearing the power of music, with its ability to influence the common ppl, away from their direct and immediate and otherwise complete control:


  • krissa

    she’s going on tour? does she even have any fans?

    i know plenty of people and never have i met someone that doesn’t hate her. haha literally NO ONE likes Taylor Momsen. it’s pretty funny

  • good-one

    The following link also requires advanced reading skills, and is about the UK government’s never-ending plans to ever-tighten censorship of music and images as more mind control over young ppl:


    The same powers that control the UK, also control the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Psyops rolled out in one country, is merely a beta-test for the rest of the countries. Resist!

    Remember that eliminating sexuality from movies, etc., means supplanting it with ultra-violence. That is why movies have become so violent. Sexual repression breeds violence, not the other way around.

    The only way to have Rights is to exercise them.

  • good-one

    What The Register article fails to comprehend, (see my previous comment), in their smug willingness to look the other way while the vicious psyops tyranny is trained upon young ppl, (akin to George Carlin’s famous line, “Do what you want to the girl, just leave me alone!”), is that the tyranny will ultimately also be visited upon adults, in an effort to control adults, in the same way.

    Much like Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous poem, “First they came for the …”

  • Morgan

    Great, I like Warped Tour. Now Taylor Momsen and her “band” are going… I will definitely be walking around, getting food, using the restroom, etc. While she plays.

    Hopefully it ends up that she can’t make it, to any of the locations, not just mine.

  • MollyMakeout

    ugh i HATE taylor momsen
    so pretentious and fake and contrived and talentless

  • jessica

    @krissa: oh please just because you dont like her, doesnt mean she doesnt have any fans.

  • jenna

    she’s really pretty